Syrian asylum seekers still sent back

Unsuccessful Syrian applicants for asylum in Norway are still being sent back to their homeland despite the recent government violence against the civilian population and pro-democracy protests there. Denmark has already temporarily stopped the return of asylum seekers back to Syria – but the Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board (Utlendingsnemnda, UNE) will not do the same. […]

Stoltenberg’s Twitter jeopardy

Security specialists are criticizing Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg for making himself an easy target for terrorists. Last April Stoltenberg “Twittered” his way through Europe as he drove by car from Spain after planes were grounded by volcanic ash. As he went, he informed anyone with an Internet connection about his exact whereabouts. “We plan to […]

Stoltenberg rejects rumors of new job

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg trounced speculation on Monday that he’s a candidate for top international jobs that may tempt him to resign his post as Norway’s premier before his term is up. He said he has no plans to leave the government he now heads. Newspaper reports over the weekend and chatter among even his […]

Outsider Jens joins EU in-crowd

Norway’s prime minister Jens Stoltenberg (left) with the president of the EU commission, José Manuel Barroso, on June 16. Stoltenberg paid a routine visit to Brussels, discussing global financial turmoil and prospects for the European economies with EU leaders. According to Stoltenberg, the financial crisis is fast becoming a debt crisis and a labor market […]

Jens fends off critics at home

NEWS ANALYSIS: As Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg welcomed heads of state to Oslo, and got ready to host another climate conference and effort to save the world’s rain forests, he continued to face criticism from environmentalists and opposition politicians at home. Stoltenberg, it seems, has a better environmental image abroad than he does in Norway. […]

Stoltenberg spends 17th with troops

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg took off on a sudden and secret trip to Afghanistan during the holiday weekend, landing in Kabul Monday morning to spend Norway’s Constitution Day on the 17th of May with Norwegian soldiers on duty in the area. In what’s becoming typical Stoltenberg style, the prime minister revealed his visit via social […]

Jens postpones his ‘moon landing’

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who famously equated his government’s carbon recapture plans at a major west coast power plant to a “moon landing,” seems to have lost contact with mission control. His government was under attack Sunday for breaking a major promise. Stoltenberg had to go on national television Sunday evening to try to explain […]

Stoltenberg’s odyssey wins fame

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg seems to have won his proverbial 15 minutes of fame, after turning a harrowing journey home to Norway into an interesting experiment in political use of social media. As Views and News has reported earlier, Stoltenberg was among the millions stranded all over the world when Iceland’s volcano first started halting […]

A prime minister’s odyssey

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg finally got home to Norway over the weekend, four days after he started what turned into an extremely long trans-Atlantic journey. Stoltenberg had been in Mexico, Washington DC (photo) and finally in New York on official business when airports started closing because of a volcanic cloud moving east and south from […]

Norway helps fund nuclear security

Norway, known for what’s sometimes called its “checkbook diplomacy,” has once again tapped its treasury to help fund an international initiative. This time the cause is nuclear security. As newspaper Aftenposten reports on Wednesday, Norway has neither nuclear weapons nor nuclear power plants. It has produced heavy water, though, and supports nuclear disarmament, anti-terrorism programs […]