SAS pilots threaten to strike on Friday

Easter holiday travelers were spared, but passengers holding tickets on SAS flights from Friday morning face plenty of turbulence if SAS’ pilots in Scandinavia opt to go on strike. Mediation was due to begin Wednesday, in an effort to avoid airline chaos in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. “We hope we come to an agreement,” SAS […]

200-year-old ‘Børs’ basks amid bidding

The Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs) could mark its bicententennial on Monday by basking in both bright spring sunshine and enormous investor attention. At the ripe old age of 200, the exchange is still so active and attractive that international suitors are eagerly bidding to take it over. As newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported before […]

NRK loses rights to air winter sports

State-financed Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) couldn’t bid high enough to secure the Nordic broadcasting rights to large portions of World Cup and World Championship winter sports competition from 2021. NRK has thus lost the rights to air around 40 percent of Norway’s skiing star’s performances, after commercial interests prevailed over national public broadcasting. “We are of […]

Hopes high before meeting with Putin

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s alleged spy on trial in Moscow on Tuesday wasn’t the only thorny issue as Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg prepared to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in St Petersburg on Tuesday afternoon. Political analysts were hoping for improved relations in general after Solberg landed on Russian soil Monday evening for the first […]

Anonymity can aid job applicants

Government Minister Monica Mæland thinks it’s probably much easier for people with names like “Lars” or “Kristin” to get a job in Norway than it is for those with names that suggest non-Norwegian heritage. Her ministry is thus launching a new approach to affirmative action by testing a digital form of anonymous job applications. “In the […]

Oil exploration limit may hurt Labour

Climate concerns won out over job creation when Norway’s largest political party, Labour, shifted course and voted to limit oil exploration off the northern coast. The party’s biggest supporter, trade union federation LO, was disappointed, while one Labour veteran fears more industrial-minded members will leave the party that’s already losing both members and voters. “I […]

Millions can expect tax refunds

Norwegians have been receiving their tax returns for 2018 from Norway’s state tax agency (Skatteetaten) in the past fews days, most of them already filled in since employers, financial institutions and organizations all send individuals’ payments and deductions directly to the agency. If no changes are necessary, Norwegians can simply approve them, with most able […]

SAS pilots warn they may go on strike

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) management claims they were “very surprised” when their pilots’ unions in Norway, Denmark and Sweden warned on Tuesday that they may go out on strike. Plans had called for more talks next week but now they’re heading into mediation. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported Tuesday afternoon that if mediation fails to settle […]

Activists ready to joust at windmills

Local environmental groups and outdoor enthusiasts are reeling after the state energy directorate NVE presented new and widespread plans for more windmill developments. Three of them are in Trøndelag, and opponents claim they would ruin more scenic landscapes. “We’re still sitting here in a state of shock,” Jonny Remmereit of the hiking and nature association […]

Electric cars claim more than half the market

Electric car sales in Norway accounted for 58.4 percent of the market in March, thus claiming more than half of all car sales for the first time ever. Norway has long led the pack in so-called el-bil popularity but now the numbers are being branded as “historic.” Major tax incentives have been behind the acceleration […]