Ex-neo-Nazi held in new grisly murder

John Edvin Lie, the now-55-year-old former neo-Nazi convicted in the execution-style Hadeland murders in 1983, has been arrested again and charged with murdering and burning the body of a new victim on … [READ MORE...]

Hot, dry weather ‘isn’t fun anymore’

Summer arrived in May in Southern Norway, and its record high temperatures have stuck around ever since. The initial joy of blue skies and sunshine, day after day, now seems to be wearing off, replaced by … [READ MORE]

Murder shakes a small Arctic city

Police in the far northern Norwegian city of Vadsø are baffled and residents stunned by the murder last weekend of a young Norwegian man, fatally stabbed while on duty at a local grocery store. The assailant is … [READ MORE]

Trump retreats but uncertainty reigns

NEWS ANALYSIS: "Confidence in the US sinks just about every time Trump opens his mouth," said former two-term Norwegian prime minister Kjell Magne Bondevik on Wednesday. He was among many "upset and uneasy" in … [READ MORE]

Tougher au pair rules proposed

Norway's justice ministry is moving forward with an attempted crackdown on Norwegian host families who exploit au pairs, mostly young women who come to Norway for what's supposed to be a cultural exchange. Many … [READ MORE]

Strike spread to more oil platforms

A strike by workers on several offshore oil platforms spread this week with no settlement in sight. More thn 3,000 workers have been pulled off the job, in a strike that's now significantly cutting into oil and … [READ MORE]

Takeover could cut Norwegian’s routes

Concerns are rising in Norway that an acquisition of Norwegian Air by a foreign carrier could cut its routes within Norway. Better quarterly results than expected, meanwhile, have failed to satisfy the … [READ MORE]


Norway mourns a ‘national grandpa’

Tributes were pouring in on Friday afternoon for veteran diplomat and top Labour … [READ MORE...]

Chinese Embassy bashes Nobel leader

UPDATED: Berit Reiss-Andersen, a Norwegian attorney who leads the Norwegian … [READ MORE...]

Iran’s nuclear chief talks peace in Oslo

He played a major role in the Iran nuclear agreement that Norway helped … [READ MORE...]

Israeli ambassador challenged on NRK

Israel's ambassador to Norway, Raphael Schutz, agreed to an exclusive interview … [READ MORE...]


Oil platform strike settled

Around 1,550 oil platform workers were heading back to their jobs on the Norwegian … [READ MORE...]

Russia jails Berg for two more months

Frode Berg, the retired Norwegian border inspector who's charged with espionage in Moscow, … [READ MORE...]

Hot weather moves north

The hot, dry weather that's left Southern Norway sweltering for weeks on end was making a … [READ MORE...]

Forest fires keep breaking out

Nine new forest fires were burning Tuesday morning in Setesdal, the long valley stretching … [READ MORE...]

Polar bears found ‘playing’ with plastic

When British wildlife photographer Kevin Morgans finally spotted some polar bears on … [READ MORE...]

‘Beer crisis’ over for now

Thirsty Norwegians need not worry about the availability of beer during the rest of what's … [READ MORE...]


National Museum turns on the charm

PHOTO FEATURE: Norway's new National Museum is rising on Oslo's western waterfront, and attracting some unusually harsh criticism two years before it even opens. Museum staff and state officials met the critics … [READ MORE]