Electricity bills likely to keep rising

Last year’s historically low electricity bills in Norway are now estimated to rise by as much as NOK 10,000 (USD 1,200) this year. Politicians have agreed to boost social welfare payments to those hit the hardest. The government and a majority in Parliament ended up supporting a proposal last week from the Socialist Left party […]

SAS pilots protested outside Parliament

Hundreds of current and laid-off pilots for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) rallied outside the Norwegian Parliament this week, to protest how the airline is allegedly restructuring itself to avoid Norwegian labour regulations. SAS counters that lower pay and benefits in new subsidiaries are needed to compete with all the low-fare carriers in the market. The conflict […]

Politicians promise electricity bill relief

Both the new Norwegian government and the opposition in Parliament claim they’re ready to help reduce suddenly sky-high electricity bills. As snow started falling over much of Norway this week, proposals include both energy tax cuts and direct financial support to those most in need. Some crisis measures may be approved as early as Thursday, […]

Meat producer slashes jobs

Nortura, the Norwegian farmers’ coop that regulates the meat market, confirmed Tuesday that 147 workers will lose their jobs at meat-packing plants in Steinkjer and Stavanger. Both plants are being closed, with operations set to be merged into a new facility in Tønsberg. The 79 workers i Steinkjer in Trøndelag and 68 workers in Stavanger […]

King crab grabs some regal prices

Norwegian king crab, once viewed as a problem in northern waters, is suddenly commanding record-high prices. A single crab can give a trapper more than a thousand kroner, while consumers have to pay much, much more. Fish counters in Oslo have recently been charging as much as NOK 1,300 per kilo or higher. King crab […]

Electricity rates climbing to new record

Electricity rates in Southern Norway are expected to rise on Monday to their highest level yet this year, according to the electricity trader NordPool. It expects kilowatt hour rates on Monday to be around NOK 1.31 in Oslo and NOK 1.32 in Kristiansand, triple what they usually are. State broadcaster NRK went so far as […]

Energy crisis fuels Norway’s currency

The Norwegian krone has strengthened markedly in recent weeks, as has the country’s economy in general. It’s a case of the rich getting richer, as the energy crisis boosts the price of Norway’s oil, gas and electricity at the expense of its trading partners. The krone (crown), which rises and falls in line with oil […]

State budget puts ‘politics in practice’

Norway’s outgoing Conservatives-led government presented its last state budget proposal on Tuesday, but now it’s subject to lots of debate and alteration in Parliament. The new incoming Labour-Center government will want to put its mark on the budget, and then it will come under pressure from more left-leaning parties. That suggests higher taxes on the […]

Airlines face lots of new turbulence

As Norwegians start traveling again, airlines based in Scandinavia are struggling to reinvent themselves, and survive. Both SAS and Norwegian Air have landed new labour agreements with pilots and cabin crew in Denmark, aimed at cutting costs with more “flexible” crewing, but they’ve met strong resistance in Norway and Sweden that’s now winding up in […]

Statkraft invests in more European wind

Statkraft, the Norwegian power producer specializing in renewable energy, confirmed the purchase this week of 43 wind power installations in Europe, 39 of them in Germany and four in France. It’s the first time Statkraft has ventured into onshore wind power production in either country. The company, wholly owned by the Norwegian government, bought the […]