Fire threatened historic Stavanger

UPDATED: A fire raging in converted wooden warehouses by the harbour in central Stavanger threatened historic neighboring buildings dating back centuries on Wednesday afternoon. Authorities confirmed no one remained inside shortly before 5pm, and worked into the evening to stop the fire from spreading further. “We have just arrived,” Leif Lerang from the Sør-Rogaland fire […]

Three die in Stavanger family tragedy

Police believe the violent deaths of three people in Stavanger are the result of a family tragedy in which a 22-year-old man murdered both his parents and later was killed when his car collided head-on with a truck. The police had been alerted to the unfolding tragedy by a worried teenage neighbor, but admitted that […]

Oslo is world’s costliest for expats

Oslo has overtaken Tokyo as the world’s most expensive city for expatriate workers, a survey by international human resources organization ECA has found. Stavanger holds the third position. The strength of Norway’s krone against major currencies is still the key factor that increases the cost of living for foreigners in Norway. Between Oslo and Stavanger, the […]

Homeowners warned of price drop

Norway could be heading for a severe drop in real estate prices, economists warned on Thursday. Indebted households in the largest cities and Stavanger in particular appear to be most vulnerable if that happens. To get the BRENT oil price, please enable Javascript. Economists pointed to a “very high” debt ratio in Norwegian households and […]

Hells Angels ask court for protection

Around 20 foreign members of the motorcycle club and alleged organized crime group Hells Angels (HA) have begun legal proceedings to ensure that Norwegian authorities do not arrest them when they travel to an event in Stavanger, south-west Norway, during the coming weeks. The members from Denmark, Germany and Luxembourg – including HA Denmark leader […]

Concert hall rising in Stavanger

Stavanger’s new concert hall, due to be completed by the end of 2011, is now rapidly taking shape on the outskirts of downtown. The complex will have two auditoriums, with advanced technology making it possible to have, for example, a rock concert in one auditorium and a piano concert in the other – simultaneously. The […]