Foreign minister heads back to Sri Lanka

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende was traveling to Sri Lanka on Wednesday, with the goal of re-establishing political contact through meetings with Sri Lanka’s president, prime minister and foreign minister. The high-level visit will be the first since 2006, according to a press release from Norway’s foreign ministry, which was heavily involved in efforts to broker […]

Sri Lanka upset over asylum cases

Norway’s ambassador to Sri Lanka has been called in for an apparent scolding by Sri Lankan authorities in Colombo, after Norwegian officials helped 12 persons leave the country and start new lives in Norway. Opposition politicians in Norway are upset as well. The latest diplomatic conflict between Norway and Sri Lanka arose after newspaper Aftenposten […]

Sri Lanka angry with Norway

Norwegian cabinet minister Erik Solheim has drawn the fury of Sri Lankans on both sides of the political spectrum, first over his attempts to broker peace between the Tamils and the Sri Lankan government, and now over his call for a probe into possible war crimes committed by government soldiers. Norway’s ambassador to Sri Lanka […]

Tamil living in Norway peggedas new militant leader of LTTE

Tamil activists residing in Norway demonstrated throughout the winter and spring, protesting the civil war in Sri Lanka and pleading for a separate homeland on the island off southern India. Now one of them allegedly is poised to take over as a new militant leader of the separatist group LTTE. Calls were made Thursday for […]

Embassy break-in sparks rebuke, protests continue over Sri Lanka

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre lashed out at Tamil protestors in Oslo, after a group broke into Sri Lanka’s embassy over the long Easter weekend. Tamils in Norway are suspected of vandalizing the embassy, and many continued noisy protests in front of Norwegian government offices on Monday. Both Støre and the Norwegian government minister in […]