‘Treasure chest’ for tracing roots

Data from the 1910 Norwegian census has recently been published by a new state genealogical website, making it easier for people to search for and find information on Norwegian relatives – a development described as a “treasure chest” by newspaper Aftenposten. Tracing family roots has recently become trendy in Norway, fueled in part by a […]

Norway shipped out its poorest

Norwegian authorities in the mid-1800s were so desperate to relieve taxpayers of the country’s poorest citizens that they bought one-way tickets for them to emigrate to the US. They literally shipped out the people who were the biggest burden on the rest of the society, according to a new book on emigration. The emigration tactics […]

New book adds new drama to Norwegian emigration

For years it’s been estimated that around 800,000 Norwegians have emigrated to North America, in search of a better life. Now a new book claims that actual emigration numbers were much higher, with as many as a million Norwegians believed to have left their homeland between 1825 and 1975. Author Sverre Mørkhagen’s new book Farvel […]