Latest Corona-related news in brief:

ANYONE STILL COMPARING THE CORONA VIRUS to common flu would be wise to consider the ordeal of wealthy Norwegian investor Per G Braathen and his Ellen. Both fell seriously ill with Covid-19 while at their holiday home near Chamonix … [READ MORE...]

Unemployment falls but job fears loom

The latest numbers from state welfare agency NAV show 83,000 fewer job seekers in June than in May, and Norway's official unemployment rate fell to 4.8 percent. Hard-hit hotel- and travel businesses still fear … [READ MORE]

New asylum system greets few seekers

The numbers of asylum seekers arriving in Norway have sunk to new record lows in recent months. Norwegian officials are nevertheless preparing to receive many more at their cavernous national reception center … [READ MORE]

Oil Fund weathers stormy first half

Norway's Oil Fund ended a stormy first half of the year with just as much value as it had before having to face crises tied to the Corona virus, the economy and its own future leadership. The fund is still … [READ MORE]

New ‘Knerten’ movie rides to the rescue

Norwegian cinemas are hoping that Knerten, a piece of wood with a strong personality, will help carry them through a difficult summer season. While numerous movie launches have been delayed because of the … [READ MORE]

Corona crisis unity dissolves into chaos

NEWS ANALYSIS: National crises often bring people and political rivals together. Less than four months after uniting during the Corona crisis, however, the gloves came off and political chaos descended on … [READ MORE]

Airlines pressured to issue refunds

Norwegian aviation authorities are finally adding to the pressure on airlines to refund tickets for flights that were cancelled. Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Norwegian Air stand accused of breaking a law … [READ MORE]


Princess chooses public high school

Norway's Royal Palace confirmed on Monday that Princess Ingrid Alexandra will … [READ MORE...]

Scolded ex-Statoil boss finally speaks

Helge Lund, the former long-time chief executive of Norway's state oil company … [READ MORE...]

Labour mayor faces corruption charges

Another Norwegian politician is in legal trouble, after the Mayor of Nittedal … [READ MORE...]

Historians puzzled after statue razed

Norwegian officials were surprised and saddened by news that the statue of a … [READ MORE...]


Bankrupt shipyard may be saved

All 430 workers at the bankrupt shipyard Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik have been routinely … [READ MORE...]

Sicily takes in ‘Ocean Viking’ migrants

The Norwegian offshore vessel Ocean Viking, chartered by a humanitarian organization to … [READ MORE...]

Summer suddenly turned chilly

After an unusually warm June, Norway's July summer holidays got off to an extremely chilly … [READ MORE...]

Sandefjord mayor target of arson

Police in the coastal city of Sandefjord were quick to confirm that someone tried to set … [READ MORE...]

Police criticized after mosque shooting

An external investigation of police response to last year's shooting at a mosque in … [READ MORE...]

Postal service cuts back again

Norwegians have long had to put up with much poorer postal service at much higher prices. … [READ MORE...]


Norwegians losing confidence in USA

Increasing numbers of Norwegians want to cooperate less with the United States of America and more with Europe, according to a new survey conducted by the Oslo-based foreign policy institute NUPI. The survey … [READ MORE]