Teenagers have stopped smoking

Hardly any Norwegian teenagers smoke cigarettes any longer. After 20 years of tough restrictions against smoking, it seems today’s youngest generation never started in the first place. New statistics from a health care survey in the central Norwegian county of Trøndelag showed that the number of daily smokers aged 13 to 19 has fallen 11 […]

Anti-smoking law may spread

Norway’s centrist Christian Democrats party wants to toughen and expand the country’s ban on smoking that’s been in effect for the past 15 years. They want to make it illegal to light up outdoors as well as indoors. “We want to also ban smoking in the (outdoor) places that non-smokers can’t avoid,” Olaug Bollestad, a […]

Smoking is ‘out’ for Norwegian teens

No teenagers in Europe smoke less than young Norwegians, according to a new survey, and the number of Norwegian youth who’ve even tried smoking has taken a dive over the past 20 years. Researchers link the decline to everything from strict anti-smoking regulations to high tobacco prices, health and fitness concerns and a new form of youthful […]

Health minister expects cigarette packaging protests

Norwegian Health Minister Bent Høie expects the tobacco industry to challenge new packaging regulations, which won’t allow any logos tied to their brand. He’s certain, though, that the ugly proposed packaging will be allowed. Høie presented the packaging this week for both cigarettes and chewing tobacco, which features a “dirty green” background, graphic photos of […]

Minister blasts local US trade group

Norwegian Health Minister Bent Høie is not at all happy that the American Chamber of Commerce in Norway opposes a government proposal aimed at further restricting use of tobacco products. Høie claims the chamber’s arguments promote the interests of the tobacco industry and not those of life and health. At issue is a proposal from Høie’s ministry to require […]

Smoking bans spread to balconies

A new condominium project in the Oslo suburb of Bærum will ban smoking on balconies and in the garden terraces of those with units on the ground floor. Developers claim the smoke would otherwise bother neighbours. “We have developed housing projects in the past where some buyers have complained about neighbours smoking on their balconies,” Philip Stephansen, manager of Backe Prosjekt […]

Health officials aim to snuff out snuff

Health authorities are sounding the alarm over what some call an “epidemic” of snus (snuff) use among young Norwegians. Sales of the tobacco that now comes in packet form have tripled in recent years, raising the risk of diabetes, infertility and other ailments. New studies show that use of what the Norwegians call snus (snuff) […]

Doctor stands up for smoker rights

Smokers in Norway, steadily losing ground as their habit is banned from more and more public areas, have received some much-needed support from Dr. Per Fugelli who says it’s time to stop harassing them.  Fugelli, a professor at the University of Oslo’s medical school who’s been an active voice in social issues for years, says government […]

No more smoking at train stations

Train passengers won’t be able to smoke in Norwegian train stations or on train platforms from September 1. The ban is aimed at allowing other passengers to breathe in some fresh air before going on board. The smoking ban will apply to all forms of smoking including electronic cigarettes. State railroad confirmed that no-smoking signs […]

Bans loom on outdoor smoking

Norway’s Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen) and Asthma and Allergy Association (Norges astma- og allergiforbund, NAAF) have joined forces with several cafes and restaurants to stamp out smoking in outdoor eating and drinking areas ahead of World No Tobacco on Saturday. The one-day outdoor ban was to celebrate 10 years since smoking was prohibited in all bars […]