Cruise passengers under evacuation

UPDATED: One by one, horrified passengers were evacuated by helicopter from the cruise ship Viking Sky which was hit by engine failure in stormy seas just off Norway's West coast on Saturday. Despite several … [READ MORE...]

Climate criticism hits Center Party

One deputy leader of the Center Party with a stake in the oil business wants Norway to pump up as much oil and gas as it can, while another is listening to calls for a more climate- and environment-friendly … [READ MORE]

Climate strikers defy adults’ scoldings

They were out early in front of the Parliament on Friday, and some had camped overnight. As thousands also gathered all over the country for Norway's biggest school strikes for the climate so far, they faced … [READ MORE]

Interest rates rise on a strong economy

Norges Bank raised its key policy rate on Thursday in a move that was widely expected but also debated. Norway's central bank board ultimately decided that economic growth is stronger than expected, and the … [READ MORE]

Violence rising at primary schools

Armed police and emergency health care personnel responded swiftly to calls of a "threatening situation" involving a knife at a primary school in Oslo this week. Eight minutes later they had control of the … [READ MORE]

Cyber attacks high on defense agenda

Norway's defense minister had the threat of cyber attacks high on his agenda when he met with foreign correspondents in Oslo earlier this week, and that was before news broke of the massive attack on industrial … [READ MORE]

The search is on for Hydro hackers

An international investigation is underway to get to the root of this week's extensive cyber attack on Norwegian industrial concern Norsk Hydro. The partially state-owned company remained mostly offline … [READ MORE]


Labour’s Skjæran to replace Giske

The Norwegian Labour Party has settled on a new deputy leader to replace Trond … [READ MORE...]

Skier takes federation back to court

Alpine skier Henrik Kristoffersen swapped his ski gear for a shirt and jacket on … [READ MORE...]

Aasheim takes the helm at Hydro

One of Norway's biggest companies finally appointed a woman as its new chief … [READ MORE...]

Mowinckel out for the season

Ragnhild Mowinckel, one of Norway's skiing stars on the downhill slopes, … [READ MORE...]


Union donor wants Center on the left

Norway's large trade union federation Fagforbundet doesn't want the Center Party to … [READ MORE...]

Truck collision left young man dead

A collision earlier this winter between a car and a large truck on slippery roads in … [READ MORE...]

Hydro emerging from hacker attack

Systems were returning to normal at Norwegian industrial concern Norsk Hydro on Thursday. … [READ MORE...]

Man arrested for three attempted rapes

Three women were attacked within a period of just 45 minutes Wednesday evening, in … [READ MORE...]

Underwater restaurant finally opens

Norway's first underwater restaurant was likely to get lots of free publicity after it … [READ MORE...]

Opera re-opens after ceiling accident

Performances at the Norwegian Opera House in Oslo were resuming this week after some … [READ MORE...]


Oil Fund ‘sell-off’ sends mixed signals

NEWS ANALYSIS: Political intrigue fueled the Norwegian government's decision just before the weekend to sell off stock in companies devoted to oil exploration and production. The decision grabbed lots of … [READ MORE]