Latest Corona-related news in brief:

BORDER CONTROLS MAY BE REINSTATED in Northern Norway if Corona infection levels continue to rise in the region. Outbreaks in the Tromsø area began last week and local authorities fear seasonal workers from abroad who aren't … [READ MORE...]

MUNCH opens after a long, bumpy ride

NEWS ANALYSIS: Thousands of Norwegians including royalty and top politicians were gathering in Oslo Friday night for the official opening of their new monument to the country's most famous artist, Edvard Munch. … [READ MORE]

Step inside Oslo’s new ‘MUNCH’

PHOTO FEATURE: Overwhelming and long overdue, Oslo's newest landmark to house the works of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch is finally opening to the public this weekend. The huge collection of Munch's own work … [READ MORE]

Politicians promise electricity bill relief

Both the new Norwegian government and the opposition in Parliament claim they're ready to help reduce suddenly sky-high electricity bills. As snow started falling over much of Norway this week, proposals … [READ MORE]

King crab grabs some regal prices

Norwegian king crab, once viewed as a problem in northern waters, is suddenly commanding record-high prices. A single crab can give a trapper more than a thousand kroner, while consumers have to pay much, much … [READ MORE]

Ambassador rebuked in Turkey

Norway's Embassy in Turkey has been scolded and its ambassador among those called in for a rebuke by the Turkish government on Tuesday. His offense was the Norwegian Embassy's participation in a demonstration, … [READ MORE]

Gambling sites may be blocked soon

One of the last things Norway's outgoing government minister in charge of cultural and sports issues did was to launch an attack on international gambling companies. He sent out a new proposal for hearings that … [READ MORE]

Norwegians fire up hot ‘hytte’ market

Norway's autumn holidays ended over the weekend with more record sales of the traditional holiday home known as a "hytte." That's not to be confused with a "hut," as large new developments in the hills and … [READ MORE]

Energy crisis fuels Norway’s currency

The Norwegian krone has strengthened markedly in recent weeks, as has the country's economy in general. It's a case of the rich getting richer, as the energy crisis boosts the price of Norway's oil, gas and … [READ MORE]


Ski jumping drama ended, for now

A bitter and dramatic personnel conflict between the chief of Norwegian ski … [READ MORE...]

Ski jumping champ ‘too heavy for OL’

Maren Lundby has confirmed that she won't be able to defend her gold medal in … [READ MORE...]

Football coach revives spirits

He was plagued by the loss of injured players as he headed this weekend into one … [READ MORE...]

Wealthy Norwegians set new record

For the first time ever, all of the 400 wealthiest Norwegians are billionaires, … [READ MORE...]


Bodø still celebrating Roma’s defeat

Kjetil Knutsen, head coach for the suddenly famous Bodø/Glimt football club in Northern … [READ MORE...]

SAS pilots protested outside Parliament

Hundreds of current and laid-off pilots for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) rallied outside … [READ MORE...]

Local politician cleared of corruption charges

A court covering a wide area northeast of Oslo acquitted the former mayor of Nittedal, … [READ MORE...]

Strike in culture sector drags on

An ongoing strike by nearly 900 workers in several theaters and concert halls around … [READ MORE...]

Government won’t fetch IS women

Norway's new left-center government doesn't intend to bring home Norwegian women who … [READ MORE...]

Meat producer slashes jobs

Nortura, the Norwegian farmers' coop that regulates the meat market, confirmed Tuesday … [READ MORE...]


Changes ahead for

This is a "Letter from the Editor" of sorts, addressed especially to readers who've followed since its launch in 2009. I'd like to thank you for your interest in views and news from Norway, and … [READ MORE]