Postal service issues new Vigeland stamps

Norway’s postal service has issued two new stamps to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland, the man behind all the statues in Oslo’s Vigeland Park at Frogner. Two of Vigeland’s most iconic sculptures were chosen for the stamps, with the angry little boy called Sinnataggen adorning a stamp for postage […]

Royals headed for the hills

King Harald and Queen Sonja are among the hundreds of thousands of Norwegians who’ve traveled to higher elevations to spend the Easter holidays in the mountains. The royals have their own family cabin known as Prinsehytta in Sikkilsdalen, in the mountains just west of Gudbrandsdalen. “Sikkilsdalen is very important for us,” King Harald said during […]

Asker hockey club best in Norway

After years of dominance by major Norwegian ice hockey clubs like Storhamar and not least the Stavanger Oilers, players for the small suburban club Frisk Asker could finally skate their way to victory earlier this week. That allowed them to don gold helmets and bask in the adulation of hometown fans. First they beat Lillehammer in […]

Hovland relishes US Masters’ triumph

Just playing in the US Masters golf tournament was a huge accomplishment for the 21-year-old Viktor Hovland of Oslo. When he also won the title as best amateur player he was all but speechless. “I couldn’t be happier than I am now,” he told Norsk Golf magazine when it was all over after a weekend […]

Sunny holiday week settles over Norway

It’s highly unusual when the weather forecast charts for most of Norway are covered by suns, with the exception of some clouds in the far north. State meteorologists, however, were predicting a sunny week ahead when hundreds of thousands of Norwegians took off Friday for traditional Easter holidays. Schools are closed until the Tuesday after […]

Body found in Barents still a mystery

A preliminary autopsy report indicates that a decaying human body found in a Norwegian trawler’s fishing nets in the Arctic last week was a man between the ages of 30 and 50, according to the Troms Police District. His identity remains unknown. “We have secured DNA and fingerprints,” inspector Ståle Luther told state broadcaster NRK. […]

Majorstua murder suspect held at Ila

A 20-year-old Swedish man, charged with both a robbery and the murder of a young Norwegian in Oslo last fall, was finally extradited from France this week were he’d been arrested while on the run. The Oslo County Court ordered him held at Norway’s high-security Ila Prison pending trial later this year. Makaveli Lindén was […]

Christian Democrats saved by a Muslim

Norway’s small Christian Democrats party, which has lost lots of voters in recent years, has so few members in a small town south of Oslo that it lacked candidates for office in the upcoming local government elections this fall. The party then asked a local Muslim to run for office, and he agreed. “I’m not […]

Labour’s leader fined

There seems to be no end to the problems facing Norwegian Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre. Faced with sagging voter support, internal power struggles and fallout from sexual harassment allegations against his deputy leader, Støre is now also being fined for traffic violations. TV2 reported on Wednesday that Støre has accepted a fine of […]

Robbers resort to matchsticks

Police in Porsgrunn, southwest of Oslo, think local bands of burglars are casing out homes to check for long-term absence with the help of matchsticks. With the Easter holidays looming next week, homeowners are urged to take precautions. Several living in a Porgsrunn neighbourhood discovered pieces of matchsticks propped into their doorjams or window casings. […]