Spy gets millions in compensation

The Norwegian government has agreed to pay what convicted spy Frode Berg calls "generous" compensation, for the "ordeal" he was subjected to "during two years in a Russian prison." Berg, who was arrested in … [READ MORE...]

Defense faces new wave of demands

Norway will be maintaining its troops in Iraq, just as it faces allies' requests for more troops in Mali and patrol vessels in the Persian Gulf. The latter has been turned down so far, as the defense department … [READ MORE]

Ex-justice minister’s partner indicted

Norway's Director of Public Prosecution (Riksadvokaten) has indicted the long-time live-in partner of the Progress Party's former justice minister, Tor Mikkel Wara, over what it calls an "attack on democracy." … [READ MORE]

Erna scrambles to replace ministers

Prime Minister Erna Solberg is having daily meetings with her government partners in a scramble to replace all the Progress Party ministers in her cabinet. She agreed that it's "important" to get her new … [READ MORE]

Uncertainty rules as Progress regresses

Norway's Progress Party is already shifting into regress mode, with its soon-to-be former Oil & Energy Minister Sylvi Listhaug leading the charge. Just days after storming out of the government, she's … [READ MORE]

Rot hastens Viking ship’s excavation

Archaeologists and Norway's director of cultural heritage are calling for rapid excavation of a Viking ship found buried in a field at Gjellestad near Halden in the fall of 2018. They've won initial support … [READ MORE]

Solberg keeps calm to try carrying on

NEWS ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg characteristically put the best possible spin on the loss Monday of her longest and biggest government partner. Solberg has no apparent intention, however, of stepping … [READ MORE]


New football star shines worldwide

The superlatives were still pouring in on Monday after Norway's newest football … [READ MORE...]

King Harald released from hospital

UPDATED: Norway's 82-year-old monarch, King Harald V, was released from the … [READ MORE...]

High court rejects Krekar’s appeal

Norway's Supreme Court (Høyesterett) has rejected an appeal from Norway's most … [READ MORE...]

New ski-jumping star is born

Marius Lindback has made headlines in Norway for the past week, after the … [READ MORE...]


Climate activists to appeal latest loss

Environmental organizations and concerned climate activists are appealing to the Norwegian … [READ MORE...]

Man confesses to Bergen murders

A 56-year-old repeat offender reportedly has acknowledged criminal liability in the … [READ MORE...]

Parents favour ‘short and old’ names

Gone are the really traditional old names like Borghild or Torbjørn, but in their place … [READ MORE...]

Norwegian research aids bipolar patients

An international association is recommending use of a Norwegian treatment for patients … [READ MORE...]

Thousands intend to remain in Britain

Nearly 11,000 Norwegians have applied to remain in Great Britain after Brexit takes affect … [READ MORE...]


Bergen celebrates its 950-year jubilee

Norway's popular and historic west coast city of Bergen launched a year of celebrations over the weekend. It's been 950 years since Viking King Olav Kyrre founded the city (albeit as Bjørgvin) in 1070, and … [READ MORE]