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Saturday, April 13, 2024

New faces propel Peace Prize process

The young new leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee isn't the only fresh face behind the Oslo-based process of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize. Jørgen Watne Frydnes has another new colleague on the committee and now its five members also...

Sami demonstrators cleared in court

All of the 18 Sami demonstrators who'd refused to pay fines for ignoring police orders to end their occupation of a government ministry last year were acquitted by the Oslo County Court on Tuesday. One of their lawyers called...

Labour union leader claims ‘big victory’

After months of heated debate over record-high executive compensation and an unwillingness to share company profits with workers, Norwegian union leaders have been fighting back. They scored what's being called "a big victory" on Sunday, after industrial employers finally...

Defense build-up takes shape

NEWS ANALYSIS: First came news this week that far more young Norwegians face an expanded military draft. Then came confirmation that the Andøya air station in Northern Norway will be revived as a base for long-range surveillance drones, before...

Metal stars shined on Easter Inferno

Dark forces from around the world gathered in Oslo for what's become an Easter tradition as solid as any: Norway's Inferno Metal Festival, with 60 bands treating fans (and each other) to four fearsome but friendly days of screamingly...

Billions set to save historic churches

Fewer Norwegians took part in last week's Easter church services around the country, but the churches themselves are widely viewed as an important part of Norway's cultural heritage. Now the government plans to invest around NOK 500 million a...

King Harald’s sick leave extended

Norway's elderly monarch, King Harald V, won't be back at work until at least April 22, after doctors extended his ongoing sick leave after an infection earlier this year by two more weeks. Staff at the Royal Palace announced...

Ramadan decorations stirred debate

A decision by Oslo's new Conservatives-led city government to decorate the street outside City Hall for Ramadan this year has stirred debate, also as the month-long Muslim fasting period draws to an end. The goal was to promote fellowship,...



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