Parliament prefers Bernie over Trump

Bernie Sanders is the favourite US presidential candidate among Norway’s Members of Parliament, according to a new survey by newspaper Klassekampen. Sanders has the highest number of fans among Norwegian MPs, most of them representing left-wing parties, but none in the right-wing Progress Party: eight of their MPs were the only ones to favour the […]

Scandal-plagued building opens

Members of the Norwegian Parliament have now received new office- and meeting-room space, along with an expanded garage and post terminal, but at a very high price. Huge budget overruns and construction delays cost the politicians no small degree of voter confidence, but the new president of the Parliament hopes the damage can be repaired. […]

Parliament opens to an autumn storm

Amidst all the pomp and circumstance at Tuesday’s opening of Parliament (Stortinget), it was the latter that grabbed most of the attention. Lurking in the background was the sudden change of political circumstances in Norway, and new uncertainty over whether Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s Conservatives-led minority government will survive the autumn’s political storm ahead. It’s already […]

Parliament’s building costs jump again

The construction cost scandal around an already controversial remodeling project at the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) keeps getting worse. Now it’s due to cost taxpayers another NOK 219 million after years of major overruns. The project, to build a new post- and delivery terminal and upgrade an adjacent office building, has turned into an enormous mess […]

Parliament elects a new president

After months of turmoil and expensive embarrassment, Members of Parliament elected a new president on Thursday. The historic changing of the guard follows a major defeat for Prime Minister Erna Solberg, but her Conservative Party was still able to choose the candidate to succeed Olemic Thommessen. Her name is Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen, a 52-year-old former […]

Christian Democrats sealed leader’s fate

Knut Arild Hareide stressed the need for accountability over blame in explaining why his Christian Democrats party all but forced the president of Norway’s Parliament to resign on Thursday. Hareide’s small centrist party has also been sagging at the polls, though, and may benefit from helping to bring a major political drama to an end. […]

President of the Storting resigns

Olemic Thommessen, the embattled president of Norway’s Parliament (Storting), finally bowed to pressure on Thursday and announced that he would resign his post that’s second only to the monarch’s. After years of controversy over several issues, Thommessen fell victim to massive budget overruns on a construction project for which his office had responsibility. Thommessen’s announcement […]

Pressure grows on entire Parliament

The embattled president of the Norwegian Parliament continued to fight for his position and reputation on Wednesday, but he’s not the only one under pressure. Both administrators and Members of Parliament (MPs) from all the major political parties face criticism, for failing to ward off huge budget overruns on a massive building scandal that’s mostly […]

Parliament’s boss under fire again

Olemic Thommessen, president of the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget), was facing more tough questions and heavy criticism this week, after yet another huge budget overrun was revealed in a highly controversial building project his office has led. The entire project is now being called a “complete scandal,” and he’s accused of trying to avoid responsibility. Newspaper […]

Hagen’s Nobel dream dies hard

Progress Party politician Carl I Hagen can’t simply resign from his elected duty as a substitute Member of Parliament (MP) in order to make his dream of becoming a member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee come true. Hagen tried to resign as an MP on Wednesday but Eivind Smith, a law professor at the University […]