Oslo’s water project awash in high costs

Oslo’s need for a new source of drinking water is turning out to be so costly that budgets are spilling over once again. Phase One is already costing NOK 5.2 billion more than budgeted and now Phase Two has spung a NOK 7 billion leak as well. That’s more than three times the initial budget […]

Oslo water project drains City Council

The scenic Holsfjord west of Oslo looks so peaceful, but a costly project to divert water from it to provide new drinking water reserves for the capital has set off a political crisis. Huge budget overruns looked likely on Tuesday afternoon to send the Greens Party’s already-controversial top politician in charge, and maybe the entire […]

Population growing even faster than expected

Norway has been attracting a lot of new residents in recent years, not least because of its strong economy, and the population of Oslo is rising even faster than expected. A new study predicts Oslo will have 819,000 residents by 2030. That’s up from 12,000 in the estimates made by statisticians working for the City […]

Oslo pays for ‘good press’ in ‘Monocle’

The City of Oslo has shelled out nearly NOK 2 million (USD 308,000) for what amounts to an advertising supplement in the trendy international magazine Monocle. It comes in the form of one of the magazine’s “city surveys,” written by two of the magazine’s journalists, but their magazine has been paid for a “survey” that’s […]

Oslo’s population predicted to boom

The population of Oslo is expected to grow by 34.3 percent or 208,000 residents over the next 20 years. It would take the capital’s total population to around 852,000 residents, with most of the initial growth expected to be driven by immigration. Oslo municipality’s Improvement and Development Agency (Utviklings- og kompetanseetat) and Statistics Norway (Statistisk […]

Squatters evicted from Oslo lot

Oslo police broke up the long-standing squatters’ community of Brakkebygrenda in Gamlebyen on Wednesday morning, after members of the self-described “ecological urban living alternative” ignored eviction notices. About 20 people were forcibly removed, and two were arrested after shooting fireworks at police. Police used riot vans to block off the street, before officers and firefighters […]

No strike after Oslo workers settle

Oslo municipal workers reached a wage agreement as expected on Tuesday morning, averting strike action across the capital. Unions had threatened action by 2,200 workers on Tuesday, including traffic officers and school administration staff, if no settlement was reached. State and local government workers reached an agreement on Monday morning, while separate negotiations for 50,000 […]

Music banned in parts of Oslo

Police announced on Tuesday that buskers and street music would be banned during the day at Oslo’s central train station and along the lower part of the main boulevard, Karl Johans gate. The ban was prompted by complaints from local businesses, but police have not said how strictly it will be enforced. From Wednesday, both […]

Christmas tree tradition to get the chop

The Oslo city council wants to end its decades-long tradition of providing Christmas trees to several European cities. The practice is becoming too expensive, too complicated and isn’t environmentally friendly, said Oslo’s Conservative (Høyre) Mayor Fabian Stang. Oslo first sent a tree to Rotterdam in the Netherlands in 1950, to celebrate their ties of friendship […]

Wolf sighted in Oslo’s Nordmarka

Wildlife authorities received three separate reports on Wednesday of a wolf seen in Nittedal, on the eastern side of Oslo’s northern forest known as Nordmarka. Experts told newspaper Aftenposten it’s the time of year when young wolves venture away from their parents, and it’s possible pups born in the city’s eastern Østmarka forests last spring are […]