Justice minister paid too little tax

Emilie Enger Mehl, Norway’s 28-year-old justice minister from the Center Party, has joined the list of top politicians who have unjustly benefited from their time in Parliament. Now Mehl faces a bill for back taxes. “I have been made aware that I wasn’t taxed for the commuter apartment I had from October 2017 to July […]

‘Harald & Sonja’ film wins funding

The long-supressed romance between Norway’s King Harald and Queen Sonja, and their nine-year battle to finally be allowed to marry, is now set to be the subject of a full-length feature film. The film, titled Harald & Sonja, has won NOK 12 million in financial support from the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI), and may become […]

Tutu lost respect for Norway

As Norwegians paid their respects this week to the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who died Sunday at an age of 90, they were reminded that he lost his own respect for Norway in 2014. That’s when Norwegian officials at the time didn’t want to meet with Tutu’s fellow Nobel Laureate, the Dalai Lama, for fear […]

Stoltenberg keen to lead central bank

Jens Stoltenberg has, as expected, added his name to the list of applicants vying to take over as chief of Norway’s Central Bank. Stoltenberg’s second term as secretary general of NATO expires next year, and he now says he’s “very motivated” for the job as leader of Norges Bank. Stoltenberg has earlier declined comment on […]

Norway nurtured Carlsen’s triumph

Norway may seem an unlikely breeding grounds for an international chess champion like Magnus Carlsen. Most of the world’s great players over the years have come from Russia, the US, China and India, but a childhood in Norway allowed him the freedom to develop his own “inner motivation,” and that may be why he’s so […]

Last year’s Nobel winner also spoke

David Beasley, head of the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP), didn’t get a chance to deliver an acceptance speech when WFP won the Nobel Peace Prize last year. Corona restrictions at the time forced postponement of the entire ceremony, but on Friday he was in Oslo and able to finally deliver his own Nobel Lecture. […]

President elected amidst more drama

Drama continued to engulf Norway’s Parliament (Stortinget) even as its 169 members settled on and elected a new president from the also-troubled Labour Party. Masud Gharahkhani, a 39-year-old son of refugees from Iran, said he was “humbled and proud” to win confidence at a time when it’s otherwise in short supply. Gharahkhani succeeds Eva Kristin […]

Norway mourns its own Pride pioneer

Karen-Christine Friele, best known as “Kim,” was being hailed Tuesday morning as the gay rights activist in Norway “who broke the sound barrier” in her life-long battle for equality, respect and social acceptance. Friele, who died Monday evening at an age of 86, “personally made sure that people like me can live a free life,” […]

Solskjær hailed after ‘stepping aside’

It started out so well, and ended paradoxically: Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s three-year stint as manager of the Manchester United football club was over, notes Norwegian sports commentator and editor Reidar Sollie, after a former Norwegian protegé scored against him during the weekend. Sollie, sports editor at Oslo newspaper Dagsavisen, wrote on Monday about how Solskjær’s first […]

Speculation swirls over Stoltenberg

Speculation has been swirling for months over whether Jens Stoltenberg, the former Norwegian prime minister who’s headed NATO since 2014, will soon be moving home to Norway and taking on a new top job: Chief of Norway’s central bank, Norges Bank. Stoltenberg, whose two terms as secretary general of NATO will end on October 1 […]