Heads roll at food safety authority

The head of Norway's state regulatory agency in charge of animal- and food safety (Mattilsynet) resigned Friday, in the midst of a rising scandal. Harald Gjein's resignation comes after state broadcaster NRK … [READ MORE...]

‘Prime Minister is not listening to us’

UPDATED: Thousands of Norwegian school students joined youth all over the world in cutting classes and demonstrating once again on Friday. Their latest school strikes against passive politicians are another … [READ MORE]

Crown Prince backs climate strikes

Thousands of Norwegian school students were mounting demonstrations around the country again on Friday, to demand that politicians do more to stop climate change. Now they've won the support of Crown Prince … [READ MORE]

Hurtigruten to fuel ships with biogas

At a time when climate concerns are putting increasing pressure on the cruise industry, Norway's coastal fleet Hurtigruten is responding with what it bills as a "record-breaking biogas deal." It seemed bound to … [READ MORE]

‘Correction’ hits Eurovision result

Norway has ended up in 6th place instead of 5th after the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) felt compelled to "correct the results" of last weekend's final in the Eurovision song contest. The change also put … [READ MORE]

Algae kills 10,000 tons of salmon

Salmon farmers in Northern Norway are in despair, following the natural but deadly blossoming of an algae that's literally been choking their fish. Wild fish can swim away from the algae, but the salmon … [READ MORE]

Police, military tied to weapon scandal

Norwegian police have revealed a fairly brisk illegal weapons trade, after finding and seizing stashes of more than 2,000 firearms believed to stem from illegal sales. Several of the nearly 70 people charged in … [READ MORE]


No World Cup for the world’s best

Norwegian football player Ada Hegerberg has proved once again that she's the … [READ MORE...]

US professor wins the Abel Prize

She admits to being something of a loner who wanted a job where she wouldn't … [READ MORE...]

Princess stirs up more controversy

It had been unusually quiet around Norway's Princess Martha Louise, whose own … [READ MORE...]

Skier Kristoffersen loses sponsor fight

The Oslo County Court has ruled against slalom skier Henrik Kristoffersen in his … [READ MORE...]


Teachers’ strikes averted, another launched

UPDATED: All-night negotiations led to a settlement between 21 Norwegian municipalities … [READ MORE...]

DNB: ‘Safe to use bank cards now’

Norway's largest bank was promising to keep its troublesome electronic payment system … [READ MORE...]

Mediation aims to ward off major strikes

Mediation was underway Thursday in the hopes of averting major strikes in the public … [READ MORE...]

‘Worst over’ for Norsk Hydro

Employees and executives at Norsk Hydro could breathe a bit easier this week after a … [READ MORE...]

No more birth certificates

In their ongoing rush to digitalize nearly all state and local services, Norwegian … [READ MORE...]

Man lost arm in 17th of May salute

A man in his 50s had to have his arm amputated at the elbow, after explosives he was … [READ MORE...]


Protests persist after top Chinese visit

NEWS ANALYSIS: What does this man and his Chinese government colleagues want from Norway? Many suspect more influence in the Arctic, lucrative trade deals and tacit acceptance of their authoritarian regime … [READ MORE]