Politicians overrule liberal judges

Members of Parliament, led by Justice Minister Knut Storberget, plan to force Norway’s liberal judges to sentence convicted criminals to longer terms in prison. Politicians have been trying for years to impose harsher punishments, but have been stymied by judges unwilling to crack down on crime by dramatically altering court precedent. Now Storberget is fed […]

Police conflict set to drag on

Labour negotiations between the Norwegian police and their employer, the state, broke down once again during the night with no settlement in sight. Police turned down a sweetened pay hike of NOK 40,000 (more than USD 6,000) because they’re still resisting new work hour rules. The state wants to have more control over when police […]

Justice minister makes noisy return to work

Justice Minister Knut Storberget ended four weeks of sick leave on Monday and wasted no time in blasting his opponents. Some labour leaders are asking both Storberget and police officers to tone down their conflict. Storberget, who collapsed at his home in late February, seemed eager to dive back into battle as soon as he […]

Justice Minister still on sick leave

Knut Storberget, Norway’s recently embattled Minister of Justice, has been on sick leave since late February, when he collapsed after months of severe pressure on the job. Now his sick leave has been extended by at least another two weeks. Storberget, age 44, was rushed to an Oslo hospital after collapsing at the end of […]