Yara’s ex-CEO faces six years in prison

Prosecutors in Norway’s corruption case against former top executives at Oslo-based Yara International have asked the court to sentence them all to up to seven years in prison, including six years for Yara’s longtime founding CEO Thorleif Enger. The request came after closing arguments this week in the biggest corruption case in Norwegian history. Newspaper […]

Yara chiefs kept still over signs of bribes

Official claims of “zero tolerance” for corruption at Oslo-based Yara International were called into question this week, when the company’s former top leaders were grilled in court over their failure to respond to bribery suspicions. Both Øivind Lund, chairman of Yara during the entire period when the alleged bribery occurred, and Jørgen Ole Haslestad, who was fired last year as […]

‘Crown witness’ pins down ex-Yara CEO

Norway’s largest corruption trial ever entered its seventh week with a former top executive testifying that the former chief executive of Oslo-based Yara International had been warned about possible bribery at the large fertilizer firm. He contradicted testimony delivered earlier by Yara’s ex-CEO Thorleif Enger. Ed Cavazuti, who held senior management positions at Yara when the bribery […]

Yara’s ‘founder’ fends off charges

Thorleif Enger, retired chief executive of large fertilizer firm Yara International, ranked as one of Norway’s most respected businessmen. This week he had to start defending himself in court against bribery charges that could send him to jail for 10 years. Enger has spent the past four weeks in the Oslo courtroom, listening to two of his former executive […]

Ex-Yara executive ‘shocked’ by arrest

Former top executives of large Norwegian fertilizer firm Yara are undergoing more tough questioning as their bribery trial continues in an Oslo courtroom this week. Two of them have had to listen to themselves chatting in telephone conversations they didn’t know were being taped by corruption investigators, while one claimed he was “shocked” he’s been charged in […]

Yara bribery trial forced into a pause

The corruption trial of former executives of fertilizer firm Yara International was halted on Tuesday after the judge wanted to know whether one of the defendants, Yara’s former chief legal officer Ken Wallace, had been formally charged in the case when he was questioned by police in France nearly three years ago. Wallace, an American […]

Yara corruption trial turns nasty

The Oslo trial involving corruption at large fertilizer company Yara International was entering its second week on Monday with former executives pointing fingers at each other, and their lawyers revealing high-level conflicts among them. The trial has already begun to offer insight into how business is conducted in countries where corruption is common, and will leave the court to decide what […]

Yara corruption trial gets underway

The largest corruption trial in Norway’s history, involving charges of bribery at Norwegian fertilizer giant Yara International, got underway in an Oslo courtroom on Monday. It’s not a happy start to the New Year for the former Yara executives now defending themselves, after the company itself avoided further prosecution by accepting a record high fine early last year. The stage […]

Finally some good news from Yara

One of Norway’s largest companies, fertilizer producer Yara International, could finally report some good news on Wednesday after being caught up in a corruption scandal and, most recently, top executive drama. Yara announced that it was preparing to greatly expand production capacity at one of its major plants in Norway and could also report strong quarterly earnings. Yara […]

Yara ‘surprised’ by collapse of merger talks

The new acting chief executive of Norwegian fertilizer firm Yara International said he was “surprised” that CF Industries of the US has suddenly backed out of talks aimed at merging the two firms. Torgeir Kvidal thinks CF cut off the talks too early. “This was surprising,” Kvidal told newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) Friday morning after […]