Uber poised for comeback in Norway

Claiming “there’s room for innovation in the Norwegian taxi market,” the Nordic chief for controversial personal transport firm Uber is gearing up for a re-entry. It coincides with further deregulation of Norway’s taxi business from November 1, via a new law that’s being met with cheers and protests. The new drosjeloven removes limits on how […]

London ‘el-cabs’ gear up for Oslo streets

A specially-designed London taxi made its debut on Oslo’s streets last week and more may be rolled out soon. The new version of the iconic London black cab is electric, features Norwegian components and already has won the interest of at least one local taxi operator. “Norway is an interesting market for us,” Phil Henrick, […]

Taxes can usher in sharing economy

A government-appointed commission has cleared the way for the sharing economy to spread in Norway, as long as new services like Airbnb lodging and Uber transport are taxed. The commission believes such services provide more competition and offer more choices for consumers, but labour unions and not least the taxi industry raised immediate objections. The commission’s report may, as newspaper Aftenposten […]

Uber drivers face police crackdown

Police in Oslo, Drammen and several other Norwegian cities have been stopping drivers taking part in the Uber transport service, issuing heavy fines and even seizing their driver’s licenses in some cases. While the established taxi industry cheers and files charges of its own against Uber, critics say traditional taxis are simply trying to maintain their overpriced grip […]

Police halted an Uber taxi in Oslo

Norwegian police warned they’d crack down on personal transport services that lack regulatory approval, and last weekend they did just that. They stopped cars late at night in downtown Oslo and seized the license plates of two suspected of being pirate taxis. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that at least one of them was driving for Uber, which matches […]

Police poised to crack down on Uber

Norwegian police claim that the Uber “personal transport” service, which uses an app to connect drivers with passengers needing rides, amounts to a pirate taxi service and is illegal in Norway. Prosecutors now intend to try to halt it. “Our clear starting point is that this form of personal transport, which is operated without necessary approvals, […]

Oslo moves to block Uber transport service

The City of Oslo, as expected, has decided to file charges against the new Uber “personal transport” service, telling website E24.no that Uber lacks legal permission to operate in the Norwegian capital. Uber disagrees and has its supporters in Oslo as well as other cities where it operates. Uber made its debut in Oslo earlier this month and immediately […]

Uber arrives to take on taxi firms

The controversial “personal transport” company Uber was accelerating its way into the Norwegian market this week, opening its first “private chauffeur” service in Oslo on Wednesday. Local taxi companies feel threatened and Uber can expect to run into many legal roadblocks. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that Uber, founded in San Francisco in 2009, was undaunted and […]

Taxi service hit by technical trouble

As many as 3,000 taxis in various regions around Norway were stalled Monday morning by technical trouble at the central operations that handle customer calls and reservations. Among those affected were Bergen Taxi, Trøndertaxi in Trondheim and several taxi firms around Oslo. Problems with the computer system ITF, run by Taxus Norge AS, meant that […]

Taxi passengers driven to despair

The Norwegian Consumer Council (Forbrukerrådet) wants a public review of Norway’s taxi industry, amidst claims that customers often feel unsafe, misled and unsatisfied with the service but powerless to complain. Norwegian taxis are also too expensive, claims the council. According to a Consumer Council survey, four out of 10 taxi customers were unhappy with the […]