Small parties are the mice that roar

NEWS ANALYSIS: The leader of Norway's Christian Democrats party has proven once again that small political parties like his like to think big. This weekend it's Knut Arild Hareide's turn to rally his troops, … [READ MORE...]

Ailing Norwegian Air calls for ‘air-brexit’

Just a day after Norway's gateway airport north of Oslo was celebrating its major expansion, one of its biggest customers was setting off strong turbulence within the local airline industry. Norwegian Air, … [READ MORE]

‘New OSL’ officially opens to the public

After years of soaring growth in airline traffic, Oslo's main airport at Gardermoen was officially opening its spacious new northern terminal on Thursday. Now debate is flying over whether the airport should … [READ MORE]

Saudi envoy scolds critics in Norway

Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Norway has fired off a response to criticism from members of the Norwegian Parliament Wednesday over the status of Saudi women. In a written commentary sent to Norwegian … [READ MORE]

Farmers demand hefty pay raises

Norway's farming organizations presented new demands for state subsidies and protection that once again would give them much higher pay raises than those granted other workers. The farmers claim they deserve … [READ MORE]

New conflict hits the Norwegian Opera

Disharmony at the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet has now risen to fever pitch, after its brand-new music director, Karl-Heinz Steffens, announced that he's already decided to leave his post next year. … [READ MORE]

Norwegians angered by Saudis’ UN post

UPDATED: Several members of the Norwegian Parliament are among those angered by a secret UN vote last week that gave Saudi Arabia, where women aren't even allowed to drive cars, a seat on a UN commission meant … [READ MORE]


Royals reform their finances

Crown Prince Haakon is now paying more of his private expenses himself, … [READ MORE...]

Two artists laid to rest

Norway's cultural world lost two well-known artists during the Easter holidays … [READ MORE...]

Stavanger band warms up for Metallica

As thousands of metal music fans stream back into Oslo this week for the annual … [READ MORE...]

Fredriksen scrambles to save Seadrill

Norwegian shipowner and industrial tycoon John Fredriksen, long listed as one of … [READ MORE...]


Half of all refugees in Norway have jobs

Just over half of the refugees in Norway aged 25-54 have jobs, reports state statistics … [READ MORE...]

Vinmonopolet’s Easter sales soared

Norway's state wine and liquor monopoly Vinmonopolet registered brisk business when it … [READ MORE...]

Teenager convicted for spreading sex video

A 16-year-old Norwegian girl has been fined and issued a two-month suspended jail sentence … [READ MORE...]

‘Lommedalen’ trial postponed

The state's case against a mother who's charged with failing to avert her daughter's death … [READ MORE...]

Terror suspect held in custody

A 17-year-old boy caught with an explosive device in downtown Oslo just before Easter was … [READ MORE...]

Thousands wanted a turban

An estimated 20,000 people stood in lines for hours during the weekend for the chance to … [READ MORE...]


Organized begging unleashes anger

UPDATED: Officials from both ends of the political spectrum said they were angered and sad after state broadcaster NRK revealed Tuesday night how many Romanian beggars in Norway appear to be part of criminal … [READ MORE]