Swine flu claims another victim

A woman who was diagnosed with swine flu died earlier this week at the National Hospital in Oslo (Rikshospitalet). Her death was the third tied to swine flu in Norway in recent weeks, after an 11-year-old boy from Porsgrunn died in December and a man died over the weekend at the hospital in Ålesund. A […]

Swine flu death sets off a scare

The death of an 11-year-old boy to swine flu over the New Year’s weekend has sent scores of Norwegians to emergency clinics in recent days. They fear they have the same dreaded strain of flu, but officials claim there’s no epidemic. The boy from Porsgrunn had been admitted first to his local hospital in Telemark […]

Swine flu returns with a vengeance

There are no signs of panic like there were last year, but state health authorities confirm that the number of cases of swine flu in Norway is rising quickly with 35 persons now admitted to hospital. Eleven of them are or have been in intensive care. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Thursday that a  young boy […]

State stuck with excess vaccine

Fears of a swine flu epidemic last year prompted state officials to stock up on vaccine, to a degree that’s since proven to be excessive. Three million doses of the vaccine are now stowed in refrigerated cabinets all over the country. “There’s no point in trying to return any of it,” Dr Øystein Søbstad of the […]

Group launches anti-vaccine campaign

A group of Norwegians who admit to having no medical background say they oppose the swine flu vaccinations now being made available to the general public, arguing they can be dangerous. Meanwhile, two more persons have died from swine flu in Norway, bringing the death toll to 20. A man in his 40s died at […]

Swine flu claims more victims

A woman from Rogaland County in western Norway and a young woman from Askim, southeast of Oslo, have become the latest victims of swine flu. Health officials blamed their deaths at hospitals in Stavanger and Fredrikstad on the swine flu virus, which now is believed to have infected more than 600,000 Norwegians. A woman in […]

Vaccinations now available to all

Norwegian health authorities have started offering swine flu vaccinations to the general population, just as the country marked its 16th death from the disease. The virus is spreading in epidemic proportions but officials claim it’s under control. The latest swine flu victim was a young boy from Oslo who died at Ullevål University Hospital over […]

Another teen dies from swine flu

Norway logged its 15th swine flu fatality on Monday, after the National Hospital (Rikshospitalet) in Oslo reported the death of a teenaged girl from Hedmark County. Vaccination programs, meanwhile, continued to spark criticism and many people are aggressively trying to jump to the front of the lines.The latest swine flu victim died Sunday evening and […]

Vaccination programs vary widely

Doctors, confused patients and state health authorities are discovering major differences in local townships’ organization of vaccination programs set up to combat swine flu. A shortage of vaccine and decentralized distribution of what’s available mean the programs vary widely around the country. Like many other countries, Norway hasn’t received nearly enough swine flu vaccine to […]

Probe launched into flu fatalities

Health authorities are tracking all circumstances leading up to the deaths of the 13 swine flu victims in Norway recorded by Thursday morning. They’re investigating whether the swine flu virus circulating in Norway is a different strain than that in other countries, since the death rate among Norwegians is so high. On Thursday afternoon came […]