Police arrest demonstrators

Police in Oslo arrested around 40 people during the weekend after they launched an unannounced demonstration and disrupted traffic by blocking tram routes. The demonstrators were protesting what they called “Turkey’s genocide” against Kurds in Syria and the media’s coverage of the conflict. The demonstration began when around 50 people assembled outside Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)’s […]

Erdogan ‘milking’ NATO and Norway

UPDATED: Turkey’s authoritarian president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was “milking” an offensive incident at a NATO exercise in Norway last week for all it’s worth during the weekend, claims the editor of a Turkish-Norwegian political website. Top NATO and Norwegian officials both extended apologies to Erdogan, but he wasn’t willing to accept them. On Monday, Norway’s […]

Turkish officials seek asylum in Norway, embassy in Oslo dismisses their fears

UPDATED: Scores of Turkish military officers and diplomats who’ve been serving at embassies and with NATO in Europe have defected and sought political asylum, including several now in Norway. Newspaper VG reported Thursday night that they all fear being imprisoned and even tortured or killed if they return home to Turkey. Turkey’s embassy in Oslo dismissed their fears on Friday, […]

NATO chief guarded on Trump and Turkey

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was back in his native Norway this week in connection with Norway’s own terrorist attacks five years ago. He also faced some questions about NATO’s latest challenges posed by the coup in Turkey and some new blunt remarks by the US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, but was guarded in his answers. Stoltenberg […]