Oslo orders trams for next 40 years

Oslo rolled out plans for its next generation of trams this week, amidst claims that trams are part of the city’s identity. The electrified system of getting around is driven, claims one economist, by pure city patriotism. Oslo has had electric trollies since they were invented as a replacement for the old horse-drawn carriages that […]

Oslo plans major tram line expansion

Norway’s capital, intent on getting residents out of their cars and riding public transport instead, plans to spend NOK 10 billion over the next eight years to upgrade and expand the city’s tram system. It will be the biggest investment in Oslo’s tram lines ever. “We are on the verge of launching three big projects,” Birte Sjule, […]

Bergen’s new tram system collapsed again

Commuters and public transport officials in Bergen were frustrated and furious on Thursday after the city’s still-new tram system known as Bybanen stopped operating once again. Local transport director Oddmund Sylta demanded a full evaluation from those operating the system on behalf of the city. “It has been a hectic morning,” Sylta told state broadcaster NRK. “Most irritating […]

Metro struggles with blaring horns

The relatively new trains serving Oslo’s metro system known as the “T-bane” have been well-received for their comfort and reliability, but a nagging problem has cropped up this winter. When a driver needs to sound the horn, it often can’t be turned off. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that last week, a T-bane train had to keep traveling with […]

Pedestrians warned after tram fatality

An Oslo tram’s fatal collision with a pedestrian over the weekend has raised concerns of the hazards both trams and pedestrians face on crowded city streets everyday. Police and transport authorities worry that pedestrians using earphones don’t hear trams or other traffic around them, and take unnecessary, even life-threatening risks. The pedestrian killed Sunday, a man […]

Transit firm tries to teach manners

While the color green typically signifies “go,” new green zones on the platforms of Oslo’s main train and subway station (Jernbanetorget) most decidedly mean “wait.”  The strategically placed zones are an attempt by Ruter, the Oslo area’s public transit agency, to make commuters aware of the problem of blocking passengers getting off the trains, and maybe […]

Street parking cuts to improve city flow

Authorities in Oslo plan to ban parking on many streets or raise parking fees, in a bid to get more drivers to use parking garages instead. The City Council hopes the plan will free up the streets for trams and buses, which would no longer be held up while drivers maneuver into park places, slowly […]

New fare hike ‘shamelessly’ high

New public transit fares were taking effect in Oslo on Wednesday, and already have been been dubbed as “shamelessly” high. It now costs NOK 50 for a single-ride, full-fare ticket, the equivalent of nearly nine US dollars. “This is just way too expensive,” Gunnar Larssen, leader of the Norwegian capital’s merchants’ association Oslo Handelsstands Forening, […]

T-bane struggles back into business

Oslo’s underground transit system, the T-bane, was mostly back in service Thursday after a derailment on Wednesday shut down all operations through downtown. Commuters, though, were told to brace for delays and some lines wouldn’t be running on schedule until Friday. Website  Aftenposten.no reported it was taking more time than expected to repair the tracks […]