Frøya leaders give up windmill fight

Local leaders on the windswept island of Frøya in northwestern Norway have dropped their battle against construction of large windmills aimed at providing a source of renewable power. They felt they had to concede defeat after the national government gave the nod to a final approval. The Frøya politicians had initially been positive to development […]

Conflicts blow over windmill projects

The Norwegian government went to the dramatic extent on Monday of halting, at least temporarily, construction of a highly contested wind energy project on the island of Frøya. It’s just one of many where windmill opponents have resorted to public demonstrations, civil disobedience and even vandalism in their efforts to block construction of the huge […]

Google deal can blow life into more wind park plans

Plans for a new wind park on Norway’s west coast got a surge of energy last week when financing came through after Google agreed to buy all the power generated by the park. More such deals can unleash more parks, which in turn create jobs, hope local and state government officials. “Google has an enormous need for […]

Profits predictably plunged at Statoil

Norway’s largest company Statoil, battered by the fall in oil and gas prices, saw profits plummet once again during the first three months of this year. They were down by more than two-thirds, but not much worse than analysts had expected and the company is making more moves to diversify into renewable energy. Statoil reported […]

Windmills to rise in Trøndelag

Norway’s oil and energy minister claimed he was moving forward with one of the largest wind energy projects in the world when he approved eight new plants in the Fosen and Snillfjord areas around the Trondheimsfjord on Monday. Ola Borten Moe called the project “historic” for Norwegian wind power production. It calls for 450 windmills […]

State OKs major windmill project

Norwegian authorities have approved plans to build five new wind-power plants in the western county of Rogaland. The project, involving erection of large windmills, could double Norwegian production of wind power. The windmills will be constructed in the townships of Bjerkreim, Hå and Gjesdal and together produce as much as 1.3 twh of power annually. […]

Statoil lands huge wind project

Great Britain has discovered that the answer to its energy demands is blowing in the North Sea, and Norwegian oil company Statoil has won a contract to help the British develop an enormous offshore windmill operation. Norwegian power supplier Statkraft is involved as well. British authorities, led by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, unveiled details on […]