Mobilepay pulls out of Norway

The Danish mobile payment service Mobilepay, established by Danske Bank, is pulling out of Norway after major bank Nordea opted to give it up in favour of DNB’s Vipps service. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that only 3,000 of Nordea’s roughly 1 million customers had downloaded Mobilepay. The Danish service can claim around 3.8 million […]

Trouble plagues DNB’s mobile payment system

DNB’s much-vaunted “Vipps” system, which allows users to pay for goods and services via their mobile phones, was out of service on Friday and bank officials couldn’t say when it would be up and running again.  “Some of our customers experienced earlier today that transactions were being doubled,” the bank reported on its Facebook page. That […]

Norwegian officials following Swedes’ IT scandal closely

Norwegian security experts and government officials are concerned about a severe breach of computer security in Sweden that made it possible to spread sensitive, confidential information. Norway and Sweden have similar government systems, experts note, and both countries need to put much higher priority on the security of computer files. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has now admitted that […]

Health board fired after IT scandal

All the board members of the information technology subsidiary of Helse Sør-Øst, Norway’s biggest regional health care provider, were fired on Wednesday by the chairman of Helse Sør-Øst, Ann Kristin Olsen. The mass firing comes after state broadcaster NRK reported how contracted workers for the subsidiary in Asia and Eastern Europe were wrongfully granted access to sensitive patient information. The overseas […]

Wristwatches to be banned during exams

The University of Oslo is imposing a ban on the use of all wristwatches during exams, because many of them have become too smart. The advent of “smart watches” that contain computers makes them all suspect, since students could use them to cheat. The university announced the ban, claiming it was no long possible to discern […]

DNB customers suffered more online banking trouble

Norway’s largest bank, DNB, had another breakdown in its online banking and mobile payments systems on Monday. Customers were unable to long in, for the sixth time in the past month. It was just last week that DNB suffered one of its longest online banking breakdowns, with its systems were out of order for most of […]

Funcom trial underway in Oslo

Four former investors and executives of Oslo-based gaming company Funcom pleaded guilty to charges of insider trading in Funcom stock when their trial got underway in Oslo last week. The company is best known for creating computer games such as Age of Conan, The Secret World, Anarchy Online and Lego Minifigures. Three of the men […]

DAB critics slam radio revolution

Static is rising over Norway’s plans to literally turn off its FM radio network next year and replace it with Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). As the date for launching the FM phase-out draws closer, Norwegians are waking up to the fact that their traditional AM/FM radios will no long work, and protests are pouring in. “Norwegian […]

NAV prods seniors to go online

Norway’s social welfare agency NAV, which administers everything from unemployment benefits to pensions, has sent a letter to around 600,000 retirees informing them that they no longer will receive their pension notices through the postal system. From now on, both they and others collecting disability benefits will receive their notices only electronically, and many are unhappy. “A large […]

Chinese launch bid for Opera Software

One of Norway’s most remarkable start-up firms that became big in the browser business looks likely to be taken over by Chinese interests. Opera Software’s founder isn’t pleased, but its board is unanimously recommending that shareholders sell out to a Chinese investment fund that’s offered NOK 10.5 billion for the company. Opera Software, which reportedly had been […]