The metro station at Oslo's National Theater stop was plastered during the weekend with ads for Norwegian Air's low-fare flights to New York, just climate negotiators were gathering in Paris. Airline travel is widely considered to be a major generator of carbon emissions, but a new tax aimed at curbing air travel has met howls of protests. PHOTO:

Debate takes off over airline tax

Cheap airline tickets to New York and other destinations, airport expansion plans and the government's proposal to impose a new airline tax per seat have sent the climate debate flying in Norway this week. At … [READ MORE...]

A field visit by the former secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council to this refugee camp in Kenya ended in tragedy, with a murder,  shootings and kidnappings of aid workers. Now an Oslo court has ruled that the Council itself was grossly negligent in regards to security arrangements. PHOTO: Flyktninghjelpen/Eduardo de Francisco

Tough week for Refugee Council

As Norway deals with its own influx of asylum seekers, The Norwegian Refugee Council (Flyktninghjelpen) has been dealing with some dramas of its own. A court in Oslo has convicted the humanitarian organization … [READ MORE]

Asylum-seeker numbers fall by half

Norway's immigration agency UDI (Utlendingsdirektoratet) reported on Monday that the numbers of asylum seekers entering Norway fell by half last week, to 968. That's down from 2,108 the week before, and state … [READ MORE]

Carbon capture efforts at Statoil's Mongstad have become much more expensive as the project that Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg once called the equivalent of Norway's "moon landing" has been repeatedly delayed. Industry officials don't think new climate measures will be realized. PHOTO: Statoil/Øyvind Hagen

Emissions rising: Oil still to blame

Norway is a major player in international efforts to cut the global carbon emissions blamed for climate change, but now ranks among the worst in Europe regarding its own emissions. They've actually risen … [READ MORE]

Norway government minister in charge of climate and environmental matters, Tine Sundtoft (left), was to be back in Paris this week with her chief negotiator at the UN climate summit, Aslak Brun. PHOTO:

Norway to bargain hard climate deal

Norway, caught between being climate-friendly and protecting its oil and gas industry industry, looked set to drive a hard bargain as the UN climate summit gets underway in Paris this week. Norwegian … [READ MORE]

NAV stands for "Ny Arbeids- og Velferdsforvaltning" (New Labour and Welfare Management) but the management aspect has been under constant criticism. NAV has hundreds of offices all over Norway, where around 20,000 employees handle claims for everything from pension to welfare, sick leave, disability and unemployment benefits, to name a few. PHOTO: Wikipedia

Expats hit again as jobless rate rises

The numbers of people without jobs in Norway continue to rise, with state welfare agency NAV reporting another increase in those registering themselves as out of work and applying for unemployment benefits. As … [READ MORE]

Storm damage mounts along the coast

At least one car was swept away by a wave, children's trampolines flew through the air and all forms of transportation were thrown into chaos. Residents along the coast, especially in Nordland County, had lots … [READ MORE]


Aksel Lund Svindal

Svindal wins a spot in history

Norwegian downhill racer Aksel Lund Svindal not only amazed ski enthusiasts over … [READ MORE...]


Norwegian wins an Emmy Award

Actress Anneke von der Lippe has become the first Norwegian to win an Emmy … [READ MORE...]

Crown Prince Haakon

Crown prince back in Brazil

Crown Prince Haakon was wrapping up another trip to Brazil this week, helping … [READ MORE...]

Sigve Brekke, Telenor

Telenor’s CEO now has CV trouble

As if Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor didn't have enough trouble right … [READ MORE...]


Norwegians dominated World Cup opener

Norwegian dominance of cross-country skiing continued as the new World Cup season opened … [READ MORE...]

Russian border conflicts continue

Norwegian and Russian authorities continue to disagree on several cases involving the … [READ MORE...]

‘Julebord’ season keeps police busy

The often wild Christmas party season in Norway, known as julebordsesongen, kept police … [READ MORE...]

Border control led to protest

The Norwegian government's decision to impose stricter border controls this week got off … [READ MORE...]

Eager shoppers latched onto ‘Black Friday’

Like Halloween and Valentine's Day, another North American tradition called "Black Friday" … [READ MORE...]


The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) in Ås has the largest number of foreign students of all the universities in Norway. Students there have firmly opposed a proposal to introduce tuition fees. PHOTO: UMB

Foreign students rally to save funding

GUEST COMMENTARY: Norway's conservative minority government coalition has finally hammered out a state budget agreement with its two support parties in Parliament, but debate continues over many aspects of it. … [READ MORE]