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Thank you for visiting Views and News from Norway. Our website address is It is published by Ninas News from Norway, a sole proprietor company registered in Norway with Norwegian organization no 993 326 828. Our address is Lassons gate 10, 0270 Oslo.

As a news website, we rely on the trust and confidence of our readers. We would like visitors to our website to be confident that any personal information they provide is safe with us and that we will not pass it on to others. In particular, we would like to assure visitors that we are not in the business of selling or trading email address lists for marketing purposes.

We collect as little personal information as possible about our visitors. This privacy notice outlines what data we actually do collect from our readers, why we do it and what we do with the data. By using our website you agree to our privacy policy.

Our website is powered by WordPress open source software. By default WordPress does not collect any personal data about visitors.

Free and paid content. Some sections of our website are free, like menus and selected articles. No personal information needs to be actively provided through a login procedure to access them.
Most of our site is reserved for paying subscribers. However, we have outsourced our subscriptions management. All subscriptions including contact information and payment details are handled by Mediapass Inc., owned by  MediaMogul, LLC,1100 Glendon Ave, Ste 1800, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA. The only information Mediapass collects is the customer’s first and last name. Mediapass encrypts credit card information if the subscription is charged and/or renewed. They do not share any information with third parties. Please refer to Mediapass Terms of business and privacy policies or email privacy (at) if you have questions.

Traffic analysis. We use a service known as Google Analytics to collect and analyze general visitor behavior. We do this to track the number of visitors  (known as “traffic”) to the various articles published on our site. This process does not identify any individual visitor, but it does provide us with some basic details, like the location of internet servers and the type of computers and devices our readers use to access our site. This information, and similar analytic data, helps us understand, for example, what countries and regions our readers are based in. This data remains available to us via Google Analytics, enabling us to understand traffic patterns over time. This is critical information to a website like ours, which has a global audience. We use it to make informed decisions for developing our site. We will never attempt to identify individuals visiting our website. Much more information on Google Analytics can be found on the internet, for example this Wikipedia article.

Newsletter signup. We offer an occasional free newsletter with marketing material such as  links to recent articles, messages to readers, organizational news about our site, paid subscription offers, and similar. A user must provide an email address to sign up for the newsletter, and the email address will be stored on a mailing list. These mailing lists and newsletter services are provided by MailChimp, co The Rocket Science Group, LLC, 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308 USA. Mailchimp’s services enable us to view information about how our newsletter is received, for example whether a recipient opens it or not. This is a standard industry technology. Another such technology enables newsletter subscribers to unsubscribe at any time via a link at the bottom of every mail from us. For more information, please refer to Mailchimp’s privacy notice.

External links. Some of the articles on our website provide links to other websites, These links are clearly marked “External link”. This privacy notice does not cover the destination websites of these external links. Please refer to the privacy notice of the actual external site if you have questions.

Comments. We use commenting tools provided by Disqus, 717 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. When a Disqus user logs in, Disqus processes personal data to facilitate the user’s authentication and posting of comments. Disqus stores posted comments, which are viewable and searchable by anyone around the world. For more information, please refer to the Disqus privacy notice.
Anonymous cookie targeting by Disqus for our site’s visitors is disabled.
Comments on our articles are moderated by our staff in line with our comments policy.

Advertisements. We use a service called Google Adsense to supply ads on some parts of our site. If you click one of those ads, we’ll earn a modest commission, typically less than NOK 10. If you have questions, please refer to Adsense’s privacy policy.

Other ads around our site are provided by affiliate marketing firm Adtraction Marketing AS, Øvre Slottsgate 7, 0157 Oslo, Norway . If you purchase a product or a service via one of those ads, we will earn a modest commission, typically 5-10 percent of the transaction value. We have no access to information on who the buyer was, only which ad made the sale and the amount paid. If you have questions, refer to Adtraction’s Privacy Policy.

Access your personal information. You are entitled to access the information that we keep about  you. Email your request to

Changes to this privacy notice.  This privacy note was created in May 2018 to improve transparency and comply with new European Union privacy policies known as GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation. To the best of our ability, we will keep our privacy policies under regular review.

Last update: September 2019.