Norway loses a ‘national treasure’

Jahn Teigen was mostly known as a pop singer, perhaps even a laughable one at that, not least when he dressed up in skeleton costumes or green tights. He became all but immortal for scoring zero points when … [READ MORE...]

Equinor gives up drilling down under

After years of massive protests that also hurt Norway's national reputation, state oil company Equinor is dropping plans to drill for oil and gas off the southern Australian coast. Environmentalists, climate … [READ MORE]

Dual citizenship subject to delay

Norwegian immigration agency UDI seems to have been caught off-guard by a recent flood of citizenship applications. Norway finally began allowing dual citizenship on January 1st but the agency in charge hasn't … [READ MORE]

Russia turns up the heat on Svalbard

Norway is resisting being drawn into a power struggle that's heating up over important areas of the chilly Arctic. Russia, China and the US are all vying for more control in the region where Norway plays a … [READ MORE]

Parliament prefers Bernie over Trump

Bernie Sanders is the favourite US presidential candidate among Norway’s Members of Parliament, according to a new survey by newspaper Klassekampen. Sanders has the highest number of fans among Norwegian MPs, … [READ MORE]

PST probed after right-wing attack

Norway's police intelligence agency PST, officially charged with evaluating and handling the most serious threats against national security, is now under investigation itself. At issue is how PST handled and … [READ MORE]

Labour keen to shoot more wolves

Norway's Labour Party is drawing fire over a controversial new proposal to make it easier to shoot more wolves in Norway. As the wolf population grows, to the relief of conservationists, Labour is scaring … [READ MORE]


Shipowner dies amid family feud

One of Norway's last remaining family-controlled shipping companies lost its … [READ MORE...]

Generations of readers hail ‘mormor’

Norwegians young and old are fondly remembering Anne-Cath Vestly, an author who … [READ MORE...]

MGP winner keeps her eye on the prize

Amidst all the turmoil, anger and scandal following state broadcaster NRK's … [READ MORE...]

NAV departures frustrate MPs

News that the two top political and administrative leaders of embattled state … [READ MORE...]


Gjelsten and Sunde take over Gresvig

Two of Norway's wealthiest men, financier Bjørn Rune Gjelsten and Color Line owner Olav … [READ MORE...]

Thousands finally can head home from holidays

Sandstorms that closed the airport at Las Palmas in the Canary Islands over the weekend … [READ MORE...]

Storms, snow stranded travelers

Volunteers from the Red Cross helped dig out a train from Oslo after it rolled right into … [READ MORE...]

Avalanche victims lacked location devices

Two German tourists killed in an avalanche on Svalbard Thursday were not equipped with … [READ MORE...]

Storm warnings posted again

Norwegian media were sending out warnings from state meteorologists on Friday about yet … [READ MORE...]


Norway on edge over its own ‘ice edge’

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway is caught in the midst of battle over its so-called Arctic "ice edge," which experts claim really isn't an edge at all. It's rather meant to define a particularly sensitive area of the … [READ MORE]