Hareide scrambles to ward off defeat

NEWS ANALYSIS: Knut Arild Hareide, leader of the tiny and tormented Christian Democrats party, has set off a political earthquake in Norway that's now left him scrambling to avoid being swallowed up by it. He … [READ MORE...]

‘Hero of Telemark’ dies at age 99

Joachim Rønneberg was the last surviving member of the group of Norwegian resistance fighters during World War II whose daring sabotage action in Telemark helped prevent Nazi Germany from developing an atomic … [READ MORE]

The autumn leaves, of red and gold

SEE THE VIDEO: They've been drifting past windows, or even framing them. It's that time of year in Norway, when the nights are cold, the days somewhat warmer but brisk, and the fall colours breathtaking. Here's … [READ MORE]

Murder suspect now identified by name

Police in Oslo now know who they're looking for in connection with a stabbing murder and robbery at knifepoint in the Norwegian capital last week. After releasing his photo from a surveillance camera last week, … [READ MORE]

Nature lovers meet some opposition

At the height of the annual fall hiking and hunting season, doubts are suddenly emerging about Norwegians' alleged attachment to the great outdoors. A new book is getting rave reviews for portraying an honest … [READ MORE]

Norway sues US over ‘illegal’ import tax

It's highly unusual for allied nations to sue one another, but Norway is joining the European Union (EU) in filing a legal complaint against the US' Trump Administration over its new customs duty on steel and … [READ MORE]

Oslo court orders alleged spy’s release

A court in Oslo didn't go along on Thursday with a request by Norway's police intelligence service PST to keep an alleged Russian spy in custody any longer. Mikhail Botsjkarjov, a Russian security expert at … [READ MORE]


Finance minister questioned over ‘hytte’

Norway's finance minister, Siv Jensen, has been facing some questions over the … [READ MORE...]

Svindal wants to ski another season

Norway's veteran downhill skiing star Axel Lund Svindal had some good news for … [READ MORE...]

‘Several’ charged in attack on publisher

Norway's state police unit Kripos has charged "several" people in connection … [READ MORE...]

Moment of silence after MP’s death

All Members of Parliament and others in the elaborate chamber stood silently at … [READ MORE...]


Parliament sharpens expense reporting rules

The president of the Norwegian Parliament, Tone Trøen, is ordering a full evaluation of … [READ MORE...]

Russia suddenly turns agreeable

Norwegian and Russian negotiators have shaken hands on new fishing quotas in the Barents … [READ MORE...]

Pressure grows on Saudi Arabia

Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide called the murder of the critical Saudi Arabian … [READ MORE...]

Charity drive nets ‘fantastic’ donations

Norway's annual nationally televised charity drive, called TV-aksjonen, had collected more … [READ MORE...]

Russian spy suspect released

A security expert for the Russian Parliament (Duma) who was arrested on espionage charges … [READ MORE...]

Norway cut losses in tax evasion scam

Investors and banks reportedly have managed for years to avoid paying tax on dividends in … [READ MORE...]


Fourth Viking ship called ‘sensational’

Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a Viking ship, burial mounds and Iron Age homes right next to the busy E6 freeway near Halden in southeast Norway. The discovery is already being hailed as … [READ MORE]