Oil minister ridicules Greens

A remarkable war of words has broken out between Norway's oil minister from the conservative Progress Party (which logged major losses in recent local elections around the country) and one of the triumphant … [READ MORE...]

Greens ran steering parties off the road

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway's triumphant Greens Party (MDG) is suddenly posing a huge new challenge to the country's two largest parties that have steered Norwegian government for years. As the chastened leaders of … [READ MORE]

Men convicted for expressing hatred

Two cases of expressing hatred have ended in convictions and even a jail term for the men involved. Norway is cracking down on the hatred generally carried out by white Norwegian men, on the grounds it's not … [READ MORE]

Dog disease ‘probably not contagious’

UPDATED: Norwegian food and animal authorities reported five new documented cases on Wednesday of the mysterious illness that has killed 26 dogs so far. State veterinarians now don't think the acute illness is … [READ MORE]

More trains set to roll to Gothenburg

Public demand for more and better train service both within Norway and abroad is finally being recognized. Both state railway Vy (formerly NSB) and Swedish railway SJ are adding routes to and from the important … [READ MORE]

Alta crash prompts ’emergency alert’

Airbus Helicopters has issued an "Emergency Alert Service Bulletin" urging some immediate inspections after one of its helicopters crashed in the northern Norwegian city of Alta late last month. The alert was … [READ MORE]

High voter turnout sends a message

Norwegians cast ballots in Monday's local elections at a rate not seen for 28 years. Early and absentee voting also set new records, illustrating just how motivated Norwegians were to influence policy and set … [READ MORE]


Progress Party MP faces jail term

Mazyar Keshvari, a Member of Parliament for the Progress Party, has now admitted … [READ MORE...]

First archbishop ready to retire

Helga Haugland Byfuglien officially took over after King Harald V as head of the … [READ MORE...]

No options for her royal confirmation

The daughter of Crown Prince Haakon was set to undergo Norwegian teenagers' rite … [READ MORE...]

Norwegians lose Anne Grete Preus

"Open, interested, curious" and "brave" were among words being used on Monday to … [READ MORE...]


Støre flew most, Greens least

Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre logged the most flight miles during the recent local … [READ MORE...]

Oslo Culture Night celebrates 15th anniversary

It's the only night of the year when residents can gain access to special and historic … [READ MORE...]

Two arrested after bomb threats

A man in his 50s was in custody Wednesday, suspected of having phoned in bomb threats … [READ MORE...]

Dog deaths remain a mystery

Experts at Norway's Veterinarian Institute remain stumped over what's causing an illness … [READ MORE...]

White supremacist claims he had to kill

A young ultra right-wing Norwegian man was back in court on Monday, now claiming it was … [READ MORE...]


Remote Røst rides out the storms

PHOTO FEATURE: It takes a certain amount of effort to get to Norway's remote islands of Røst, which lie around 100 kilometers off the mainland and well above the Arctic Circle. It's worth it, for anyone wanting … [READ MORE]