Latest Corona-related news in brief:

LONG LINES FORMED AT BORDER CROSSINGS Friday afternoon after Norwegian officials began to allow fully vaccinated Norwegians back into the country without going through quarantine. Many braved the prospect of long delays, Corona … [READ MORE...]

National Museum set to finally reopen

Norway's new consolidated Museum of Art, Architecture and Design will finally open its doors in exactly one year, on June 11, 2022, after repeated delays and snafus. It's been seven years since site preparation … [READ MORE]

‘Embarrassing’ energy plan unveiled

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Norwegian government worked hard this week to put the best possible spin on its oil and energy plans for the future, while also learning that Norway's carbon emissions have actually been … [READ MORE]

Farmers seek help to care for animals

UPDATED: Shamed Norwegian farmers and the huge meat producer and market regulator they collectively own, Nortura, now admit that far too many animals are suffering under terrible conditions in barns around the … [READ MORE]

Strike shutdowns incite union fury

Norway's conservative government acted again this week to shut down remaining strikes by thousands of nurses, teachers and other public sector workers around Norway. They claimed the strikes put life and health … [READ MORE]

Horrific conditions at more pork farms

Animal rights activists have once again revealed what's now being called "systematic failure and animal abuse" at a wide range of Norwegian pork farms. Promises from Norwegian meat producers that their animals … [READ MORE]

Refugee toddler’s remains confirmed

A mystery around the remains of a little boy found washed up on the coast at Karmøy, western Norway last winter was finally solved on Monday. The Sør-Vest Police District identified him, after a five-month … [READ MORE]

Voters likely to opt for new government

NEWS ANALYSIS: Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, often branded as a populist leader of his rural-oriented Center Party, finally confirmed his ambitions to be Norway's new prime minister over the weekend. That still may … [READ MORE]

UK free trade deal wins muted support

There was little if any customary outrage when Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg presented a new free trade deal on Friday, this time with the UK. She called the agreement "historic," criticism was largely … [READ MORE]


Spy scandal soils Parliament’s leader

UPDATED: The president of the Norwegian Parliament, Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen, has … [READ MORE...]

‘TIX’ clicked with Eurovision fans

Norwegian singer-songwriter Andreas Haukeland, better known as "TIX," was the … [READ MORE...]

Carew heads into crime comedy

Former Norwegian football star John Carew has joined a new team: He'll break … [READ MORE...]

Billionaire art patron laid to rest

Tributes have been rolling in for weeks after Hans Rasmus Astrup, the shipping … [READ MORE...]


Support soars for EU trade deal

A new survey shows that 62 percent of Norwegians still don't want to join the EU, but … [READ MORE...]

Revised state budget won approval

Lower taxes on soft drinks, lower ferry fares and more funding for psychiatric care were … [READ MORE...]

Hospital nurses remain on strike

Norwegian nurses working at state-run hospitals remained on strike heading into the … [READ MORE...]

Court won’t jail Trojan Shield suspects

A Norwegian county court in Vestfold won't go along with prosecutors' request to jail two … [READ MORE...]

Solberg visits brushfire area

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Justice Minister Monica Mæland, in charge of Norway's … [READ MORE...]

State orders some strikers back to work

Some but not all of the striking municipal workers around Norway were being ordered back … [READ MORE...]


‘Norway can’t afford Nobel Peace Prize’

That's the ironic headline Berit Reiss-Andersen, leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, jokes about seeing after newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) revealed financial problems at the Nobel Foundation in … [READ MORE]