Interest rates steady, shares recover

The executive board of Norway’s central bank kept its key policy rate unchanged at 1.25 percent on Thursday. The Oslo Stock Exchange, meanwhile, seemed to be recovering from a sharp decline on Wednesday. “The upturn in the Norwegian economy is continuing broadly as expected in June,” the bank board stated, while “underlying inflation has been […]

Oslo Stock Exchange attracts new suitor

Oslo’s small but strong stock exchange known as Børsen has attracted another prospective buyer. Now it’s US-based NASDAQ, billed as the second-largest stock market in the world, that’s making an offer the Oslo exchange’s board can’t seem to refuse. It follows an offer made by the European stock exchange Euronext just before Christmas, and sweetens […]

Stock exchange takeover hailed

A constallation of several European stock exchanges called Euronext is offering to take over the Oslo Stock Exchange for NOK 6.2 billion. While its director Bente Landsnes calls the bid “surprising,” major investors seem to support it, with 49.6 percent already agreeing to sell their stakes. Svein Støle, one of the biggest investors on the […]

Dark day at Oslo’s Stock Exchange

The Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs) fell along with those all over the world on Tuesday. Heavy selling, believed to be spurred by prospects for higher interest rates, led to new records, but of the dubious sort. Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported a record number of trades, with the old record of 210,000 set on August […]

Stocks recover but krone stays weak

Norwegian share prices and foreign exchange rates continued to swing in the midst of more market turbulence on Thursday. Share prices rose, but the krone remained weaker than it’s been for more than a decade. It cost more than NOK 8.30 to buy one US dollar for most of the day in Norway, the weakest showing for the krone […]

Krone falls and rises with wild market

Norway’s currency continued its wild ride this week, both falling and recovering along with markets that grabbed attention worldwide. The krone gained against the US dollar on Tuesday but weakened against the euro and the British pound, while some analysts speculated that oil prices will fall further and stay low for months on end. While the […]

Stock exchange record tied to low interest rates

Tuesday’s burst of activity on the Oslo Stock Exchange was being linked on Wednesday to low interest rates and the attractiveness of companies benefiting from Norway’s weaker currency. The stock exchange record set by Tuesday’s close came despite the pessimism that’s been creeping into the Norwegian economy since oil prices started to fall last year. […]

Norwegian stock market soars

The Norwegian stock market (Oslo Børs) is toasting its best year since 2009, after the Benchmark Index rose 23.6 percent in 2013. Healthcare and IT companies were the star players, banking and insurance also performed well, while the end of year oil price remained steady in line with last year’s result. 2013 was also the […]

Heavy trading on Oslo exchange

The Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) recorded its highest volume so far this year on Tuesday, with shares worth a total of NOK 16.2 billion changing hands. Much of the volume was fueled by the sale of a large chunk of stock in industrial firm Norsk Hydro. Trading revenues have jumped in recent months, with a […]

Interest rates unchanged as stocks fall

The Norwegian central bank, Norges Bank, has decided to hold interest rates at 2.25 percent in light of continuing global economic uncertainty, despite having originally planned further rises this autumn. Interests rates were raised to 2.25 percent on 12 May and the bank’s plans had predicted further rises at the end of 2011. Meanwhile, the […]