Wine carton ban raised a flap

Norway’s state health directorate wants to ban the sale of wine in large three-liter cartons, claiming they lead to higher alcohol consumption. Protests were loud and swift, with the government now likely to cork the authorities’ plans before they go much further. They didn’t get very far last week, after public health director Linda Granlund […]

Wine auction nearly sold out

Norway’s first legal wine auction this week was deemed a success, after nearly all the wine on the block attracted winning bids and one bottle, of a Chateau Petrus from 1950, sold for NOK 32,000 (USD 5,300). All sales of wine and liquor are strictly regulated in Norway, and must be carried out under the […]

Norway to hold first wine auction

Norway’s state-controlled wine and liquor retailer, Vinmonopolet, reports an “overwhelming” response from private collectors who want to auction their wine at Norway’s first wine auction this fall. “We’ve received so many registrations that we need to expand the auction,” Arnt Egil Nordlien of Vinmonopolet told newspaper Aftenposten. That means there’s likely to be an online […]

Norwegians drinking more wine

New figures from state statistics bureau SSB confirm a trend that started several years ago: Norwegians are drinking more wine than liquor and now even more than beer. SSB reported this week that Norwegians bought 77 million liters of wine last year, up from 73 million the year before. Beer purchases, meanwhile, declined by 2.5 […]

Local farmers tap vineyard potential

Norwegian farmers are branching out and dabbling in the production of wine grapes. According to newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN), some 10 farmers are now planting vines on plots along the coast of Norway, seeking out varieties that can withstand the long, cold winters and shorter growing seasons than those found in wine-producing nations farther south. […]