Terror hoaxes on social media

Police intelligence unit PST urged Norwegians not to believe everything they read on social media, after sites were flooded with false information about terror targets. Rumours started making the rounds on the Internet and via SMS chain messages after authorities warned on Thursday that Norway could be targeted by terrorists in the coming days. Authorities still […]

Shake-up looms for transport fares

Fares charged for the public transport system in and around Oslo are about to undergo massive change, starting next week. Transport system officials claim most passengers will enjoy lower fares, but some will see already-high fares go up yet again. New ticketing and new fares will be in place from October 1, and will apply […]

More commuter chaos in Oslo

This time it was the metro system known as T-bane that caused disruption and delays for tens of thousands of commuters in Oslo Monday morning, after weekend maintenance projects in the tunnel running under downtown weren’t carried out as expected. Concerns were high that chaos will continue throughout the summer. It’s usually train system officials […]

Holmenkollen line rolls again

It may not be quite as old as the hills, but the public transit line from downtown Oslo to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump and beyond has served the city and its visitors for more than a century. Now it’s had a major upgrade, completed just in time for the Nordic Skiing World Championships this winter. […]

New ‘Metro’ idea falls flat

Oslo’s rapid transit system seems to be going through a self-imposed identity crisis. Officials running the city’s subway, known for decades as the T-bane, want to re-name it the Metro. Passengers want to derail the whole idea. “Stupid,” “expensive,” “crazy,” even “reprehensible” were among words used to describe the proposed name change in letters to […]