Royal Guards always line up in front of the Parliament (Stortinget) on opening day, as the king, queen and crown prince take part in full regalia. PHOTO: Fremskrittspartiet

Parliament opens for lots of debate

Flags were flying, politicians were unusually dressed-up and customary royal pomp reigned inside and out as the 16oth session of the Norwegian Parliament formally opened on Friday. The gloves will soon come … [READ MORE...]

King Harald reading the government's speech during the ceremonial opening of Parliament on Friday - at least most of the speech. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) carried the entire opening live on national television. PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

King missed some of his opening lines

It's not easy being a king. On Friday, Norway's 78-year-old monarch spoke loudly and clearly as he customarily read aloud the government's annual proclamation from the throne, but then he skipped over an entire … [READ MORE]

Man killed by latest storm in Trøndelag

A man from Agdenes on the fjord northwest of Trondheim was found dead during the night after he'd ventured outdoors to secure his property during the latest storm to batter the region known as Trøndelag. The … [READ MORE]


Officers blast military cutbacks

Defense Chief Haakon Bruun-Hanssen formally delivered what's billed as his professional military advice to Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide on Thursday, and it didn't take long for officers to blast it to … [READ MORE]

Children take initiative to integration

In the  midst of Norway's biggest influx of refugees since the Balkan War, groups of small Norwegian children have been making a unique contribution towards easing local integration challenges. Armed with … [READ MORE]

Many of the refugees who've been crossing the border from Russia into Norway here at Storskog east of Kirkenes are likely to be sent back because they were granted residence permission in Russia. Norwegian authorities thus contend they don't need further  protection in Norway. PHOTO: Berglund

Syrian refugees face return to Russia

Police in Northern Norway have confirmed that many of the Syrian refugees streaming over the Norwegian-Russian border hold legal residence permission in Russia and have lived there for several years. That … [READ MORE]

More trouble at state welfare agence NAV as its IT director quits. PHOTO: Arbeids- og sosialdepartement

Layoff notices to NAV have tripled

NAV, Norway's state welfare agency that processes everything from pensions to unemployment benefits, has reported that local employers have warned them of upcoming layoffs that are triple the number of such … [READ MORE]


Stein Erik Hagen

‘Rimi-Hagen’ comes out of the closet

Stein Erik "Rimi" Hagen, who made his fortune establishing the Rimi grocery … [READ MORE...]

Padre-Melo@Jeremy-Zipple_sm (1)

Honduran priest wins Rafto Prize

The Bergen-based foundation that awards the annual Rafto Prize for Human … [READ MORE...]


Lundestad loses his Nobel office

The Norwegian Nobel Committee is apparently so angry with its former secretary … [READ MORE...]

Suzann Pettersen

Star golfer met hatred on the green

Suzann Pettersen has been Norway's star golfer for nearly two decades, but … [READ MORE...]


Residents wait for another mountain to fall

Residents of a small village in Northern Norway have been evacuated after rocks started … [READ MORE...]

NTNU falls in Times’ rankings

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) can now boast a Nobel Prize in … [READ MORE...]

VW scandal hits hard in Norway

Norwegian officials have joined their counterparts all over the world in expressing … [READ MORE...]

Border shopping will demand new currency

Norwegians who regularly travel over the border to go shopping in Sweden, where prices … [READ MORE...]

Few developments in hostage dramas

Norway's foreign ministry has set up crisis teams to deal with the kidnappings of two … [READ MORE...]


Flood damage like this mess in Otta last year is expected to become much more common in the years ahead. Last week's flooding in southern Norway spurred tens of millions of kroner in insurance claims. PHOTO: Statsministerens kontor

‘Extreme’ weather becomes the norm

A new climate report for Norway, updated by 37 researchers and meteorologists nationwide, confirms that torrential rain and flooding is already becoming normal as temperatures rise. Today's so-called "extreme" … [READ MORE]