Dual citizenship wins a nod, but ‘no’ to circumcision

Norway’s Progress Party has become the latest to back dual citizenship, thus creating a majority in the current Parliament in favour of allowing Norwegian citizens to have two passports. The party, meeting for its national meeting over the weekend, also voted to ban circumcision, hijabs in public schools and surrogacy, after heated debate. The voting was close […]

Surrogate mother died after birth

An Indian woman who was pregnant with twins for a Norwegian couple died of hepatitis shortly after giving birth last fall. One of the twins died as well, and the fatalities resulting from Norwegians desperate to have children is likely to fire up the debate over surrogacy once again. Newspaper Aftenposten reported Tuesday that the […]

Mette-Marit aided surrogate parents

Crown Princess Mette-Marit has confirmed that she made what the Royal Palace is calling a “private” trip to India this autumn, to take care of two babies born through surrogacy to gay Norwegian parents, one of whom is employed by the palace. The unconventional  royal trip attracted media attention, not least because surrogacy is illegal […]

Police chief quits, ‘lacked support’

State Police Director Øystein Mæland has become the first casualty of this week’s scathingly critical report on how Norwegian police failed to efficiently respond to last year’s terrorist attacks in Norway. Mæland announced his resignation just as leaders of Norway’s political parties were launching a debate of their own over the report on Thursday night. […]

Indian surrogates for Norwegian women increase

Indian women acting as surrogates for Norwegians are giving birth to a baby a week for Norwegian parents, as an increase in surrogacy tourism is met by a continued domestic ban on the method within Norway. Magazine Plot has revealed that the trend for Norwegians to seek foreign surrogates is on the increase in India, […]