Telemark thrilled by UNESCO recognition

Officials of Norway’s mountainous county of Telemark were cheering over the weekend when their Vemork power station and industrial history centered in Rjukan finally won official recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage site. County officials had been campaigning for a spot on the World Heritage list for several years. “This is a big day for Telemark,” announced Terje Riis-Johansen, the former […]

Sun came out in Rjukan

An unusual mirror project that reflects sunshine into a dark Norwegian valley attracted international media attention on Wednesday, when it officially cast its light 100 years to the day that the idea was launched. Oscar Kittelsen had written in the local paper a century ago that giant mirrors could help bring sunlight into the valley […]

Mirrors to reflect sun on Rjukan

The Norwegian industrial town of Rjukan is known for its darkness in winter, nestled as it is at the bottom of a narrow valley in the mountains of Telemark County. Now civic boosters hope the sun will finally shine on the town hall square year round, with the help of giant mirrors being erected on […]

Still heroes, after all these years

Thursday marked the 70th anniversary of what some call Norway’s proudest moment during World War II, when Joachim Rønneberg and nine other Norwegian resistance fighters became the real-life “Heroes of Telemark” by sabotaging the heavy-water plant at Vemork. Rønneberg, the leader and last surviving member of the sabotage team, was back in Vemork this week […]