Solheim keen on new UN post

Erik Solheim, the former Norwegian “super minister” who suddenly lost his government post because of a difficult leadership change within his political party, has confirmed he’s applied for the soon-to-be vacated post of Norway’s ambassador to the United Nations (UN). Solheim wants to stay active in international affairs and be able to use his vast […]

Kidnapping victim released in Yemen

Norway’s Foreign Ministry confirmed Friday morning that a Norwegian man who’s been working for the United Nations in Yemen has been set free by a band of local kidnappers. The 34-year-old Norwegian had been held captive for nearly two weeks. Gert Danielsen, who worked for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), was snatched from a street […]

Kidnapped Norwegian called home

A 34-year-old Norwegian man who was kidnapped in Yemen over the weekend was said to be in relatively good shape and was even allowed to call home to his father in Norway. Authorities in Yemen were reportedly negotiating his release, while Norwegian officials were following the situation closely. Newspaper Bergens Tidende reported that the Norwegian, […]

UN leader in Oslo, ‘listens to critics’

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was back in Oslo on Monday as part of a Nordic tour that, in Norway, included the launch of a new energy accessibility initiative, a session on financing climate measures and a tribute to the late explorer and humanitarian Fridtjof Nansen. Ban also told an Oslo-based newspaper before he left […]

Norway’s roads fail UN standards

Many of Norway’s main highways are not up to standards set by UN agreements to which the country is party. Newspaper Aftenposten reports that many of the main highways in Norway, known as European highways because they are part of the continental “E-road network” and use the network’s signage, do not follow rules laid down […]

Majority supports Libya mission

Seven out of 10 Norwegians support their country’s involvement in enforcing the no-fly zone over Libya, according to a new opinion poll. Six F-16 fighter jets have been sent from Norway to participate in the multinational mission. The survey, undertaken by research firm Respons Analyse for newspaper Aftenposten, showed that only 17 percent of the 1,000 […]

Stoltenberg addresses UN on poverty

Norway has long been among the world’s biggest donors of foreign aid and will likely remain so, but Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg thinks developing countries receiving the aid also need to take on more responsibility themselves. In an address to the United Nations General Assembly, he said the donor countries can only support poor countries’ […]

Norway pulling out of Chad

The Labour Party-led Norwegian government is turning down repeated requests from the UN and even from many of its own party members to continue running a field hospital in Chad. Norway will withdraw its health care personnel at the hospital by May 15. Norway has been running the field hospital in eastern Chad, not far […]

Norway invited to exclusive ‘environmental dinner’ at UN

Norway’s newly re-elected Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was included in a select group of world leaders who were invited to a “working dinner” with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in New York this week. It was part of a new environmental offensive tied to climate talks at the UN. Other invited guests included US President […]

UN boss: 'I have my own charisma'

Embattled UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon showed no signs of the hot temper he allegedly possesses when he met reporters in Oslo Monday morning. Instead, Ban calmly addressed criticism leveled against him by a top Norwegian diplomat, defended his leadership style and suggested that perhaps the world expects too much of the United Nations and […]