Health officials aim to snuff out snuff

Health authorities are sounding the alarm over what some call an “epidemic” of snus (snuff) use among young Norwegians. Sales of the tobacco that now comes in packet form have tripled in recent years, raising the risk of diabetes, infertility and other ailments. New studies show that use of what the Norwegians call snus (snuff) […]

Bans loom on outdoor smoking

Norway’s Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen) and Asthma and Allergy Association (Norges astma- og allergiforbund, NAAF) have joined forces with several cafes and restaurants to stamp out smoking in outdoor eating and drinking areas ahead of World No Tobacco on Saturday. The one-day outdoor ban was to celebrate 10 years since smoking was prohibited in all bars […]

Smugglers caught in record seizure

Police and customs agents in southeastern Norway managed to stop 14 specially built vehicles that were loaded with smuggled alcoholic beverages and tobacco on Sunday, but think others made it over the border and sped on into the country. The authorities were holding seven persons on Monday who were arrested in the seizure, which broke […]