Bjørvika battle put on ice, for now

Oslo's new city government wants to rezone the last remaining waterfront property at Bjørvika known as Sukkerbiten, to spare it from more building and keep it open to the public as a park. It marks a major, if … [READ MORE...]

Greens strengthen their grip on Oslo

Vegetarian food in the schools and higher road tolls loom in the Norwegian  capital, after the Greens Party could and did demand more power within Oslo's new city government. The coalition made up of the … [READ MORE]

Hijacker charged with attempted murder

UPDATED: Drama played out on the streets of Oslo Tuesday after a 32-year-old Norwegian man crashed his car and then hijacked an ambulance in the city's Torshov district. The hijacker then intentionally tried to … [READ MORE]

16 arrests as Oslo tackles violence

Police, state and city officials moved fast after an unusual spike in random violence on the streets of Oslo. Most of those behind the violence appear to be disillusioned young men, some of them on drugs, who … [READ MORE]

Norwegian Air finds new ‘dream’ partner

After flying for years outside the world's airline's alliances, Norwegian Air has found a new partner that will make it easier to travel in the US. Its plan to team up with US airline JetBlue can streamline … [READ MORE]

Politicians react to weekend violence

Oslo police logged more than 20 incidents of street violence in Oslo during the weekend, and that was topping the agenda of an already-planned high-level meeting on youth crime. Several of the incidents … [READ MORE]

Labour violations at Labour-led City Hall

Norway's state labour authority (Arbeidstilsynet) is launching an investigation after reports of more than 15,000 violations of labour law at several city agencies in Oslo. All of them have been under the … [READ MORE]


Shamed politician resigns from party

Calling it one of the "worst and most shameful days" in his life, one of the … [READ MORE...]

Jail term sought for Røkke’s tormenter

A Norwegian prosecutor asked the Oslo County Court on Friday to sentence Jan … [READ MORE...]

Giske wounds haven’t healed

Try as they might, leaders of the embattled Labour Party just can't seem to put … [READ MORE...]

‘Tragic’ for the young Ingebrigtsen

"It's completely tragic," repeated the 19-year-old Jakob Ingebrigtsen again and … [READ MORE...]


Supreme Court boosts Islamist’s jail terms for threats

Norway's Supreme Court has sentenced Islamic extremist Mohyeldeen Mohammad to two years … [READ MORE...]

Cyclists cited in autumn darkness

As autumn sets in, so do Norway's long, dark nights and mornings. Police in Oslo have been … [READ MORE...]

Another farmer shut down after abuse

Conditions for animals on a farm in Trøndelag were so bad that state authorities shut it … [READ MORE...]

Major autumn storm rams northern coast

State meteorologists warned that a new storm with waves as high as 12 meters (nearly 40 … [READ MORE...]

Hopes fade for Norway’s Euro2020 bid

Norway's hopes of a direct qualification for next year's European Championships in men's … [READ MORE...]


China meets some new opposition

NEWS ANALYSIS: Nine years after the Norwegian Nobel Committee infuriated Chinese officials by awarding the Peace Prize to jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiabao, the conciliatory tone that other Norwegian … [READ MORE]