Latest Corona-related news in brief:

"IT'S AN EASTER MIRACLE," contends Dr Preben Aavitsland of Norway's public health institute FHI. He was referring to new studies in the US that show how both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines not only protect those vaccinated from … [READ MORE...]

Russia reacted to NATO ‘provocation’

Norwegian fighter jets joined others from NATO allies in responding to Russia's latest show of force over the North Sea, the North Atlantic and both the Baltic- and Black Sea this week. They tracked and flew up … [READ MORE]

Leader defends ‘radical’ agenda

Just before taking off on maternity leave, Greens leader Une Bastholm has had to fend off lots of negative reaction to the new platform hammered out by her party during the weekend. The Greens' agenda has been … [READ MORE]

Greens fade after alienating voters

NEWS ANALYSIS: Radical politics on both the climate and social fronts have cut the popularity of Norway's Green Party by more than half in Oslo, arguably its most important election district. As the party … [READ MORE]

Holiday took priority over vaccinations

Health officials in some affluent areas of Oslo were shocked when they called local residents to schedule free Corona vaccinations this week, only to be turned down. Many of those they called wanted to wait … [READ MORE]

King offers more encouragement

A casually dressed King Harald V sent some royal encouragement and sympathy to Norwegians struggling with the ongoing Corona crisis on Friday. Hundreds of thousands would normally be taking off on Easter … [READ MORE]

May 17th parades cancelled again

Oslo officials have once again called off Norway's largest Constitution Day parade on the 17th of May. Other cities have already cancelled their parades, too, as Corona virus concerns spoil the country's most … [READ MORE]

World Cup protest gains momentum

UPDATED: They won their latest qualifying match to play in the next World Cup, but Norway's national men's football team marked its uneasiness this week over Qatar as the World Cup's venue. That grabbed … [READ MORE]

Few signs of ‘hidden’ Corona infection

A survey of nearly 30,000 Norwegians has revealed surprisingly little "hidden" infection among Norway's general population. It's the first good news after weeks of mass testing resulted in record numbers of … [READ MORE]


MP indicted on fraud charges

A Member of Parliament (MP) for the Labour Party has been indicted on charges of … [READ MORE...]

Oil Minister ill with Covid-19

Norway's Oil Minister Tina Bru is among the record numbers of Norwegians testing … [READ MORE...]

Top Labour leader embarrasses party

Just as his Labour Party colleague in Oslo was warning the capital of even … [READ MORE...]

Norway drops Klæbo appeal

UPDATED: Top Norwegian skier Johannes Høsflot Klæbo had mostly experienced … [READ MORE...]


Norway still kicking at World Cup trials

Norway's national men's football team redeemed itself, after a crushing loss to Turkey … [READ MORE...]

Ski jumper recovering from bad fall

Norwegian ski jumper Daniel-André Tande was brought out of a coma over the weekend and was … [READ MORE...]

Ships can finally sail through Suez again

Norwegian shipowners were breathing a sigh of relief Monday morning, after news broke that … [READ MORE...]

Stavanger cuts back on cruising

Tourism-related businesses demonstrated in downtown Stavanger this week against the city's … [READ MORE...]

Wage talks break down already

It only took a day, from Wednesday to Thursday, before national employers' organization … [READ MORE...]

Last body found in mudslide debris

Police in the rural community of Ask in Gjerdrum, northeast of Oslo, reported the … [READ MORE...]


‘Exit’ chauvinists set new TV record

UPDATED: They're back for a second season: Four of the most egotistical, money-hungry, power-grabbing and glaringly cocky men that Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) could dream up for its hit TV series called Exit. … [READ MORE]