More teachers and nurses go on strike

UPDATED: More than 600 teachers, day care workers and health care professionals in Oslo have joined 7,390 others who went on strike around Norway Thursday morning, after they failed to win the pay raises they claim they deserve. Their leader admitted it’s “extra difficult” to strike in a pandemic, and stressed that Corona care would […]

Teachers’ boss to ‘evaluate’ her post

Ragnhild Lied, leader of Norway’s biggest teachers’ union, was pleased that fully 79 percent of her members backed her decision to settle their strike that delayed the start of the school year. She’s nonetheless evaluating her position, since 21 percent of her members still weren’t happy with her work. “Of  course I’ll be evaluating whether […]

Teachers won as strike finally ends

UPDATED: A nationwide teachers’ strike that severely disrupted the start of the new school year is over, reported Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) Monday morning. Teachers won the right to refuse working on more rigid schedules, and students were likely to finally head back to school on Tuesday. The teachers and their municipal employers’ association KS held a press […]

Teachers’ union expands strike

Norway’s largest teachers’ union announced Wednesday that it was calling another 851 teachers out on strike from next Tuesday. That means the strike that began in June will spread to another 31 schools around Norway if it drags into the fourth week after teachers were supposed to be back on the job. The expansion announced by […]

No end in sight to teachers’ strike

Talks broke down once again on Sunday between representatives for striking teachers and the Norwegian municipal employers’ organization, KS. As the strike entered its eighth week on Monday, and the third week since school was supposed to start, speculation ran high that the strike may drag on for a long time. Meetings ended Friday with plans for renewed […]

Striking teachers positive to new talks

The leader of thousands of striking Norwegian teachers, Ragnhild Lied, said she was “positive” to the prospect of a new meeting with the teachers’ local government employers on Wednesday. Lied and the teachers’ other representatives were expecting to be “invited” for another round of talks aimed at getting everyone back to school. Another 2,200 teachers were poised to […]

Chaotic start at schools on strike

Public school students all over the country, except in Oslo, were facing a chaotic start to the new school year this week as the full effect of a major strike by teachers kicked in. The strike was due to expand from Thursday, when anther 2,200 teachers would be called out of their classrooms. The strike […]

Teachers’ strike dragged into weekend

State politicians including Prime Minister Erna Solberg were worried on Friday that an ongoing teachers strike could drag on for a long time, after talks broke down again Thursday night. The state mediator agreed there were no grounds to continue the talks when the two sides were so far apart. The teachers’ unions had resumed […]

Teachers head into more mediation

Representatives for Norwegian teachers headed into a new attempt at mediation with the local government employers group (KS) that began Monday, when another 5,500 teachers were called off the job. Two teachers in Stavanger were among those demanding that their union representatives “stay tough,” and refuse demands that they physically stay on school grounds for at least […]

Teachers gear up for major strike

Despite pleas from state and local officials to settle an upcoming school strike, leaders of the national teachers’ union unveiled plans Wednesday to call another 5,500 teachers off the job next week, when they were supposed to be planning the new school year. Strike plans now will affect 132 schools nationwide, in 22 municipalities and 18 […]