Police accused of sexual harassment

Norway’s state police force is run by women, as is the state police academy. That hasn’t prevented sexual harassment from permeating the ranks, not least at the academy itself, but now the leaders claim they’re cracking down. “There’s been a bad power culture and a culture dominated by men,” said Justice Minister Monica Mæland, referring […]

Hurtigruten service cut even more

Norway’s deeply troubled coastal shipping line Hurtigruten has already cut service from 11 to just two ships sailing between Bergen in the south and Kirkenes in the north. Now the state transport ministry is cutting the route further, to only serve ports between Kirkenes and Bodø, meaning there won’t be any calls at 13 ports […]

High court boosts MP’s jail term

Norway’s Supreme Court has added four months to the jail term handed down to Mazyar Keshvari, a former Member of Parliament for the conservative Progress Party. He’ll now need to spend 11 months in prison after being convicted of defrauding the Parliament itself. Keshvari was charged with delivering 72 claims for travel expense compensation over […]

King Harald released from the hospital

Doctors at Norway’s national hospital (Rikshospitalet) think King Harald V was doing well enough after heart surgery last week that they released him on Monday. “The king is in good shape,” said the head of the 83-year-old monarch’s medical team, Dr Bjørn Bendz. King Harald left the hospital Monday afternoon in one of the Royal […]

Electric car caught fire while recharging

A brand-new Polestar electric car caught fire while recharging outside the home of its new owner at Lilleaker in Oslo Saturday night. Police reported flames coming out from under the hood when they arrived at the scene. The owner of the car told police he had just taken delivery four days earlier of his new […]

National football team bounces back

After a crushing defeat against Serbia last week that ruined their chances of playing in the next European Championships, Norway’s men’s football team bounced back over the weekend. They beat Romania by a score of 4-0, but still didn’t feel they redeemed themselves. The loss to Serbia will hurt for a long time, admitted star […]

Enthusiasts find new rock carvings

A field in Østfold south of Oslo turned out to be full of ancient rock carvings, discovered by local enthusiasts who go out hunting for them at night, equipped with powerful lights. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported this week on the largest discovery so far this year of rock carvings (helleristinger) that also feature etchings of […]

Norway’s EuroCup hopes dashed

Norway’s men’s national football team has once again literally been kicked out of the competition to play in an international championship. The team includes some of the world’s brightest young football stars, but that didn’t help in Thursday night’s match against Serbia, even on home turf. It was a bitter loss for Norway, which hasn’t […]

Half the wolf population under threat

Wildlife commissions in four regions of southeastern Norway sided with ranchers and landowners on Thursday in calling for a wolf hunt aimed at wiping out five wolf packs now living in wolf zones where they’re supposed to be protected. That’s twice as many as the commissions’ professional secretariat advised. The commissions for the regions of […]

Liberals get a lift in the polls

Norway’s small Liberal Party (Venstre) seems to finally be reversing a long trend of miserable standings in public opinion polls. Another new measure of voter preferences has boosted the Liberals over the important sperregrensen, the magic 4 percent that gives political parties full representation in Parliament. Media outlets are calling it “the Guri effect,” after the […]