Norway honoured its wartime veterans

Canons roared at noon and both the king and prime minister were on hand Thursday to honour Norwegian veterans from World War II. Norway’s Veterans Day is traditionally celebrated on Liberation Day, May 8th, but Corona restrictions forced a postponement of the formal ceremonies for wartime heroes. King Harald II, his sister Princess Astrid, Crown […]

Veterans hailed on Liberation Day

The sun was shining in Oslo on Monday as King Harald V, top government officials and military brass prepared to hail Norwegian veterans from World War II and through to more recent international operations. It was on May 8, 1945 that Norway finally was liberated from five years of occupation by Nazi Germany, so it’s also a […]

Veterans set sail on therapeutic voyage

Thirty Norwegian veterans who served in Lebanon during the 1980s and on other tough assignments have set sail on a historic vessel, part of efforts to clear their heads and relieve isolation. The unique voyage is also aimed at raising awareness that many veterans are struggling with psychological problems. “We have to recognize that war […]

Norway gears for war memorials

Friday May 8th is both Liberation- and Veterans’ Day in Norway, and this year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the Nazi German occupation. Royalty, government officials and military brass will be out in force to hail Norway’s freedom at a time of rising international tension. Events will begin with […]

Auditor blasts treatment of veterans

The Norwegian military faces more criticism over an alleged lack of follow-up and support for veterans returning from overseas assignments. Now the state Auditor General claims the veterans aren’t getting the care and counseling they need. A new report from the office of the Auditor General (Riksrevisjon) confirms earlier criticism of how veterans have been […]

Veterans won fresh D-Day memories

PHOTO FEATURE: The elderly Norwegian veterans who traveled to France in early June to take part in D-Day memorials came home this time with an entirely different set of memories from Normandy. Those who traveled with them were touched as well by the moving ceremonies. “Fantastic, just fantastic,” Johannes Hjertaker told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) when […]

Chill settled over defense ceremonies

Norway once again mounted its annual Liberation Day and Veterans Day ceremonies on May 8, this year under threatening skies and chilly temperatures. It seemed almost symbolic given the new military tensions in Europe since Russia intervened in Ukraine, but it didn’t dampen the celebration of Norwegian military heroes both dead and alive. Among those […]

Troubled veterans end up on the street

A new survey shows that nearly a hundred Norwegian veterans of international military operations, especially in Lebanon and the Balkans, have wound up homeless and suffering psychiatric problems. Researchers fear the actual number of troubled veterans is much higher. The new survey by the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR), reported by newspaper […]

Norway loses another hero of Telemark

Jens-Anton Poulsson, one of the last surviving members of the Telemark sabotage operation during World War II that blocked German development of an atomic bomb, died on Tuesday, just over a month after the death of fellow war hero Knut Haugland. Poulsson was 91. Poulsson was a highly decorated member of the Norwegian Resistance, whose […]