Nazi vandalism struck again

For the second time in less than a year, landowner Ola Andreas Byrkjedal has found a swastika and the symbol for Norway’s wartime Nazi party NS painted onto the rocks of a mountainside on his property in the western county of Rogaland. Byrkjedal called the tagging “disgusting” and has reported it to police. Stavanger newspaper […]

Masked taggers set off alarms

Passengers on board one of Oslo’s new metro trains were frightened last week when nine masked men managed to halt a train at an east-side station and vandalize it with spray paint. Newspaper VG reported that the metro (T-bane) had stopped at Oslo’s Bogerud station and was ready to move on when the nine masked […]

Tagging epidemic spreads over Oslo

Property owners and city officials are suffering through another wave of tagging in Norway’s capital, and elsewhere in the country as well. New “signatures” keep popping up and now there’s believed to be no less than 26,000 “tags” in Oslo. Moves have been afoot for the past 10 years to stop the vandalism caused by […]