Critics lash out at health minister

Ingvild Kjerkol of the Labour Party had some big shoes to fill when she took over as health minister from the Conservatives’ Bent Høie last fall. Both Høie and former Prime Minister Erna Solberg generally enjoyed widespread public confidence for their handling of the Corona crisis, while Kjerkol is under increasingly tough criticism. She smiles […]

‘The risk of a conflict with Russia is real’

The foreign ministers of NATO member countries including Norway have rejected Russia’s demands that Ukraine forever be denied membership in the defense alliance. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg claimed “the risk of a conflict is real,” as the Russian military build-up along its border to Ukraine continued this week. Stoltenberg led an extraordinary meeting of […]

Electricity demand puts rivers at risk

Rising demand for electricity and its record-high rates this winter are suddenly prompting Norwegian politicians to consider sacrificing even protected rivers and waterfalls for energy relief. On Wednesday a majority emerged in Parliament to reconsider longstanding conservation measures, and allow more production of hydroelectric power. Newspaper Klassekampen reported late last week that the Labour Party […]

Government loses its voters’ support

The first public opinion poll of the New Year shows how tens of thousands of Norwegian voters are unhappy with their government. Both the Labour and Center parties have already lost many of the voters who allowed them to form a minority government coalition last fall, and it’s now weakened considerably since the September election. […]

Infection on board Hurtigruten again

Hurtigruten, the Norwegian coastal voyage line that’s expanded internationally, confirmed on Monday that three passengers on board its expedition ship Roald Amundsen had tested positive for the Corona virus. The ship, which also had a major and controversial outbreak of the virus during a Svalbard cruise in August 2020, is currently sailing in the Antarctic. […]

F16 fighter jets fly into the sunset

PHOTO FEATURE: After decades of service, it’s twilight time for Norway’s fleet of F16 fighter jets. They’re being steadily replaced by new F35 fighter jets and taken out of service, but not without some ceremony and even royal fanfare. A few weeks ago, two more of the F16s left their longtime air station at Bodø […]

New Year speeches stressed solidarity

All three of the New Year speeches delivered by the monarch, the prime minister and the president of the Sami Parliament (Sametinget) during the weekend stressed a need for solidarity and empathy during the ongoing Corona crisis. They also attempted to raise hopes that 2022 has just got to be better than the last two […]

Virus expert offers hope for New Year

Dr Espen Rostrup Nakstad of Norway’s state health directorate has been a reassuring voice for millions of Norwegians throughout the Corona crisis. He now thinks 2022 will be a better year, even though infection prevention measures will probably be needed throughout the winter. “There will come a time when the pandemic will be over, when […]

Court halts latest zoned wolf hunt

The Oslo County Court has ordered a partial halt to Norway’s latest licensed wolf hunt, which has been going on since December 1. The order, hailed as a victory for conservationists, forbids planned hunts this weekend that could have wiped out four packs roaming in the southeast. “This was a very good decision,” Karoline Andaur, […]

Norway boosts its northern defense

As sabre-rattling continues between Russia and NATO, Norway has been strengthening its northern defense but also engaging in joint Russian-Norwegian inspections of each other’s military hardware and personnel. The goal, according to the Norwegian military, is to build up confidence in one another, avoid misunderstandings and reduce tensions. The tensions are at their highest point […]