Norway troops to Iraq, Afghanistan

UPDATED: Norway's government has confirmed plans to send a total of 195 military personnel to Iraq and Afghanistan as a contribution to the US-led international efforts to combat terrorism. The decision … [READ MORE...]

US actor and musician Steven Van Zandt is back in action on Norwegian TV, in the second season of NRK's hit show "Lilyhammer." PHOTO: NRK

Mayor furious over ‘Lilyhammer’ cheat

Lilyhammer, the dramatic comedy starring Steven Van Zandt as a mafia boss transplanted to Norway, was back on TV this week — much to the delight of  fans and most critics. But one man was not laughing: The … [READ MORE]

Violent flooding has caused chaos and destruction in west Norway. In the small town of Odda, the Opo river washed awaty homes and bridges. PHOTO: NTB Scanpix

Monitors ‘failed to issue top flood alert’

The government agency charged with monitoring water levels in  Norway's rivers and waterways was the target of fierce criticism on Wednesday, the day after rapidly swelling rivers caused severe flooding in … [READ MORE]

The Hurtigruten seems headed for Britsh ownership after more than a century as a crown jewel in Norway's infrastructure. Photo:

British investors board Hurtigruten

British investment firm TDR Capital has made a surprise offer to acquire Norway’s iconic coastal shipping line known as Hurtigruten, with Norwegian tycoons Trygve Hegnar and Petter Stordalen as … [READ MORE]

200-year flood hits west Norway towns

Rescue crews and volunteers worked through the night to evacuate hundreds of people and limit damage as Voss, Odda and several other towns suffered the worst floods to hit western Norway in more than a … [READ MORE]

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled against Norway's courts. Council of Europe Credits

Norway ‘broke human rights’

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Norway violated the human rights of businessman Hroar Hansen when its courts threw out his appeals in a battle over real estate.  Newspaper VG reported … [READ MORE]


Trouble at NAV as tech boss resigns

The top IT executive of state welfare agency NAV resigned on Monday, alleging that she had been under "inhumane pressure" from her bosses to quit. Nina Aulie had been tasked with modernizing the welfare giant's … [READ MORE]

The outspoken Dr Per Fugelli thinks restrictions on smoking have gone too far in Norway.  PHOTO: WIkipedia Commons/Jarle Vines

Doctor stands up for smoker rights

Smokers in Norway, steadily losing ground as their habit is banned from more and more public areas, have received some much-needed support from Dr. Per Fugelli who says it's time to stop harassing … [READ MORE]



Afghan interpreter wins asylum

Faizullah Muradi, who worked as an interpreter for Norwegian forces in … [READ MORE...]

Mani Hussaini, new AUF leader

Refugee ready to lead AUF

Mani Hussaini, who came to Norway as a 12-year-old refugee from Syria, was … [READ MORE...]


Svindal’s ski season shattered

Norway's top alpine skier Aksel Lund Svindal suddenly saw his upcoming … [READ MORE...]

Princess Martha Louise

Princess feels persecuted

Princess Martha Louise met with reporters just before the weekend, mostly to … [READ MORE...]


More Aibel jobs to go

Oil services firm Aibel announced a fresh round of layoffs on Monday, sacking engineers, … [READ MORE...]

Majority in Parliament supports EU climate cuts

Even some of the most anti-EU parties in Norway were praising EU leaders on Friday for … [READ MORE...]

Trains halted amidst expansion plans

Train service in and around Oslo was back in operation on Friday after a major disruption … [READ MORE...]

New Munch Museum finally approved

Oslo city politicians finally approved the long-awaited, hotly contested project to build … [READ MORE...]

Falling oil prices keep interest rates low

Norway's central bank decided once again on Thursday to keep its key lending rate at its … [READ MORE...]

Russian billionaire gains offshore foothold

Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman has suddenly emerged as a major player in several … [READ MORE...]


The classic Aurland shoe, which inspired the American penny loafer, has become a fashion object, selling in a wide variety of colors. PHOTO:

Aurland shoes still surviving in style

They inspired the American penny loafer and were meant to be practical, locally made shoes. Now the small Aurland Shoe Factory that's still making them in the scenic fjordside Norwegian town by the same … [READ MORE]