Optimism rises among business owners

Fewer Norwegian companies are worried they’ll go bankrupt, as they experience both rising revenues and an ability to bring employees back to work. Fully 68 percent reported that revenues were either back to or above normal levels in July, according to a new survey conducted by Norwegian employers’ organization NHO. That compares to 61 percent […]

Most Norwegians keen on more oil

A new survey shows that only 23 percent of Norwegians want their government to stop doling out offshore oil and gas exploration licenses in Norway’s portion of the North, Norwegian and Barents seas. That’s much less than the 34 percent of Norwegians who didn’t want to search for more oil and gas two years ago. […]

Car holidays send pump prices up

Norway’s notoriously high prices for petrol at the pump have spiked again, to nearly NOK 20 per liter in some areas, or around USD 9 a gallon. The fuel price rise is raising eyebrows as well, as Norwegians hit the road for holidays at home during another Corona summer. Prices for the lowest grades of […]

Telenor’s Myanmar sale ‘very difficult’

Sigve Brekke, chief executive at the large Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor, has been part of its efforts to bring modern communications to Myanmar (and make money doing so) since the country seemed to be emerging from decades of military dictatorship. After months of a brutal and authoritarian backlash, during which the military has been killing […]

High housing prices spread outside Oslo

Oslo’s housing affordability problem is now spilling over into the entire metropolitan area. Even though Oslo’s record high prices have declined slightly in recent months, June sales still boosted them by just over 10 percent compared to June of last year, and the situation is similar from Drammen to Moss, Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg.  “I was […]

Government scolds Norwegian Air

NEWS ANALYSIS: Bad news keeps flying around Norwegian Air, just as it’s trying to get off the ground. Customers still awaiting refunds for cancelled flights last year are furious over large bonuses paid to top executives that were agreed even while the airline was still in bankruptcy proceedings. Now the airline can also avoid paying […]

Whales evaded a ‘risky’ hearing test

The first season of a Norwegian, American and Danish research project to test the hearing of whales has ended without any results. Not a single whale ventured into what amounted to controversial traps set up at sea just off Lofoten, but the researchers involved insist the project was successful. “Our main goal was to demonstrate […]

Bonuses spoil the ‘New Norwegian Air’s’ take-off

NEWS ANALYSIS: Long-troubled Norwegian Air’s plans for a triumphant return to the skies landed in an embarrassing mess this week. Large bonuses secretly paid out last month to the airline’s two top executives have severely damaged their credibility and angered Norwegian’s new investors, its long-suffering employees and the politicians who helped rescue the airline that […]

DNB may not be able to buy up small rival

Norway’s competition authority (Konkurransetilsynet) announced Thursday that it may halt the takeover by Norway’s biggest bank, DNB, of its small but innovative rival Sbanken. DNB has already secured the purchase of most of Sbanken’s shares, but the authorities fear it will hurt competition. “After a thorough evaluation of this acquisition, we’ve decided that we need […]

Experts want to move the ice edge

As Norway continues to allow more oil drilling in the Arctic to find new sources of both oil and gas, researchers want to expand the so-called “ice edge zone” that aims to protect sensitive Arctic areas. They want maximum inclusion of the areas where ice forms during the course of a year. The current ice […]