Labour launches new offensives

Norway’s embattled Labour Party was back on top as the country’s largest political party this week, according to the latest public opinion poll. Labour leader Jonas Gahr Støre is emboldened by the upswing, launching what the party itself claims are new initiatives regarding immigration and workplace issues meant to win back core working class voters. […]

Exploitation risk high in Norway

A new report found immigrant workers in Norway are more vulnerable to social dumping than in any other Nordic country. Research foundation Fafo said Norway has the worst labour regulation regime in the region, with few opportunities for migrants to access collective bargaining agreements and unions. The report, called Immigration and labour market integration in […]

Foreigners face ‘modern slavery’

The exploitation of foreign workers in Norway who are willing to work for less pay than Norwegians is becoming more widespread and more serious, according to employment lawyers. On the eve of Labour Day, a day of working class rallies over political and labour issues in the country, employment law expert Rune Berg said many […]

International students lured home

A growing number of young Norwegians are studying abroad every year, but despite setting out with plans to establish international careers, the majority end up returning to Norway. Researchers suspect tough job markets, visa difficulties, poor work/life balance and fewer benefits draw young Norwegians back home again. In 2012-2013, one in 10 Norwegian students was […]

Religion used to avoid work

Some managers at Norwegian social welfare agency NAV said they’re fed up with people who refuse work on the grounds of religion. The cases usually involve women who won’t take jobs which involve serving pork, selling beer or where they’re restricted by religious dress. A NAV manager told newspaper Aftenposten it’s frustrating when women refuse […]

Insurance company wins age battle

Supreme Court ruled yesterday afternoon that the internal retirement age at 67 set by insurance company Gjensidige does not conflict with the age discrimination rules in labor law. Karin Haare Johansen, 68, sued her long-time employers in the hopes that she would be able to work until age 70. Johansen, supported by the Finance Sector […]

Culture shock on the job

Foreign bosses have a hard time adjusting to the unique Norwegian workplace, where the management structure is very flat and bosses do not get anywhere near the respect found overseas. Norwegian workers are accustomed to having their say and prioritizing family life and leisure activities over responsibilities at the office. American Kimberly Lein-Mathisen told business […]

Workers lacking despite immigration

Shortages in the Norwegian labour force have increased 20 percent in the last year, with Norwegian industry now lacking at least 61,000 workers, according to a survey of 14,300 companies by the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (Den norske arbeids- og velferdsforvaltningen, NAV). Meanwhile, economic immigration to the country – and the debate about its […]

Tandberg among ‘great’ places to work

The venerable Norwegian firm that now specializes in videoconferencing, Tandberg, has emerged as one of the best places to work in a new survey of employees at firms all over the country. Also winning top honors were information technology firms SAS Institute and Miles. Tandberg won in the category for companies with more than 250 […]