Latest Corona-related news in brief:

NORWAY'S KING AND QUEEN HAVE BOTH TESTED NEGATIVE to the Corona virus, and could emerge from quarantine to return to their official royal duties on Friday. The Royal Palace announced that all staff members who'd also been in … [READ MORE...]

Cold reception for northern area plan

Eight government ministers unveiled the first strategic plan for Northern Norway in nine years on Friday, promising support for better schools, transport, job creation and a new investment fund for business … [READ MORE]

Central bank bosses in Covid quarantine

Nicolai Tangen, the billionaire philanthropist who recently took over as head of Norway's Oil Fund at the central bank, has tested positive for the Corona virus. Tangen's boss, Norges Bank Governor Øystein … [READ MORE]

Politicians caught in recent blunders

New rescue helicopters that no longer can land at hospitals, new trams that can't run on an important suburban line, and construction of a new locker room for lifeguards at an Oslo beach, when the city has no … [READ MORE]

Parliament probes flow of oil reports

Just as the Center Party is reaching new heights in voter popularity, one of its former oil ministers has landed in more trouble with Parliament. Ola Borten Moe, who now works in the oil business himself, is … [READ MORE]

Vedum emerges as premier candidate

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norwegians woke up Wednesday morning to news that the leader of the formerly small, protectionist and (some claim) populist Center Party is now in the running to be their next prime minister. … [READ MORE]

Norway pulls plug on el-car incentives

After years of encouraging Norwegians to buy electric cars, state and local politicians are now pulling the plug on some of their tax and road toll incentives. It soon won't be nearly as advantageous to drive … [READ MORE]

Storm rages over ‘Atlantic Crossing’

An estimated 1 million Norwegians settled down in front of their televisions Sunday evening to watch the latest episode of "Atlantic Crossing," state broadcaster NRK's new series about Crown Princess Märtha's … [READ MORE]

Fury surrounds new Arctic oil licenses

The Norwegian government and Oil Minister Tina Bru came under harsh criticism this week when they offered 136 new oil exploration licenses in more areas of the Arctic. The move comes while the Supreme Court and … [READ MORE]


Labour MP faces fraud indictment

After a lengthy investigation, police in Oslo have finally charged Hege … [READ MORE...]

Youngest ever on Nobel Committee

The Norwegian Nobel Committee is usually made up of veteran Norwegian … [READ MORE...]

Convicted cop loses last appeal

Norway's Supreme Court has decided not to handle a final appeal from convicted … [READ MORE...]

Famed diplomat resigns in shame

Terje Rød-Larsen has long been one of Norway's most well-known diplomats, not … [READ MORE...]


Ski season opens amidst Corona debate

Not everyone can understand why international sports competition has been allowed to … [READ MORE...]

Farmer jailed after neglecting animals

A Norwegian man has been sentenced to eight months in prison after state food and animal … [READ MORE...]

Cyclists equip themselves for winter

Avid cyclists in the Oslo area won't let winter's snow or ice slow them down. Nearly 3,000 … [READ MORE...]

Broadcast council cross with ‘Atlantic Crossing’

Norway's national broadcasting council unleashed some harsh criticism on Wednesday against … [READ MORE...]

Oil Fund sets another record

Given the extent to which the Norwegian government has been dipping into its Oil Fund, to … [READ MORE...]

Another delay hits National Museum

The opening of Norway's new National Museum has already been postponed so many times that … [READ MORE...]


New arrivals sent to ‘Hotel Quarantine’

Scores of people arriving from abroad at Norway's gateway airport OSL are suddenly subject to a surprise landing. If they're not registered as residents of Norway, or own property in the country, the vast … [READ MORE]