Swimmer could finally celebrate silver

Norway’s new swimming star, Henrik Christiansen, was jubilant after his performance at the recent World Championships in South Korea. He could come home triumphant to a country still mourning the loss of its former world champ, Alexander Dale Oen. No Norwegian swimmer had won a long-distance medal in the World Championships since Oen’s gold in […]

Swimmer Rung wins another gold in Rio

Norwegian swimmer Sarah Louise Rung won her second gold medal at the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, bringing her total stash to five medals since the games began shortly after the Olympics. While Norway’s Olympic athletes did poorly in Rio, the country’s Paralympic athletes have done much better. The 26-year-old Rung lead the pack, […]

Man swam from Norway to Denmark

A 33-year-old man from the western Norwegian city of Haugesund has become the first person to swim over the Skagerrak from the tip of southern Norway to the tip of northern Denmark. Stian Vikra, who only started long-distance swimming six years ago, made the roughly 120-kilometer swim in 45 hours. Vikra dove into the waters off […]

Waterfall filled with dishwashing liquid

Tensions bubbled over in the Sør-Trøndelag municipality of Malvik on Wednesday after swimmers repeatedly poured dishwashing liquid into the pool below Nævra waterfall. Both locals and tourists have turned the pool into a jacuzzi for years, but authorities said the foam posed a threat to spawning salmon. The river is a tributary for a popular […]

Hetland gets hero’s welcome

Norwegian swimmer Aleksander Hetland was greeted with hugs, flowers, flags and cake when he returned to Norway after winning a world championship victory in Istanbul over the weekend. His own thoughts, he said, went to his late teammate and fellow champ Alexander Dale Oen. “On the winners’ podium in Istanbul, I thought, ‘here stands Alex […]

Another silver medal for Norway

Norwegian swimmer Sarah Louise Rung won her second silver medal for Norway at the Paralympics in London on Tuesday. It’s the fourth medal in total for Norwegians taking part in the international competition for physically challenged athletes that follows the Olympics. Rung had hoped to honor the memory of the late Norwegian champion swimmer Alexander […]

Swimmer breaks record over Mjøsa

Norwegian swimmer Eirik Ravnan from Raufoss, who recently won the national championships in the 400-meter medley, logged another accomplishment by swimming back and forth over the country’s largest lake on Tuesday and breaking a 78-year-old record in the process. Ravnan, who’s been majoring in mechanical engineering at prestigious Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, was […]

Norway’s greatest swimmer laid to rest

Hundreds of mourners turned out for the funeral on Friday of Norway’s world champion swimmer and much-respected athlete Alexander Dale Oen. Not only were all 300 seats in his small local church filled, all 1,500 seats in a nearby public hall were filled as well, for those following the funeral service via video link. Oen […]

Shock and training concerns arise after champion swimmer’s death

Alexander Dale Oen wasn’t just Norway’s best swimmer ever. He had become a national icon of hope and goodness in a nation still grieving over last summer’s terrorist attacks. While shock dominated reaction to his sudden death at the age of 26, questions were also rising over athletes’ intensive training programs and performance, and how top […]

Norway mourns swimmer’s death

Flags that were flying high on the Norwegian Labour Day holiday on Tuesday were lowered to half-mast following reports that Norway’s world champion swimmer Alexander Dale Oen had been found dead in his hotel room at a training camp in Flagstaff, Arizona. Oen, named Norway’s top athlete just three months ago, was 26. The simple […]