Hurtigruten service cut even more

Norway’s deeply troubled coastal shipping line Hurtigruten has already cut service from 11 to just two ships sailing between Bergen in the south and Kirkenes in the north. Now the state transport ministry is cutting the route further, to only serve ports between Kirkenes and Bodø, meaning there won’t be any calls at 13 ports […]

Electric car caught fire while recharging

A brand-new Polestar electric car caught fire while recharging outside the home of its new owner at Lilleaker in Oslo Saturday night. Police reported flames coming out from under the hood when they arrived at the scene. The owner of the car told police he had just taken delivery four days earlier of his new […]

Oil ministers face Equinor grilling, too

A long string of Norwegian oil ministers from across political party lines also have some explaining to do, regarding huge losses at state oil company Equinor. They formally serve as representatives of the state’s and taxpayers’ large ownership stake in Equinor, and will be called into an upcoming hearing on the losses in Parliament. Current […]

Equinor set to be grilled in Parliament

UPDATED: Members of the Norwegian Parliament will be summoning leaders of shamed state oil company Equinor, along with former oil ministers, to a committee hearing on huge losses at Equinor’s US operations. Results of a new probe into the losses reveal a lack of management control and poor follow-up when problems were pointed out by […]

Oil and gas to flow after strike ended

Norway’s giant offshore oil field Johan Sverdrup narrowly avoided having to shut down production after mediation ended a 10-day strike by offshore workers just before the weekend. The strike had been set to expand, threatening Sverdrup’s production in addition to that on six other platforms. Nearly a quarter of all total oil and gas production […]

Employers’ group rings Brexit alarm

Norway’s national employers’ organization NHO is warning that Norwegian businesses need to prepare for chaos when post-Brexit transition pacts between the EU and the UK expire on December 31. Progress on firming up new agreements has been slow. News bureau NTB reported last week that Norway and the UK may not have their own free […]

Airlines brace for Wizz competition

Both Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air claim they’re not being scared off by new looming competition from Hungarian carrier Wizz Air, even in the midst of the Corona crisis. Norwegian was quick to match at least some of Wizz’s introductory fares in November, but those offered in the meantime remained much higher at both Norwegian […]

Corona truce over, budget battle begins

Finance Minister Jan Tore Sanner presented his first state budget on behalf of the government on Wednesday, claiming it was aimed at bringing Norway out of the Corona virus crisis. Opposition parties led off by Labour briefly acknowledged how they’ve cooperated on doing just that, before attacking the proposed budget for allegedly increasing social differences […]

New airlines ready for takeoff

The heir to one of Norway’s former major airlines is planning to launch an entirely new airline to compete head-on with Norwegian Air and Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) when Norwegians start flying again. Meanwhile, another low-fare carrier plans major expansion in Norway, on domestic routes. Aviation veteran and investor Erik G Braathen, backed by a team […]

Strike cuts 8% of offshore production

A strike by some workers on Norway’s offshore oil and gas platforms expanded on Monday, prompting state oil company Equinor to start shutting down production on four fields that it operates on the Norwegian continental shelf. Two more platforms are also affected, cutting Norway’s production of oil equivalents by around 8 percent and pumping less […]