Oslo to stay shut, seeks more vaccine

Oslo, which still suffers the highest infection and hospitalizations in Norway, will remain mostly shut down for at least the next two weeks even though national restrictions are being eased. City government officials are also demanding more vaccine allotments, especially since expected deliveries from abroad may not arrive. Raymond Johansen, the stern leader of Oslo’s […]

Wage pact rejected by nurses, others

A new wage settlement that calls for 2.7 percent pay raises for members of two large trade union federations is supposed to set the tone for all other wage pacts this spring. The leader of Norway’s nurses’ union, however, and 12 other labour federations are not impressed and already claim they’ll demand more. “We have […]

2.7% pay raises helped avert strike

Marathon mediation through the weekend finally warded off a major strike in Norway that would have pulled more than 30,000 workers off the job and distrupted ferry- and bus service around the country. The breakthrough came after Norwegian national employers’ organization NHO gave up a controversial claim that would have resulted in a loss of […]

Housing market may see a ‘correction’

Residential real estate prices are still up 12.5 percent over last year at this time, and a stunning 15.6 percent in Oslo, according to sales prices logged in March. The Oslo market, however, recorded a 0.8 percent decline from February and now housing experts are predicting a “correction” heading into the summer season. New numbers […]

Oil Fund ‘proud’ of wind park investment

The new boss of Norway’s huge sovereign wealth fund that’s fueled by its oil revenues says he’s “proud” of the Oil Fund’s first major investment in renewable energy infrastructure. It makes the Oil Fund half-owner of the world’s second-largest offshore wind park, Borssele 1&2 in the Netherlands. “We’re very proud,” said Nicolai Tangen, head of […]

Corona may finally kill off duty-free

Never before has the future of Norway’s admittedly “absurd” duty-free shopping system been more vulnerable to permanent shutdown. After living without travel abroad during the past Corona year, many claim the time is now ripe to do away with the duty-free quotas such travel has allowed. The debate over what Norwegians call “taxfree” has raged […]

Grocery stores log more high profits

Norway’s grocery store owners have long been among the wealthiest in the country, and the rich have gotten richer during the Corona crisis. With borders to Sweden closed, restaurants shuttered and Norwegians mostly stuck at home, the dominant retailer and wholesaler NorgesGruppen has enjoyed record revenues and paid out huge dividends to the family owning it. […]

Greens fade after alienating voters

NEWS ANALYSIS: Radical politics on both the climate and social fronts have cut the popularity of Norway’s Green Party by more than half in Oslo, arguably its most important election district. As the party gathered over the weekend for its annual national meeting, there was no sign of remorse or worry among party leadership but […]

Oil Minister ill with Covid-19

Norway’s Oil Minister Tina Bru is among the record numbers of Norwegians testing positive for the Corona virus this week. She’d already been in quarantine when her test results arrived on Wednesday. “I feel relatively good, but am also aware that I’m not well,” Bru told newspaper VG on Friday. Bru wrote on her own […]

Stavanger cuts back on cruising

Tourism-related businesses demonstrated in downtown Stavanger this week against the city’s decision to limit the number of cruiseships to 200 a year. They fear large revenue losses, while many local residents won’t miss the huge vessels at all. “Residents have for a long time been very dissatisfied that huge floating residential buildings come sailing in […]