Homebuilders face el-charging requirement

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Housing developers in Norway are likely to have to start providing charging stations for electric cars if they hope to get residential projects approved. Proposals are already circulating in Parliament to make car-chargers mandatory in all garages.

State broadcaster NRK reports that it may be illegal in just a few months to build housing that doesn’t offer recharging infrastructure. “We want to make it cheaper and easier for people to install recharging points at their home or hytte (holiday home),” Nikolai Astrup, the government minister in charge of municipalities and modernization, told NRK.

The idea is to demand that builders install the electrical infrastructure so that charging points can easily be set up without any need for modifications later. It’s the latest in a long list of government incentives to encourage use of electric vehicle in Norway. The goal is for all new cars sold in Norway to be electric by 2025.

newsinenglish.no staff