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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Norway waking up to security needs

NEWS ANALYSIS/UPDATED: New security controls at Oslo's City Hall, armed police on the 17th of May, planned installation of upgraded radar defense and the world's largest warship anchored off Oslo just before NATO gathers its foreign ministers in Oslo:...

Russian white whale arrived in Oslo Fjord, along with US warship

Norwegians have become fond of a white beluga whale that first surfaced in the far north in 2019 and has been swimming south ever since. Now the friendly whale who's believed to have been trained by Russians is in...

World’s biggest warship in Oslo

Led by a Norwegian frigate and with hundreds of American sailors lining its decks, the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford sailed up the Oslo Fjord on Wednesday for a symbolic visit now expected to last for at least...

US and Norway mounted a show of force in the North Sea

Top Norwegian defense officials, the US ambassador to Norway and two Norwegian government ministers were all on board when the US' huge new aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford sailed through the North Sea bound for Oslo this week....

Spring finally triumphs over snow

PHOTO FEATURE: After an unusually long and cold winter, springtime has finally settled in over Norway. Cherry blossoms have been especially spectacular this year, but so have tulips and other carefully tended flower beds like those here in Bergen...

17th of May, Bergen style

UPDATED: Millions of dressed-up Norwegians were out celebrating their constitution, freedom and democracy, or just having a good time on their 17th of May holiday on Wednesday. In Bergen, they braved one of their coldest Constitution Days ever, but...

Wrapped up and ready for 17th of May

Norwegians all over the country were ironing bunad shirts, practicing speeches and rehearsing patriotic songs as they prepared for the country's Constitution Day celebrations on the 17th of May. In Bergen, they even wrapped up trees close to a...

Norway urged to demand more of China

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Norwegian government was under pressure on all sides when China's foreign minister paid a quick visit to Oslo at the end of a European tour last week. Critics think Norway hasn't been nearly strong enough in...



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