New oil minister attracts attention

Norway’s controversial oil industry now has another new government minister to deal with, just a month after the last one had been appointed. Tina Bru, a 33-year-old rising star in the Conservative Party, has a greener profile than her predecessor but was nonetheless getting a warm welcome from the petroleum business. “This is extremely positive,” […]

Solberg overhauls her government

UPDATED: After two weeks of government turmoil, Prime Minister Erna Solberg unveiled a massive overhaul of her Conservatives-led coalition on Friday. It involves more than a dozen ministerial changes, all aimed at giving Solberg’s new three-party minority government more muscle in a highly fragmented Parliament, and at winning re-election in 2021. The day’s political upheaval […]

Uncertainty rules as Progress regresses

Norway’s Progress Party is already shifting into regress mode, with its soon-to-be former Oil & Energy Minister Sylvi Listhaug leading the charge. Just days after storming out of the government, she’s vowing to scrap or reverse a lot of what her party approved as members of Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s conservative cabinet. Listhaug only lasted […]

Norway’s oil ‘good to the last drop’

The Norwegian government, the oil directorate and the oil industry itself have all confirmed what climate activists feared. They’ll keep searching for and producing offshore oil and gas until either it or demand for it disappears. That was further confirmed this week, when new Oil & Energy Minister Sylvi Listhaug handed out 69 new exploration […]

Equinor, NHO strike back at oil critics

NEWS ANALYSIS: It was no coincidence that Norway’s state oil company Equinor launched a new initiative to cut its own carbon emissions earlier this week. The ambitious cuts were announced just before the ceremonial but controversial opening of its huge new oil field Johan Sverdrup, and just before Norwegian business leaders were being told to make […]

New strike threat looms at SAS

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is facing more turbulence this spring, just a year after striking pilots grounded most all flights in and out of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Now it’s SAS’ flight attendants who want more predictable work schedules and higher pay, and their current contract expires on March 31. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) warned its […]

Arctic tax break offer sparks interest

The mayor of the small town of Bø in Vesterålen, Northern Norway, was in Oslo on Monday to futher promote his local council’s decision to cut fortune taxes as a means of attracting investment. Not as much promotion as he’d thought was needed, though, after a major British paper picked up on the tax break […]

‘Hytte’ dream stirs climate nightmare

Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians have celebrated the New Year at the family hytte (holiday cabin) in the mountains. Concerns are rising, however, that ongoing construction to fulfill dreams of hytte ownership is chipping away at Norway’s unspoiled nature, and generating more carbon emissions because of all the driving back and forth. Hytte-skam (cabin shame) is […]

Norwegians are still thirsty for more oil

Results of a new survey seem to defy all the rising protests against Norway’s oil and gas industry. The survey indicates that only 27.7 percent of all Norwegians actually want to turn off the drills and pumps, to help reverse climate change, while 49 percent don’t think Norway should let its offshore oil and gas […]

Busy day and year at OSL Gardermoen

There were lots of delays and some cancellations at Norway’s gateway airport on Friday, as nearly 100,000 travelers flew to and from OSL Gardermoen. The year itself was wrapping up with yet another decline in actual landings and departures at Norwegian airports, but more passengers. Friday was expected to be “the only really traffic-heavy day” […]