Standing ovations for Nobel Laureates

The applause seemed to go on forever at Monday's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo. Dr Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad were honoured with lengthy standing ovations, for drawing international attention to sexual … [READ MORE...]

Congo nightmare turned lucrative

Just after the October announcement that a heroic doctor in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo had won this year's Nobel Peace Prize, a former Norwegian-British soldier launched a lucrative tour around … [READ MORE]

Nobel winners seek justice for women

Security was tight around the Norwegian Nobel Institute on Sunday, after a week in which news broke about threats against Norway's justice minister and politicians in Oslo's City Hall. Inside the institute, … [READ MORE]

Police arrest man for sending a bomb

Handwriting analysis and DNA evidence led police to arrest a man in his 40s on Friday, and charge him with sending a bomb to the eastern police district's main station in Ski earlier this week. The incident was … [READ MORE]

More challenge collision report

Both the owner of the tanker that collided with the frigate KNM Helge Ingstad and workers at the shipyard where the frigate was built have challenged a preliminary report on the collision issued last week by … [READ MORE]

Norway to crack down on Airbnb

The Norwegian government is poised to tighten and clarify regulations for short-term rental of residential property, in new legislation sent to Parliament on Friday. The goal is to crack down on what government … [READ MORE]

Parliament approves dual citizenship

UPDATED: It was a big day for long-term expatriates in Norway and Norwegians who've moved abroad. After years of debate, a majority in Parliament finally approved dual citizenship in Norway on Thursday for all … [READ MORE]


Justice minister carries on after threat

Tor Mikkel Wara, who took over as Norway's justice minister just last spring, is … [READ MORE...]

Raja’s back, but party still ‘sick’

The Liberal Party's arguably most charismatic politician, Abid Raja, has decided … [READ MORE...]

Multi-challenged man runs for mayor

Torstein Lerhol is a 32-year-old politician for the Center Party who hopes to … [READ MORE...]

Hegerberg still won’t play for Norway

Winning one of the most prestigious international prizes in the sport of … [READ MORE...]


Court calls murder ‘an execution’

The Hedmark County Court found the husband of Janne Jemtland guilty on Monday of not only … [READ MORE...]

City Hall files police report after threats

Officials at the Oslo City Hall have reported a local resident to the police, several … [READ MORE...]

Snow halted prime minister’s car

It started snowing in Oslo just before the weekend, adding to the upcoming holiday … [READ MORE...]

Bomb suspect held in prison

A Norwegian man in his early 40s from Skedsmo was ordered held during the weekend for at … [READ MORE...]

Au pair case heads for Supreme Court

Norway's highest court (Høyesterett) has agreed to hear an appeal filed by a wealthy Oslo … [READ MORE...]

Weather delays frigate salvage

Norwegian naval officials don't think they'll be able to raise the wreckage of the frigate … [READ MORE...]


Electric ‘city cars’ getting ready to roll

Scores of identical small electric cars have been neatly parked for the past week or so on property owned by state railway NSB in Oslo. They're ready to be shared among Oslo residents who'll soon be able to … [READ MORE]