Few Norwegians made own fortunes

Norway’s royal family is far from alone in its members’ inheritance of power, position, privileges and wealth, all of which has recently become controversial once again. The fortunes of fully 77 of Norway’s 100 wealthiest taxpayers are based on inheritance as well. Examination of the public tax lists released by state authorities last week continue to reveal new details […]

Røkke ‘richest’ on latest tax lists

Kjell Inge Røkke, the industrialist who grew up in Molde and made his initial fortune fishing off the west coast of North America, emerged this year as the wealthiest person in Norway based on his taxable fortune. Several heiresses also made it into the top 10, edging out the grocery store magnates and shipowners who dominated in earlier […]

Oslo boasts many millionaires

Oslo has landed on the list of the top 10 cities in the world with the most millionaires, in terms of US dollars. Fully 2.9 percent of all the residents of Oslo have net worth equivalent to more than USD 1 million, reported news bureau NTB. The list of millionaires appeared in a recent issue […]

The rich are getting richer, but income still evenly spread

New statistics suggest that the wealthiest Norwegians have secured their spots at the top of the income scale, not least because of bigger stock dividends paid out last year. Norway, however, continues to boast among the most equitably distributed overall personal income in the world. Statistics compiled by financial rating company AAA Soliditet for newspaper […]

Five Norwegians among world’s wealthiest

Five Norwegians rank as billionaires in US-dollar terms, according to the most recent list of the world’s wealthiest people as compiled by the American magazine Forbes. The wealthiest Norwegian, who now makes his home in London, is once again said to be shipping tycoon John Fredriksen. He’s a self-made mogul who emerged from a modest […]