Supreme Court boosts Islamist’s jail terms for threats

Norway’s Supreme Court has sentenced Islamic extremist Mohyeldeen Mohammad to two years and six months in prison for threatening the Liberal Party’s Member of Parliament Abid Raja. Mohammad’s appeal to the high court backfired, leaving him with a jail term that’s three months longer than what he’d been sentenced to by an appeals court. Mohammad, […]

Cyclists cited in autumn darkness

As autumn sets in, so do Norway’s long, dark nights and mornings. Police in Oslo have been out in force during the early commuter rush, ticketing cyclists who lacked lights on their bikes. “When we transition into autumn, folks have to get used to new routines,” admitted one regretful cyclist, Henning Moe, to newspaper Aftenposten. […]

Another farmer shut down after abuse

Conditions for animals on a farm in Trøndelag were so bad that state authorities shut it down last week. Around 300 animals including sheep, hens, horses, cows and pigs were being sent for forced slaughter. “The violations (of animals rights laws) involve lengthy periods of negligence regarding the needs the animals had for water, rest, […]

Major autumn storm rams northern coast

State meteorologists warned that a new storm with waves as high as 12 meters (nearly 40 feet) would ram the coast of Northern Norway on Tuesday. Helgeland, between Bodø and Bronnøysund, was due to be hit hardest. Strong winds and as much as 100mm of rain were also expected as the storm moved in from […]

Hopes fade for Norway’s Euro2020 bid

Norway’s hopes of a direct qualification for next year’s European Championships in men’s football were dashed Tuesday night, when they failed to beat Romania. They ended up with a tie, though, meaning the dream hasn’t died completely. “We just have to focus on our last two matches,” Lars Lagerbäck, the popular coach of the resurgent […]

Security tightened at business school

The Oslo campus of the Norwegian Business School BI beefed up security this week, after receiving threats against members of its own management. The threats came in the form of anonymous emails that named the targets. A school spokesman told newspaper VG on Wednesday that “named individuals in BI’s management group had received anonymous and […]

Norwegian football team redeems itself

A packed stadium of cheering fans on home turf in Oslo, combined with revived skills and spirits, helped Norway’s national men’s football team fend off another victory by Spain’s squad during the weekend. The Norwegians need “more magical moments,” however, if they’re to win a spot in the next European Championships . They held off […]

Next train strike to threaten rush hour

Angry Norwegian railroad workers are threatening to halt Norway’s trains once again, if the government doesn’t postpone implementation of the latest package of EU rail directives. Now the striking workers aim to halt trains in the middle of an afternoon commuter rush period. A two-hour political strike last week halted trains all over the country, […]

Solberg heckled by climate demonstrators

When Prime Minister Erna Solberg formally re-opened the Museum of Natural History in Bergen on Monday, demonstrators were on hand to protest her government’s climate and environmental policy. They held signs shaped like gravestones and featuring extinct and threatened birds, plants and animals. Police kept the demonstrators from the international organization Extinction Rebellion at bay […]

‘Got a bag of money from Røkke’

A former art trader testified in an Oslo courtroom on Thursday that he acted as a money courier several times for wealthy Norwegian industrialist Kjell Inge Røkke. Per Orveland, who lived with Røkke’s ex-wife at the time, allegedly delivered cash from Røkke to a man who’s now accused of threatening Røkke because he wanted more […]