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Sunday, March 26, 2023

No plans to take down turbines

A majority of Trøndelag residents want to let controversial wind turbines in the Fosen area keep operating, but only if the rights of Sami reindeer herders in the area are respected. That's unlikely, leaving the controversy literally up in...

Energy issues dominate agendas

Energy prices and supplies have continued to dominate the agendas at some very demonstrative and political meetings lately. The concerns and arguments that arise often center on whether Norway is sending enough or too much of its resources abroad.  Everyone...

Finance minister battling illness

Norwegian Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum has been battling more than just budgets, rising prices and political opponents lately. While addressing more than 300 delegates at his Center Party's annual meeting on Friday, Vedum revealed he'd been diagnosed with...

Market turbulence fuels uncertainty

It was another turbulent day on the Oslo Stock Exchange and most others around the world, as new economic uncertainty grips the markets. The price of Norway's North Sea crude oil fell again and its currency remains weak, boosting...

Railroad boss quits after Follobanen scandal, and with 10 months’ pay

At least one head has rolled at Norway's troubled train and railroad system, after the boss of railroad unit Bane NOR resigned with immediate effect on Tuesday. Gorm Frimannslund had been under fire for months, mostly because of huge...

Future uncertain for popular ‘Flytoget,’ the Airport Express Train

UPDATED: Norway's first high-speed train line has been running to and from the country's gateway airport, Oslo Gardermoen, since it opened in 1998. Now its future is uncertain, a victim of politics and back-room pressure from labour organizations despite...

Four jailed after subway stabbing

Four young men were ordered held in jail on Monday, charged in the stabbing of a 16-year-old boy on board the Oslo metro (T-banen) Saturday evening. The stabbing shocked fellow passengers, some of whom are credited with saving the...

Questions swirl over pipeline sabotage

International news reports that a mysterious yacht sailing from Rostock may be behind the suspected sabotage of Russian pipelines in the Baltic last fall have won media attention in Norway. The reports are apparently viewed as more credible than...



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