Latest Corona-related news in brief:

SOARING CORONA INFECTION RATES AND CONCERNS over a new strain of the virus have prompted more calls for tougher national measures in Norway. The Oslo Stock Exchange was among those being battered all over the world on Friday, and … [READ MORE...]

Norwegians marked their ‘day of shame’

Calls are rising in Norway to turn November 26 into a national remembrance day, or even an official "day of shame," to mark the mass arrests and deportations of most of Norway's Jewish population on that day in … [READ MORE]

Campaign brewing for new Olympics

Norwegian sports bureaucrats, some top politicians and skier Therese Johaug are among those talking about the possibility of arranging another Winter Olympics in Norway, perhaps as early as 2030. Oslo's bid to … [READ MORE]

President elected as more drama swirls

Drama continues to engulf Norway's Parliament (Stortinget) even as its 169 members settled on and elected a new president from the also-troubled Labour Party. Masud Gharahkhani, a 39-year-old son of refugees … [READ MORE]

Qatar’s ambassador summoned to Oslo

Norway' foreign ministry called in Qatar's ambassador to Norway on Wednesday, after two journalists from Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) were arrested while on assignment in Qatar earlier this week. Their alleged … [READ MORE]

NRK journalists arrested in Qatar

Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt and Norway's embassy in Abu Dhabi took contact with authorities in Qatar after two journalists from Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) were arrested by police in Qatar late Sunday … [READ MORE]

Norway mourns its own Pride pioneer

Karen-Christine Friele, best known as "Kim," was being hailed Tuesday morning as the gay rights activist in Norway "who broke the sound barrier" in her life-long battle for equality, respect and social … [READ MORE]

‘Look to Norway?’ Not right now…

NEWS ANALYSIS: Many Norwegians are proud of how the legendary US president, Franklin D Roosevelt, once urged Americans to "look to Norway" for inspiration during World War II. Now many may hope the world is … [READ MORE]

New Corona rules ‘not good enough’

Doctors at over-burdened Norwegian hospitals were not pleased when the new government rolled out what it claimed were stricter Corona containment measures on Friday. "They won't even demand that people use face … [READ MORE]


Solskjær hailed after ‘stepping aside’

It started out so well, and ended paradoxically: Ole Gunnar Solskjær's … [READ MORE...]

Speculation swirls over Stoltenberg

Speculation has been swirling for months over whether Jens Stoltenberg, the … [READ MORE...]

Dutch royals on state visit to Oslo

Canons roared and children cheered outside the Royal Palace in Oslo when the … [READ MORE...]

Wrongly jailed CEO ‘not bitter’

Thorleif Enger, former chief executive of the large state-controlled fertilizer … [READ MORE...]


Some missing underwater cable found

Portions of missing underwater cables used to power a marine observatory and research … [READ MORE...]

NRK’s Emmy set off more debate

Loved abroad but criticized at home in Norway, state broadcaster NRK's TV series Atlantic … [READ MORE...]

Orphan brought to Norway from Syria

Norway's chapter of Save the Children (Redd Barna) hopes the repatriation last week of an … [READ MORE...]

Christmas tree shipped to London

Norway's annual holiday gift to London, a large fir tree, was chopped down in a forested … [READ MORE...]

Football elite urged to avoid Qatar

Since the Norwegian men's football team failed to qualify last week for the controversial … [READ MORE...]

Training flight crashed, three killed

A small plane with a flight instructor and two student pilots on board crashed shortly … [READ MORE...]


Changes ahead for

This is a "Letter from the Editor" of sorts, addressed especially to readers who've followed since its launch in 2009. I'd like to thank you for your interest in views and news from Norway, and … [READ MORE]