Wage pact rejected by nurses, others

A new wage settlement that calls for 2.7 percent pay raises for members of two large trade union federations is supposed to set the tone for all other wage pacts this spring. The leader of Norway’s nurses’ union, however, and 12 other labour federations are not impressed and already claim they’ll demand more. “We have […]

Brokers earn most, then oil workers

Annual wage talks got underway this week, right after the traditional handshake between the leaders of Norway’s largest labour and employer organizations. Negotiations begin amidst debate over pay gaps and household income differences in Norway, and after an eye-opening survey that ranked monthly paychecks in the country’s most- and least-lucrative professions. “This year it’s our […]

Palestinian dislikes LO’s Israel boycott

A Palestininan human rights activist who was in Oslo this week is urging Norway’s largest trade union confederation, LO, to drop its boycott of Israel. He claims it will hurt Palestinians more than it might help them. Bassem Eid, who has worked with human rights issues for more than 20 years, also fears any boycott […]

Teachers chalk up a protest

Teachers angry about the employment settlement agreed to by unions last week took the chalk out of the classroom and into the schoolyard on Monday. Several hundred teachers wrote “nei” (no) in large letters outside schools, have vowed to reject the agreement when it goes to a vote this month, and threatened strike action when […]

State refuses farmers’ demands

The Norwegian government responded to the agricultural sector’s latest request for state support on Tuesday afternoon, offering farmers an increase of NOK 150 million (USD 25 million). That’s only 10 percent of the NOK 1.5 billion in subsidies and regulatory protection farmers asked for two weeks ago, meaning a long and heated settlement debate is […]

Foreign labour threatens apprentices

Unions are concerned about the number of public contracts going to cheaper foreign workers, arguing apprentice schemes for Norwegians are being undermined. They warned a lack of focus on vocational training would lead to a skills shortage among Norwegians. “It’s like a football team which gets in foreign players, in favour of using their own […]

Norwegian took ‘all the aircraft’

Norwegian Air’s Chief Executive Bjørn Kjos told a packed house at a student conference in Oslo this week that his company’s long haul operation was at least five years ahead of main rival Ryanair’s, because Norwegian has “taken all the aircraft.” Meanwhile, a court has decided an unfair dismissal case filed by a Norway-based Ryanair […]

LO leader accused of ‘bullying’ moms

The new head of Norway’s largest trade union federation (LO) is being accused of “bullying” women in Norway who choose to work part-time. Gerd Kristiansen claims that mothers who work part-time are “using the mother’s role as an excuse” to stay at home, and that’s “not good for the country.” Kristiansen, who launched into working […]

LO seeks to block Croatian workers

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) wants to restrict Croatian immigrants from coming to work in Norway, in a bid to prevent social dumping. The labour market in Norway continues to predict growth, and demand for more workers is still high, but anti-EU forces also want to keep out workers from Croatia. LO has asked the current government […]

New labour boss makes history

The election of Gerd Kristiansen as the new boss of Norway’s largest trade union federation LO means that the country’s two most powerful positions in the business and labour sectors are now held by women. Given poll results leading into the next national elections, Norway’s next prime minister, finance minister and foreign minister may be […]