Kongsberg’s Qatar deal raises concerns

An announcement last week that Norwegian defense and technology firm Kongsberggruppen had struck a major deal with officials in Qatar cheered investors, who sent Kongsberg’s stock right up. Others worry it may cause problems for Norway with Saudi Arabia. Kongsberg officials claim its agreement to deliver long-term technological development programs within defense, the maritime industry […]

Critics blast jump in weapon exports

Norway is the home of the Nobel Peace Prize but it’s also a significant weapons producer, and their exports shot up last year. Now critics in and out of Parliament are firing off complaints over sales to authoritarian regimes and areas near armed conflict. “This is a violation of the fundamental intentions in the foreign […]

Weapon sales raise objections

Several countries in the Saudi-led alliance that’s at war in Yemen bought weapons and other defense equipment from Norway last year. The sales have raised more objections from politicians in Parliament who oppose such sales by the country that annually awards the Nobel Peace Prize. “The foreign ministry can’t guarantee that Norwegian ammunition hasn’t been […]

Many weapons in Norwegian homes

Norwegians can be quick to criticize what they consider to be liberal weapons laws in other countries, not least the US, but a new survey confirms that Norway itself ranks high among countries with the most weapons per capita in civilian hands. Norwegians, it seems, have among the highest proliferation of weapons in the world. […]

Weapons exports explode

Norway has often played the role of international peacemaker, but the country has a major, partially state-owned weapons industry that clearly is profiting from conflicts around the world. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported over the weekend that Norwegian weapons exports have tripled during the past five years. Sales of weapons have hit as high as […]

Norwegian weapons sales skyrocket

Norway nurtures its image as a “peace nation,” but its weapons industry is booming. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Friday that weapons sales last year amounted to NOK 3.1 billion, up from NOK 646 million in 2001. News magazine Ny Tidnoted that exports to the US have increased 20 times since 2001, when the war on terror […]