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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Norway tries to rein in tax refugees

Norway's left-center government is taking new steps to try to keep wealthy taxpayers from moving their fortunes abroad. Stricter rules are aimed at prohibiting Norwegians from transferring stock holdings, for example, to others in lower-tax countries like Switzerland. "We want...

Norway’s state budget ‘irresponsible’

Norwegian Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum is being accused of locking the country into an "irresponsible" boost in public spending, after his minority Labour-Center government went along with various state budget demands from the Socialist Left Party (SV) during...

‘War profits’ on gas fuel new debate

Norway earned record profits on gas sales last year, after the price of both gas and oil were pumped up by Russia's war on Ukraine. Now debate is flying over whether Norway has a moral obligation to donate more...

Norway defending its oil, again

Norwegian government officials were back in court on Tuesday, trying to fend off another legal challenge to their refusal to stop searching for more oil and gas. On the eve of the next UN climate summit, they're on the...

New wave of Covid virus fills up vaccination centers

Ever-emerging variants of the Covid virus have infected thousands of Norwegians in recent weeks, filling up vaccination centers that were markedly quiet earlier this autum. Pharmacies also report brisk sales of Corona self-testing kits, although some health officials claim...

Norway welcomes ceasefire in Gaza

Norwegian government leaders were among those relieved by the announcement on Wednesday of a four-day pause in the war between Israel and the Palestinian organization Hamas. They repeated calls for peace talks, while also boosting funding for the Palestinians. "We're...

Hospitals alarmed over looming cuts

Health care workers, hospital administrators and residents of Northern Norway are sounding alarms over both staffing and funding shortages, which may even force the closure of some hospitals entirely. "We're issuing a code red," said the leader of Norway's...

Norway helps its citizens get out of Gaza and fly home

Around half of the roughly 250 Norwegian citizens caught in Gaza when war broke out last month have now been cleared to cross Gaza's southern border to Egypt. Norway's foreign ministry is arranging for a flight to help get...



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