If Norwegian Air doesn't get the regulatory allowance it needs to have lower-paid foreign crews on board its long-haul flights, CEO Kjos has said the airline can re-register its aircraft in countries that would allow it. He can "flag out" his fleet just like Norwegian shipowners did decades ago. PHOTO: Norwegian/Hans Olav Nygård

Norwegian pilots go out on strike

State mediation between Norwegian Air management and the airline's Scandinavian pilots broke down during the night, leading to a strike from Saturday morning. Management claimed they would keep flights running … [READ MORE...]

Norway's skiers claimed more medals on Saturday at the world championships. Therese Johaug won gold and Marit Bjørgen silver in the women's 30-kilometer race. Charlotte Kalla of Sweden (right) won the bronze. PHOTO: Nordic Focus/FIS Photo Pool

Johaug mines more gold for Norway

Therese Johaug flew over the finish line after skiing 30 kilometers (18 miles) in just under an hour and 25 minutes, to win the gold medal in the final women's event at the Nordic World Ski Championships in … [READ MORE]

Court allows police to imprison Krekar

A court in Oslo granted a police request on Friday to hold Mullah Krekar in custody for at least four weeks, after the Islamic cleric once again was charged with making threats and encouraging violent acts. … [READ MORE]

Bishop Bernt Eidsvig, shown here in a Christmas greeting to Catholics in Norway, wouldn't speak to the press after being charged with fraud on Thursday, but sent messages through the diocese and asked his followers to pray for him. PHOTO: YouTube.com

‘Unhappy’ bishop denies fraud charges

Bishop Bernt Eidsvig, the top official of the Catholic Church in Norway, has formally denied charges that he and other leaders of the Catholic diocese in Oslo swindled the Norwegian state to the tune of NOK 50 … [READ MORE]

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Yara chiefs kept still over signs of bribes

Official claims of "zero tolerance" for corruption at Oslo-based Yara International were called into question this week, when the company's former top leaders were grilled in court over their failure to … [READ MORE]

Norwegian Air has had a difficult launch of its new intercontinental flights. PHOTO: Norwegian Air

Airline braced for strike turbulence

Mediation between Norwegian Air's management and around 700 of the airline's Scandinavian pilots was described as "difficult" as a strike loomed from Saturday morning. Passengers on flights originating from … [READ MORE]

Mullah Krekar's comments during an interview with Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Wednesday led to his re-arrest on Thursday evening. PHOTO: NRK screen grab

Krekar back in police custody

Norwegian authorities did not take kindly to the latest verbal assault from Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, better known as Mullah Krekar. Police arrested the Muslim extremist at his home Thursday night, charging him … [READ MORE]

Catholic Bishop Bernt Ivar Eidsvig called the election of Pope Francis "exciting," and thinks the new pope will be reform-minded. PHOTO: Wikipedia

Catholic diocese raided in Oslo

UPDATED: Norwegian police raided the offices of the Catholic Church's diocese in Oslo on Thursday, and charged the diocese, Bishop Bernt Eidsvig and the church's finance director with serious fraud. The church … [READ MORE]


Geir Lippestad

Lippestad cuts ties with Breivik

Geir Lippestad, the lawyer who defended right-wing terrorist Anders Behring … [READ MORE...]

Mullah Krekar

Krekar sparks more outrage

Islamic extremist Mullah Krekar continued to provoke Norwegian authorities and … [READ MORE...]

Crown Prince Haakon

Crown Prince to act in Krekar case

Crown Prince Haakon is being called upon to act in the state's efforts to … [READ MORE...]

Harald and Sonja

Royals on tour Down Under

King Harald and Queen Sonja were in the midst of a state visit to Australia this … [READ MORE...]


More storm warnings posted

Another storm was blowing hard over much of Southern Norway Saturday afternoon and state … [READ MORE...]

Northug nails the gold again

Petter Northug anchored the Norwegian men's ski team in the 10-kilometer relay at the … [READ MORE...]

Hytte sales climb in the mountains

Lots of snow and Norwegians off on winter holidays with their solid bank accounts have … [READ MORE...]

Pareto Securities cuts staff

Several employees of Oslo-based Pareto Securities have had to leave the company in recent … [READ MORE...]

Taliban minister fights deportation

A former Taliban minister who was sent out of Norway last year is now trying to return, … [READ MORE...]


Mazyar Keshvari of the Progress Party led Oslo's 17th of May Committee when he was still a member of Oslo's city council. Now he's a Member of Parliament and wants would-be citizens to be able to pass a test about Norway, in Norwegian. PHOTO: mazyarkeshvari.com/Heidi M Skjebstad/Wikipedia

Citizenship rules come under fire

The rules qualifying foreigners for Norwegian citizenship have come under fire on several fronts lately, with a proposed test of applicants' Norwegian knowledge branded as being too difficult and strict. The … [READ MORE]