Latest Corona-related news in brief:

OSLO OFFICIALS ARE ONLY SLIGHTLY EASING their strict Corona containment measures. City government leader Raymond Johansen warned against any "re-opening" too quickly, thus taking only a careful few steps out of the social shutdown … [READ MORE...]

Utøya memorial stirs more conflict

Construction of a memorial to victims of a right-wing extremist's massacre on the island of Utøya continues to stir up more conflict with neighbours, who just lost another legal effort to halt the project. It's … [READ MORE]

Government drops Corona curfew plan

Justice Minister Monica Mæland confirmed on Wednesday that the government is dropping its highly unpopular proposal to impose curfews in Norway, as a means of controlling the Corona virus. It's been utterly … [READ MORE]

Norway blasts EU fishing off Svalbard

Norway launched an unusually strong protest against the EU on Tuesday, calling its decision to grant fishing rights in a protected zone off Svalbard "completely unacceptable." Norway has long claimed sovereign … [READ MORE]

Author apologizes, but defends book

Marte Michelet, whose latest book on Norway's Holocaust infuriated descendants of wartime heroes, apologized during the weekend for mistakes that have been corrected in new editions. She staunchly defended, … [READ MORE]

Lots more vaccine doses on the way

Health Minister Bent Høie finally had some good news to report heading into the weekend: Norway is due to get more than 2 million extra vaccine doses beginning in April. Høie could announce that the EU, … [READ MORE]

Norway’s glory days may be numbered

The Corona crisis of the past year may at the very least serve as somewhat of an equalizing factor worldwide. For Norway, it's meant a sharp economic decline after years of oil-fueled growth that may leave it … [READ MORE]

February freeze turns expensive

Norway's already record-high electricity rates rose even higher this week as thermometers fell all over the country. Hardly any temperatures above the freezing point have been recorded in recent days, making … [READ MORE]

Ill-fated frigate now at the scrapyard

Norway's once-proud frigate, the Helge Ingstad, arrived at its final destination this week. After being towed over the same waters where it collided with a tanker in late 2018 and then sank, the naval vessel … [READ MORE]


Defense attorney leads new party

Geir Lippestad is best-known as the defense attorney for some highly … [READ MORE...]

Pain dashed Ruud’s Grand Slam hopes

It was all going so well for Casper Ruud, Norway's best tennis player who was … [READ MORE...]

Ex-biathlon boss faces more charges

Police and athletics organizations in Norway and Austria are evaluating serious … [READ MORE...]

King quietly marks 30 years on throne

It's been 30 years since King Harald V became Norway's monarch after his father, … [READ MORE...]


El-scooter rider sentenced to jail

A 48-year-old man who ran down a pedestrian in Oslo last fall while riding an electric … [READ MORE...]

World Cup events in Norway cancelled

It's official: There won't be any Holmenkollen Ski Festival in Oslo this year, no World … [READ MORE...]

Police investigate Dutch soldier’s death

UPDATED: Both local and military police have launched investigations after a NATO soldier … [READ MORE...]

Two more bodies recovered after mudslide

The grim but ongoing search for three people still missing after a fatal mudslide in … [READ MORE...]

Terror suspect kept in custody

UPDATED: A Norwegian court has rejected an appeal from a Syrian teenager that he be … [READ MORE...]

Households stronger after crisis

The price of Norway's North Sea crude oil rose over the USD 60 mark on Monday, for the … [READ MORE...]


Norway over-reliant on foreign workers

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway's over-reliance on relatively low-paid foreign workers in a variety of industries, not least fishing, has become glaringly apparent during the Corona crisis. It has also contributed to the … [READ MORE]