First Norwegian royal UN speech

Crown Princess Mette-Marit addressed the United Nations in New York on Monday, becoming the first Norwegian royal to give a keynote speech at the UN. Mette-Marit joined Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende at the high-level meeting, where she spoke in connection with her role as an International Goodwill Ambassador for the UNAIDS program. The crown […]

Lund to head UN peacekeeping force

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Monday that Norwegian Major General Kristin Lund had “broken through the glass ceiling” to become the first woman ever to command a UN peacekeeping operation. He appointed Lund to take over the UN Peacekeeping Force on Cyprus. Lund will replace Major General Chao Liu of China on August […]

Stoltenberg takes on top job at UN

Jens Stoltenberg, Norway’s popular former prime minister, has repeatedly claimed that he had no other plans than to stay on as leader of the opposition in Parliament after losing government power in the last election. On Monday, though, he took on an extra job when he said it was “impossible” to turn down a request […]

Labour ‘surprised’ by Frp’s UN rebuff to Syria’s weapons

Labour Party politicians have said they’re surprised that some top Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet, Frp) counterparts hope their own government will turn down a request from the US, Russia and the UN to destroy some of Syria’s chemical weapons in Norway. The Frp politicians deny they’re gearing for a confrontation with new Foreign Minister Børge Brende from […]

Disarmament group wins Peace Prize

UPDATED: After several years of awarding Nobel Peace Prizes that have stirred massive controversy, the Norwegian Nobel Committee this year selected a winner that may silence the critics. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was awarded the prize “for its extensive work” towards eliminating chemical weapons, and later reported that it felt “honoured […]

Norway ponders UN request to help destroy Syria’s chemical weapons

Both outgoing and incoming government officials in Norway are evaluating a request by the US and Russia, via the UN, to help with the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons. International weapons experts, meanwhile, already started destroying some of Syria’s chemical weapons and their production facilities over the weekend. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on Saturday that both […]

Outgoing ministers descend on UN

Norway’s left-center, lame-duck government that’s ruled for the past eight years hasn’t let its election defeat earlier this month thin its ranks at the United Nations (UN). No less than five government ministers are attending the opening of the UN’s General Assembly in New York this week, but deny they’re looking for new jobs. The […]

Troubled veterans end up on the street

A new survey shows that nearly a hundred Norwegian veterans of international military operations, especially in Lebanon and the Balkans, have wound up homeless and suffering psychiatric problems. Researchers fear the actual number of troubled veterans is much higher. The new survey by the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR), reported by newspaper […]

Norway condemns new nuclear test

The Norwegian government was quick to join other countries around the world on Tuesday in condemning North Korea’s announcement during the night that it had conducted a new and more powerful underground test of its nuclear capability. Norwegian Defense Minister Espen Barth Eide was clearly disturbed by the news. “This is extremely serious,” Eide told […]

Lure of ‘marka’ hits UN recruiting

Norwegians’ easy access to the great outdoors, combined with good pay and benefits, is making it difficult to convince them to apply for or accept work abroad, not least at the United Nations (UN). Foreign ministry officials say Norwegians are underrepresented among staff at the UN, and it’s not always a reflection of their skills or […]