Norwegian spy heads into the cold

UPDATED: Frode Berg, the former Norwegian border inspector in Kirkenes who ended up being convicted of spying for Norway in Russia, was pardoned as expected on Friday. It remains unclear what kind of reception … [READ MORE...]

DNB caught up in Icelandic corruption

Norway's biggest bank, DNB, is under suspicion of having facilitated the transfer of USD 70 million from Iceland's largest player in the fishing industry to shell companies set up in tax havens. From there, the … [READ MORE]

Poll shows a ‘new political reality’

NEWS ANALYSIS: "Prime Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum? Get used to the thought." That was just one political commentator's response after results of a new public opinion poll show Vedum's Center Party as bigger … [READ MORE]

Last of the ‘new money’ released

Norway's central bank put its new 1,000-kroner bills into circulation on Thursday, the last of the country's new series of paper money that hails Norwegians' long maritime heritage. The new bills depict waves … [READ MORE]

Alarms rang before ship lost power

Norway's Accident Investigation Board released a preliminary report Wednesday on the dramatic near-grounding of the cruiseship Viking Sky last spring. It reveals that a total of 18 alarms about low lubricating … [READ MORE]

Grocery shoppers ‘cheated for years’

Norway's largest and most powerful grocery store owner, NorgesGruppen, has been able to pay suppliers as much as 15 percent less than its rivals for the same products. Officials at competing grocery chains REMA … [READ MORE]

Norway rolls up the welcome mat

New studies show that a solid majority of Norwegians are fed up with mass tourism and want to impose more taxes on tourists, especially those arriving on cruiseships and arranging accommodation through Airbnb. … [READ MORE]


Stordalens’ split spurs speculation

Gunhild and Petter Stordalen, one of Norway's wealthiest and most high-profile … [READ MORE...]

NAV scandal spoils prosecutor’s debut

Just as he took over his new high-ranking post as Norway's state prosecutor, … [READ MORE...]

Chess master ‘out of shape’

UPDATED: Magnus Carlsen's home-turf advantage may have worked to his … [READ MORE...]

Oil Fund’s boss goes out on top

UPDATED: After 12 years of guiding the stunning growth of Norway's huge … [READ MORE...]


Supreme Court rejects former politician’s appeal

Norway's Supreme Court won't be hearing an appeal filed by Svein Ludvigsen, the retired … [READ MORE...]

Norway battles wild boar ‘invasion’

Norway is trying to fend off an invasion that neither border guards, police nor the … [READ MORE...]

Students in Hong Kong urged to leave

Norway's foreign ministry has altered its travel advisory for Hong Kong and is now urging … [READ MORE...]

Pirates attacked Norwegian sailboat

A group of young Norwegians out sailing in the Caribbean were attacked by pirates off the … [READ MORE...]

School mourns murdered student

Nearly all the 1,200 students, teachers and other employees at a high school in Gjøvik … [READ MORE...]


Welfare scandal shakes a nation

NEWS ANALYSIS: It didn't take Norwegian media outlets long to find and interview real victims of an unprecedented scandal that's still unfolding at Norway's state welfare agency NAV. As headlines like "I was … [READ MORE]