Handball drama all around

Swedish organizers of the European Championships in men’s handball lost a Scandinavian advantage for ticket sales when only Norway made it into the semi-finals this weekend. They hoped Norwegian handball fans would boost demand, but then Norway lost its chance to win its first Euro gold ever. Norway’s 28-29 loss to Croatia on Friday came […]

Climate activists to appeal latest loss

Environmental organizations and concerned climate activists are appealing to the Norwegian Supreme court after a lower court ruled Thursday that oil production in the Barents Sea does not represent a violation of the Norwegian constitution. “We are happy the Norwegian Court of Appeals acknowledges current and future generations’ right to a healthy environment, and that […]

Man confesses to Bergen murders

A 56-year-old repeat offender reportedly has acknowledged criminal liability in the murders of a man and woman in Bergen last week. A total of six people are now charged in the case, either as being accomplices to the murders or for tampering with evidence. The defense attorney for the 56-year-old man charged in the double […]

Parents favour ‘short and old’ names

Gone are the really traditional old names like Borghild or Torbjørn, but in their place are other names that are short and mostly lacking the three letters peculiar to Norway: æ, ø and å, which can potentially be problematic in the digital age. “Emma” and “Jakob” topped the list of  the most popular names in 2019, […]

Norwegian research aids bipolar patients

An international association is recommending use of a Norwegian treatment for patients with a bipolar disorder that’s deceptively simple: those using glasses with orange lenses that block out blue light became much better. “It didn’t take longer than a few minutes after putting on the glasses that I felt the whole world calmed down,” one […]

Thousands intend to remain in Britain

Nearly 11,000 Norwegians have applied to remain in Great Britain after Brexit takes affect and Britain leaves the European Union (EU). They’re expected to be allowed to stay based on an agreement already worked out between Norway and the UK. News bureau NTB reported that around 10,700 Norwegians had applied to remain as residents of […]

More arrests in Prinsdal murder

Two more young men have been charged in the assassination-style murder of 21-year-old Halil Kara in Oslo’s Prinsdal district last Friday. Police are now holding three suspects, one of whom was arrested at the border between Hungary and Serbia. He was the first of two 20-year-old suspects in the case, with an international warrant for […]

Power cut to trains through Oslo

Rail traffic on lies west of Oslo came to a sudden halt just before the commuter rush on Thursday, after a power line snapped and sagged between the Skøyen and Lysaker stations. A witness told state broadcaster NRK that the next train through the area pulled it down. Syed Tasmir Abbas, who works in a […]

Film finance incentives under pressure

Norway’s film industry pushed for, and won, finance incentives to film in Norway. It remains questionable, however, whether the funding and tax breaks serve their purpose. A new study, revealed at the opening of the annual Tromsø International Film Festival this week, noted that the incentives contribute towards a “more professional and healthy economy” within […]

Aurora song wins Oscar nomination

Disney’s “Frozen” films (called Frost in Norwegian) attract lots of tourists to Norway, because of all their ties to Norwegian landscapes, history and also Sami culture. Now the latest may grab more ears for Norwegian music as well. A song by Norwegian pop artist Aurora Aksnes emerged this week as Norway’s only hope at this […]