Latest Corona-related news in brief:

NORWEGIANS HAVE BEEN TRAVELING TO SOUTHERN EUROPE even though they may face quarantine upon return. Outbreaks of the Delta strain of the Corona virus have been turning several countries orange and red, but travel bureaus aren't … [READ MORE...]

Police re-arm for July 22 memorials

Norway's usually unarmed police were strapping on gun holsters again this week, in connection with the 10th anniversary of the country's worst attacks since World War II. The re-arming is meant to provide extra … [READ MORE]

Anguish spills over the July 22 attacks

NEWS ANALYSIS: It's been 10 years since a right-wing terrorist massacred Labour Party youth at their summer camp on the Norwegian island of Utøya, after first bombing the headquarters of Norway's Labour-led … [READ MORE]

El-scooter chaos all summer long

There are now an estimated 30,000 electric scooters zipping along on Oslo's streets and sidewalks, scaring pedestrians and causing a new rash of serious injuries. City officials now claim they'll ban the … [READ MORE]

North Cape open without charges

A court in Western Finnmark has ruled that hotel chain Scandic can no longer charge parking fees to visitors to the North Cape. That effectively ensures the reopening of one of Norway's top tourist attractions, … [READ MORE]

Most Norwegians keen on more oil

A new survey shows that only 23 percent of Norwegians want their government to stop doling out offshore oil and gas exploration licenses in Norway's portion of the North, Norwegian and Barents seas. That's much … [READ MORE]

Car holidays send pump prices up

Norway's notoriously high prices for petrol at the pump have spiked again, to nearly NOK 20 per liter in some areas, or around USD 9 a gallon. The fuel price rise is raising eyebrows as well, as Norwegians hit … [READ MORE]

Telenor’s Myanmar sale ‘very difficult’

Sigve Brekke, chief executive at the large Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor, has been part of its efforts to bring modern communications to Myanmar (and make money doing so) since the country seemed to be … [READ MORE]

Speculation swirls as fall election nears

NEWS ANALYSIS: It seems like the most favourite topic in Norwegian media lately is speculation over what Norway's government will look like after this fall's parliamentary election. Parties making up the … [READ MORE]


Norway mourns ‘Snåsamannen’

Thousands of Norwegians were saddened by news Friday of the death of Joralf … [READ MORE...]

Mustafa case lands in court

A teenager who's spent most of his life in Norway was in court this week, … [READ MORE...]

King to speak again at July 22 memorial

UPDATED: King Harald V will once again address the nation on July 22, 10 years … [READ MORE...]

Carew faces tax evasion charges

Police and tax authorities raided the Oslo home of former Norwegian football … [READ MORE...]


Police investigate racist vandalism

Police in Oslo are investigating the racist vandalism on Tuesday of a monument to young … [READ MORE...]

Optimism rises among business owners

Fewer Norwegian companies are worried they'll go bankrupt, as they experience both rising … [READ MORE...]

Storm scared tourists on Lofoten

Neither longtime residents nor ferry operators had ever seen such long lines at local … [READ MORE...]

Emissions lower than initially calculated

Closed borders, empty airports and grounded flights during the Corona pandemic haven't had … [READ MORE...]

Deportation extended pending court verdict

Immigration authorities postponed a July 1 deadline for 18-year-old Mustafa Hasan to leave … [READ MORE...]

Sisters killed by lightning

Flags were flying at half-mast on Monday in the coastal community of Hareid, southwest of … [READ MORE...]


Changes ahead for

This is a "Letter from the Editor" of sorts, addressed especially to readers who've followed since its launch in 2009. I'd like to thank you for your interest in views and news from Norway, and … [READ MORE]