Norway backs more aid to Iceland

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre wasn’t happy to hear Iceland’s president criticize Norway and other Nordic neighbors, for allegedly failing to provide the financially strapped country with more support. Støre says Norway is ready to help Iceland, and denies Norway is blocking an IMF aid program. Støre claimed this week that Norway is willing to […]

Foreign Minister talks tough in Russia

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre told his Russian counterpart in Moscow this week that Norway is worried about repeated violations of human rights in Russia. The Norwegian foreign ministry used an unusually “tough tone” in his talks with Sergei Lavrov. Norway is keen to maintain good relations with its giant neighbor to the east, […]

Foreign Minister on Mid-East tour

If this is Tuesday, it must be Abu Dhabi. Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre is in the midst of a whirlwind diplomatic tour to the Middle East, tackling such difficult issues as Israeli settlements, funding for the Palestinians, oil and climate issues and even justice for a Norwegian student suspected of being murdered by a […]

Ice melting at a 'dramatic' rate

A new report coordinated by the Norwegian Polar Institute indicates that the world’s ice is melting even faster than expected, meaning that the seas can rise by as much as two meters during this century alone. That would have dramatic consequences for island nations and coastlines around the planet, claims Norway’s Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr […]

Foreign Minister home from Kabul

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre was back in Kabul Wednesday morning on an official visit kept secret for security reasons. He was home again Thursday afternoon, after talks with Afghanistan’s incumbent President Hamid Karzai, opposition leader Abdullah Abdullah and several others — and relieved that a kidnapped Norwegian journalist had been freed by the […]

Guantanamo refusal 'hypocritical'

The Norwegian government’s refusal to take in prisoners from the US’ controversial prison camp at Guantanamo has prompted new accusations that Norway maintains a double standard. The Norwegian government had called for the camp’s shutdown for years, but now won’t help the US in its efforts to close it. Newspaper Aftenposten ran a scathing editorial […]

Norway invited to exclusive ‘environmental dinner’ at UN

Norway’s newly re-elected Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was included in a select group of world leaders who were invited to a “working dinner” with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in New York this week. It was part of a new environmental offensive tied to climate talks at the UN. Other invited guests included US President […]

Norway hails Obama's decision to drop US' rocket shield plan

Norway never liked the US’ plans to set up rocket shield bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. Norwegian officials thus welcomed news that the Obama Administration in Washington is now opting for a more flexible rocket defense system. “It’s a wise decision,” Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre told newspaper Dagsavisen on Friday. “This shows […]

Foreign Minister sets priorities

This week’s re-election of Norway’s Labour-led government coalition also means that Jonas Gahr Støre is more than likely to continue as the country’s Foreign Minister. A commentary he wrote in a major Oslo newspaper last week offers insight into what his priorities will be over the next four years. The Labour Party is widely viewed […]

Norway protests death sentences

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre was on the phone to his counterpart in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday, expressing Norway’s strong opposition to death penalties in general and now in the case of those handed out in Congo to two Norwegian men convicted on charges including murder. Tjostolv Moland, age 28 from […]