Latest Corona-related news in brief:

A HIGH SCHOOL ON THE WEST COAST was closed again this week after someone who'd tested positive to the Corona virus attended a party on May 16 along with several students from the Kvam High School in Hardanger. Some Kvam students … [READ MORE...]

‘Thriller’ ushers in biotech reforms

UPDATED: A political "thriller" of historic dimensions led to sweeping reform on Tuesday of Norway's biotechnology law. A majority of all 169 Members of Parliament voted to offer early testing in the first … [READ MORE]

Face mask debate reached new heights

Face masks remain a seldom sight among the public in Norway, and they're not recommended by Norwegian health authorities. Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) now demands their use on all flights, however, and that was … [READ MORE]

Oil Fund drama nears a climax

After weeks of criticism over the hiring of an expat billionaire to run Norway's huge Oil Fund, the country's central bank in charge finds itself facing claims of crisis and scandal. Speculation is flying over … [READ MORE]

Norway caught in squeeze over China

Four years after finally ending a diplomatic freeze with China, Norway has found itself needing to choose sides in new Chinese conflicts, now related to China's role in the Corona virus crisis. Norway wants to … [READ MORE]

Progress plagues former partners

Norway's top politicians headed into the long Ascension Day weekend amidst rising political pandemonium in Parliament. It's mostly pegged to the right-wing Progress Party, which is repeatedly siding with the … [READ MORE]

New chief inherits battle over defense

NEWS ANALYSIS: General Major Eirik Johan Kristoffersen won't take over as Norway's new defense chief until August, but he already faces intense political conflicts over defense spending and plans for the … [READ MORE]


New chief’s been in battles before

For the first time since World War II, Norway is getting a defense chief with … [READ MORE...]

Equinor’s CEO defends his role

Eldar Sætre, chief executive at Norway's suddenly troubled oil company Equinor, … [READ MORE...]

Norway mourns its ‘man in the moon’

Norwegians were mourning the death over the weekend of Erik Tandberg, an air … [READ MORE...]

Skiing trophies finally arrive

Several of Norway's winter sports stars have finally been receiving their … [READ MORE...]


Viking grave found during remodeling

A young couple fixing up an old house at Selvåg in Bodø, Northern Norway, spotted a glass … [READ MORE...]

Jetski accidents turn fatal again

Maritime authorities are concerned after two accidents involving jetskis (called … [READ MORE...]

Summer weather sets in at last

After a chilly weekend and a fair amount of rain, Southern Norway was joining the north in … [READ MORE...]

Norway’s oldest dies at 110

Petra Høgetveit was Norway's oldest living person until her death over the weekend at a … [READ MORE...]

NAV struggles to pay out benefits

Government officials were confident that they'd be able to quickly set up a new system to … [READ MORE...]

Norway ‘should take in more refugees’

Former Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik is openly critical that Norway's … [READ MORE...]


Video: Earlier cheers on the 17th of May

SEE THE VIDEO: Country, colours, ceremony and cheer - that's what Norway's Constitution Day celebrations on the 17th of May are usually all about. Everything is different this year, because of the Corona … [READ MORE]