Latest Corona-related news in brief:

NORWAY'S ANNUAL BIRKEBEINER foot race in the mountains around Lillehammer was cancelled on Wednesday, leaving the Birken organization unable to arrange any of its three major sporting events this year that collectively attract … [READ MORE...]

Solberg strives to avoid shutdown

Prime Minister Erna Solberg issued a nationwide appeal on Wednesday for everyone in Norway to follow Corona containment rules, in order to avoid a new shutdown. Rising infection levels have set off alarms at … [READ MORE]

Corona testing fails to meet demands

None of Norway's major cities meets new Corona virus testing demands, and state Health Director Bjørn Guldvog fears Oslo is losing control over how infection is spreading. Lots of other municipalities in Norway … [READ MORE]

New Oil Fund boss was ‘strongest’ of all

Embattled central bank chief Øystein Olsen had to defend his bank board's hiring of Norway's new Oil Fund boss in Parliament on Monday. Olsen claimed that billionaire hedge fund manager Nicolai Tangen was … [READ MORE]

Parties uncork new lockdown fears

Norwegian police had to intervene and even shut down hundreds of large private parties all over the country during the weekend. Now Norway's political parties and leaders are also reacting to the violations of … [READ MORE]

El-scooter operators vow to end chaos

Six operators of the highly controversial electric scooters in Oslo have promised to work together to address issues that have made the scooters a nuisance on city streets. Street patrols, lower speeds, a … [READ MORE]

Hurtigruten scandal ‘unforgiveable’

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway's famed but now shamed shipping- and cruiseline Hurtigruten announced the suspension of its leader of maritime operations on Friday. It's the first high-ranking consequence of a Corona … [READ MORE]


Opedal tapped as new Equinor CEO

Anders Opedal, a 52-year-old veteran of the oil industry, has been tapped to … [READ MORE...]

Norway’s Elvis relishes record

Kjell Henning Bjørnestad, better known as "Kjell Elvis," was relishing his … [READ MORE...]

Princess chooses public high school

Norway's Royal Palace confirmed on Monday that Princess Ingrid Alexandra will … [READ MORE...]

Scolded ex-Statoil boss finally speaks

Helge Lund, the former long-time chief executive of Norway's state oil company … [READ MORE...]


Prosecutors failed to jail convict

A former high-spending stock broker in Norway, convicted of tax evasion and fraud and … [READ MORE...]

Frigate sank after rules were broken

Fully 53 of 88 applicable safety rules and "barriers" were broken before one of Norway's … [READ MORE...]

Summer to return after heavy rain

The past few days of sunny and warm summer weather in much of Norway was due to be … [READ MORE...]

Police act after el-scooter injuries soar

Oslo police have started issuing citations to reckless el-scooter riders and may even … [READ MORE...]

Norway promises aid to Lebanon

Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide has expressed the Norwegian government's sympathy for … [READ MORE...]

Oslo still leads housing price increase

Housing prices rose higher last month than they have for many years, as Norway's booming … [READ MORE...]


Norwegians losing confidence in USA

Increasing numbers of Norwegians want to cooperate less with the United States of America and more with Europe, according to a new survey conducted by the Oslo-based foreign policy institute NUPI. The survey … [READ MORE]