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Monday, May 9, 2022

Russians excluded from Liberation Day ceremonies

Norway was celebrating Veterans- and Liberation Day as usual on May 8, with one major difference: Russian officials were not invited to ceremonies in the northern city of Kirkenes, even though it was liberated from Nazi German occupation with...

Professor blasts probe into frigate’s sinking

A retired naval commander who also serves as a law professor is harshly criticizing Norwegian prosecutors' investigation into the embarrassing sinking of the frigate KNM Helge Yngstad in November 2018. It took three-and-a-half years before an indictment was finally...

News round-up: Norway’s response to Russia’s war on Ukraine

NOTE TO READERS: Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, and the consequences for Norway and the rest of Europe are enormous. The following rundown offers various reports about how Norway, which shares a border with Russia in the far...

State offers billions to farmers

Norwegian taxpayers are likely to have to subsidize their farmers by record-high amounts, although not quite as much as the farmers want. The farmer-friendly government offered them a stunning NOK 10.15 billion on Thursday, more than 10 times what...

Sanctions snarl ship’s sailings

While Norway's coastal shipping and cruise line Hurtigruten has been plagued by Corona virus-related problems, its new domestic competitor is caught up in trouble linked to Russia's war on Ukraine. The new Havila Capella remained at the dock in...

Norwegian passports went missing

A Norwegian father who had ordered a passport for his infant son was surprised to find not one but two passports in the family's mailbox in Stavanger. Both were for other people, while the child's passport remains missing. "It's quite...

Thousands hailed solidarity

Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians turned out all over the country on Sunday to hail freedom, democracy and solidarity at workers' traditional May 1st parades. They hadn't been able to gather in such large numbers since before the Corona...

Farmers demand more than ever

Norway's constantly complaining farmers have made a shocking demand for state subsidy and other support, but may be able to get it. The Labour-Center government made lots of promises to them during last year's election campaign, and is now...


Refugees face poor conditions

The numbers of Ukrainian refugees arriving in Norway declined during the Easter holidays, allowing police to catch up on refugee registration and shorten long...




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