PST confirms Danish terror connection

Norway's domestic police intelligence agency PST has confirmed that a young Norwegian man charged with terrorism in Norway has had contact with one or more of those arrested in a major crackdown on an alleged … [READ MORE...]

‘Much lower growth’ in oil investments

The chief economist for the Norwegian national employers' organization NHO is the latest to issue a sobering outlook that may only cheer anti-oil climate activists like Greta Thunberg: Norway's economic growth … [READ MORE]

Thunberg shames Solberg on climate

Prime Minister Erna Solberg was smiling as she posed at the opening of the UN Climate Change Conference. Now, however, she's accused of ignoring the conference's "call to action," with young Swedish activist … [READ MORE]

Tears and laughter at Nobel ceremony

The Norwegian Nobel Committee's carefully orchestrated Peace Prize ceremony dissolved into laughter on Tuesday when the committee's leader almost forgot to award this year's prize. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy … [READ MORE]

Cameras met the Peace Prize winner

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali arrived in Oslo late in the day on Monday, and faced an immediate glare of camera lights and questions he couldn't avoid. The smiling winner of this year's Nobel Peace … [READ MORE]

Secret criticism flies around new F35s

Something seems to be wrong with the operating capabilities of Norway's growing fleet of new F35 fighter jets, but no one will specify what the problem is. Norway's State Auditor General is criticizing the … [READ MORE]

Norway defies new squeeze over China

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway's biggest ally, the US, views China as an emerging threat that won't play by the rules, and NATO addressed concerns over China for the first time last week. Norway, meawhile, remains … [READ MORE]


National football coach stays on

His players are happy and fans are relieved after Lars Lagerbäck agreed to stay … [READ MORE...]

Court rejects Krekar’s appeal

Time may be running out for Mullah Krekar, Norway's most troublesome and … [READ MORE...]

War hero granted a state funeral

UPDATED: One of Norway's last resistance heroes from World War II will be … [READ MORE...]

Philharmonic mourns Jansons

Music lovers and members of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra were mourning the … [READ MORE...]


Three held after Sola murder-kidnapping

Police in Sola, just south of Stavanger, had three men in custody on Thursday, charged … [READ MORE...]

Traffic safety highest in Norway

A new survey by the OECD, the international organization for economic cooperation and … [READ MORE...]

Teenage murderer faces long jail term

An appeals court in Western Norway has sharpened the prison term for a now-19-year-old man … [READ MORE...]

Armed, uniformed man arrested at school

Police in Trondheim arrested a young Norwegian man in an armed operation at a local high … [READ MORE...]

Winter storm batters the southwest

Most mountain roads were closed, ferries cancelled and traffic halted over bridges Tuesday … [READ MORE...]


An oak tree in Ås adorns Erna’s cards

Lots of Norwegians likely spent time this weekend writing traditional Christmas cards and getting them in the post. Prime Minister Erna Solberg and her staff have been doing the same, with this year's card … [READ MORE]