Shopping in Sweden can be punished

The Norwegian government went ahead with imposing new regulations on Friday that can crack down hard on Norwegians who drive over the border to shop in Sweden. Not only do they face a 14-day quarantine upon arrival back in Norway, they’ll now be denied sick pay while in quarantine. “It’s unreasonable that people who consciously […]

Sweden hails Norway in rare broadcast

Relations between Norway and Sweden are officially excellent, but privately many Swedes and Norwegians have badgered and belittled each other for years. Most of the incessant ridicule is based on rivalry and even envy, but now Sweden’s national broadcaster SVT has sent some rare, genuine compliments and congratulations that have caught Norwegians by surprise. The occasion was Norway’s national day on […]

Swedes start to head for home

The major influx of young Swedes who’ve moved to Norway to find higher-paying jobs seems to be ebbing out. After 10 years with strong Swedish immigration, fewer labour migrants are crossing the border, and there’s been a decline in foreign workers arriving from other countries, too. Newspaper Aftenposten reported Monday that new figures from state statistics […]

Norwegians partied over the border

The Swedish city of Strömstad, just over the border from southern Norway, was once again full of partying Norwegians on Thursday. It’s been an Easter week tradition for years, since most stores, restaurants and bars in Sweden are open while most all are closed for Holy Thursday observances in Norway. There was little sign of anything holy […]

Border shopping sets another record

Norwegian shoppers spent a record NOK 14 billion last year during day trips over the border, mostly to Sweden. New figures from state statistic bureau SSB indicate that Norwegians are attracted by lower prices and wider selection in Sweden like never before. “All told, there’s been an increase in Swedish shopping, especially in Töcksfors,” Christina Lyle […]

Debate erupts over Swedes as servants

The number of Swedes who are now working in Norway has doubled in the past 10 years, after many failed to find work at home. A young Swedish film director suggests his generation now sees Norwegians as masters with the Swedes as their servants, and that’s sparked discussion over the changing power balance between the two neighbouring nations. “Sweden […]

Sweden to upgrade Stockholm-Oslo train service

Swedish railroad SJ (Statens Järnväger) aims to lure passengers away from the airlines with new, higher-speed train lines between Stockholm and Oslo. New trains will cut travel time by 90 minutes on new routes to be introduced in August. SJ’s new trains are already competing well against the airlines on routes between Stockholm and Gothenburg. Newspaper […]

50,000 Swedish job seekers eye Norway

More than 80,000 Swedes already work in Norway, making up the largest immigrant group in the country. Staffing company said it has another 50,000 Swedish job hunters in its database, seeking better pay and conditions across the border. “Norway is an attractive country to work in,”’s recruiting manager Mikael Ljung told newspaper Dagsavisen […]

Border trade hits beverage industry

New numbers confirm that Norwegians are still heading over the border in droves, to do their grocery shopping and buy other items in countries, mostly Sweden, where taxes and prices are generally much lower than at home. The Norwegian beverage industry is suffering more than ever, and now demands reductions in Norway’s high taxes on […]

Several arrested over violent robbery

Police arrested several people in Sweden on Wednesday in connection with the violent robbery of Sheikh Enterprises, a jewellery and clothing store in Oslo’s Grønland district last month. Swedish and Norwegian police targeted several addresses in Stockholm in a coordinated raid during the afternoon. “We have several investigators in place in Stockholm, with the idea […]