Helicopter crash victim identified

The pilot of a helicopter that crashed during a thunderstorm alongside the busy E18 highway in Porsgrunn late Thursday night was identified Friday as John Christian Solberg of Kløfta in Akershus. He’d taken off from the nearby Kjeller airport and crashed into a powerline running alongside the E18 shortly before 11pm. The weather was dramatic […]

Nurses call off hospital strike

Norway’s national nurses’ union (Sykepleierforbundet), fearing they’d be ordered into another round of compulsory arbitration, decided to call off their strike at state-run hospitals around the country and enter into voluntary negotiations. That way they’ll at least be able to appoint their own negotiators. “We received a warning that one duty slot at Oslo University Hospital […]

Pride flags torn down, replaced

Norway has generally embraced Pride events and celebrations, and their characteristic rainbow flags are flying in many more places than normal this June. Not everyone is happy about that, though, given the flags that have been torn down from schools and even private residences. This is the first year that the Pride flag is waving […]

Support soars for EU trade deal

A new survey shows that 62 percent of Norwegians still don’t want to join the EU, but record large numbers support Norway’s trade deal with the EU, known as the EØS/EEA agreement. Only 22 percent oppose it, bad news for the Center Party and others who complain that it forces EU policy upon them. The […]

Revised state budget won approval

Lower taxes on soft drinks, lower ferry fares and more funding for psychiatric care were what it took for the conservative government coalition to win support from the Progress Party for its revised state budget. Progress, which withdrew from the coalition early last year, also managed to get the government to remove six toll plazas […]

Hospital nurses remain on strike

Norwegian nurses working at state-run hospitals remained on strike heading into the weekend, even after their colleagues at the local level were ordered back to work. The state nurses may also wind up being forced into compulsory arbitration, if their strike is deemed to pose a threat to life and health. “We really don’t have […]

Court won’t jail Trojan Shield suspects

A Norwegian county court in Vestfold won’t go along with prosecutors’ request to jail two Norwegians charged in the global crime fighting operation known as Trojan Shield. It resulted in coordinated mass arrests all over the world earlier this week on charges of everything from drug dealing to money laundering. While thousands of alleged criminals […]

Solberg visits brushfire area

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Justice Minister Monica Mæland, in charge of Norway’s police and fire brigades, both visited the scene of a major brushfire late last week just west of Bergen. The fire was finally brought under control and extinguished after two days of burning. Solberg and Mæland thanked firefighters and many others who […]

State orders some strikers back to work

Some but not all of the striking municipal workers around Norway were being ordered back to work late Friday afternoon. Labour Minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen of the Conservative Party determined that the strike posed a threat to life and health, a stance strike leaders strongly disputed. Isaksen called trade union federation Unio and the national […]

Major brush fire threatens homes

UPDATED: A brush fire in the dry, rocky hills of Øygården just west of Bergen flared up again Friday morning, not long after weary firefighters thought they had it under control. The fire spread late Thursday to a new residential area with several hundred homes, and residents were being evacuated. The fire around Kårtveit in […]