Cities finally set to get more priority

After decades of spending billions on bridges and roads in outlying districts of Norway, state politicians finally may start investing more in urban areas where the need for improvements is acute. Prime Minister Erna Solberg signaled more support this week for cities that continue to attract the strongest population growth. Solberg, speaking at the annual conference of the […]

Full speed ahead for E39 highway

The Norwegian government finally settled on a new route for a scenic but faster and safer E39 highway along the west coast this week, announcing that it would cross the Nordfjord with a bridge at Svarstad in Stryn municipality. The project has been drawn-out and controversial, with many different opinions on the best way to […]

Fornebu ferry faces further delay

Workers hoping for a new ferry connection to improve their often tortuous commute to Fornebu, the newly redeveloped business district at the site of Oslo’s former airport, must brace for delays. A new ferry service is subject to a public tender process that hasn’t even been initiated, and no decisions have been made for the […]

Reaction mixed to transport plan

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg called it the biggest commitment to public transportation projects ever made in Norway, but his left-center government’s release of its new plan for transportation investment during the next 10 years was met with both enthusiasm and criticism over the weekend. Officials in Oslo, where traffic congestion is a major problem, weren’t […]

Transport plans don’t meet goals

Norwegian politicians continue to spend huge amounts of public funds on bridges, roads and tunnels in outlying areas that benefit as few as a hundred residents or less, while hundreds of thousands of commuters in metropolitan areas are left to face heavy traffic or unreliable public transit systems every day. Now much of the justification […]

Trains to be faster, more comfortable

Norwegian state railway NSB is making more improvements to its train service around the Oslo area, but passengers nonethless faced another weekend of service disruption. State railroad Jernbaneverket planned more maintenance work and improvements of its own, which involves closing Oslo’s Central Station (Oslo S) from noon on Saturday until noon on Sunday. NSB announced […]

Road toll system baffles visitors

Thousands of drivers of foreign-registered vehicles on Norwegian roads aren’t paying road tolls, not necessarily because they’re trying to cheat the system, but because they don’t understand how the automatic toll system works. Some end up getting a surprise bill in the mail after they’ve arrived back home. Norwegian officials can only hope the visitors […]

Stoltenberg shakes up government

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg announced the replacement on Monday of two Center Party ministers in the government coalition he leads. The shake-up is widely viewed as a means of strengthening both his Labour Party-led government and the Center Party itself, which now has so little voter support that it’s dangerously close to losing its right […]

New fare hike ‘shamelessly’ high

New public transit fares were taking effect in Oslo on Wednesday, and already have been been dubbed as “shamelessly” high. It now costs NOK 50 for a single-ride, full-fare ticket, the equivalent of nearly nine US dollars. “This is just way too expensive,” Gunnar Larssen, leader of the Norwegian capital’s merchants’ association Oslo Handelsstands Forening, […]

Huge airline order sends stock flying

Trading on the Oslo Stock Exchange took off Wednesday morning after news broke that locally based airline Norwegian Air was ordering 222 new aircraft from both Boeing and Airbus, and also has an option to order 150 more. Norwegian had already been expanding, and can now boast the biggest airline deal ever struck in Europe. […]