Wage pact rejected by nurses, others

A new wage settlement that calls for 2.7 percent pay raises for members of two large trade union federations is supposed to set the tone for all other wage pacts this spring. The leader of Norway’s nurses’ union, however, and 12 other labour federations are not impressed and already claim they’ll demand more. “We have […]

2.7% pay raises helped avert strike

Marathon mediation through the weekend finally warded off a major strike in Norway that would have pulled more than 30,000 workers off the job and distrupted ferry- and bus service around the country. The breakthrough came after Norwegian national employers’ organization NHO gave up a controversial claim that would have resulted in a loss of […]

Wage talks break down already

It only took a day, from Wednesday to Thursday, before national employers’ organization NHO and Norway’s largest trade union federation LO declared they were “too far apart” to hope for any wage agreement. Now they’ll head into mediation after the Easter holidays, but strikes loom. The breakdown came as no surprise. “We knew when we […]

Annual wage talks off to a rough start

NEWS ANALYSIS: Fury, frustration and sorrow preceded the ceremonial start of annual wage talks on Wednesday between Norway’s largest trade union federation LO and national employers organization NHO. Prospects for strikes this spring are high, even in the midst of the pandemic, after NHO’s leader demanded that workers accept an actual decline in purchasing power even […]

‘Real’ pay raises avert major strike

Trade union boss Hans-Christian Gabrielsen was claiming “one of the best settlements we’ve had for many, many years” on Monday, after employers’ organization NHO finally agreed to wage hikes of 3.2 percent after 14 hours of negotiations in overtime. The raise comes, though, at a time when executives at NHO member companies are raking in […]

Brokers earn most, then oil workers

Annual wage talks got underway this week, right after the traditional handshake between the leaders of Norway’s largest labour and employer organizations. Negotiations begin amidst debate over pay gaps and household income differences in Norway, and after an eye-opening survey that ranked monthly paychecks in the country’s most- and least-lucrative professions. “This year it’s our […]

Labour talks fail, strike threatened

Negotiations over new labour contracts between Norway’s national employers’ organization NHO and the two large trade union federations LO and YS broke down on Thursday. Now it’s up to the national mediator to avoid a major strike in the private sector. “We’ve been negotiating for nearly 14 days,” said LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen. “We have […]

Overall pay growth lowest since the war

Higher prices in Norway cut into the modest pay raises received by Norwegian workers last year. That led to a large decline in purchasing power that labour unions want to correct this year. After the last two years of economic downturn and lots of job cuts in the important oil and offshore industries, both labour […]

Many defy call for pay ‘moderation’

The most powerful officials in Norway’s labour market gathered this week and agreed that “moderation” will continue to be the buzzword in wage and salary talks this spring. Executive pay, meanwhile, and even the salaries of some political leaders have risen to a level that’s anything but moderate, by Norwegian standards. Top business leaders in Norway are now paid […]

Lowest wage growth in 16 years

Average monthly wages grew by just 1.6 percent in September, the last month for which data was collected and analyzed by state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway). It was the smallest increase registered so far in the 2000s, reported news bureau NTB. Average monthly pay in all sectors nationwide was set at NOK 43,300 (USD 5,280), […]