Men with children earn the most

New research indicates that the more children a man has, the more money he stands to earn in Norway. For women, the situation is the opposite. Women without children tend to earn more than those who've become … [READ MORE...]

Prime Minister Erna Solberg has to decide whether the state should go along with sports and business pressure to financially guarantee an Olympics to pay attention to the will of the people and many within her own party and government who want to finally see an end to the expensive project. PHOTO: Statsministerens kontor

Solberg caught in Olympic battle

The heated debate over whether Oslo should bid to host the Winter Olympics in 2022 has created an Olympic-sized headache for Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Her government must decide whether to offer the needed … [READ MORE]


Many tipped to be new Nobel leader

A few former foreign ministers and at least one ex-prime minister are among the names being tossed about to replace Thorbjørn Jagland as head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. The committee itself elects its … [READ MORE]

Edvard Munch's "Skriket" (The Scream) is by far his most famous image. Soon a local liquor producer will be able to sell "Scream Vodka." PHOTO: Munch Museum

Rights to Munch’s art up for grabs

Next year marks 70 years since the death of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. After zealously protecting the rights to his artwork over the years, both his heirs and the City of Oslo stand to lose their exclusive … [READ MORE]

Labour Minister Robert Eriksson, shown here during a recent visit to an offshore installation, is being called upon to crack down on the exploitation of foreign workers in Norway. PHOTO: Arbeidsdepartementet/Kjetil Alsvik/ConocoPhillips

Offshore job cuts fuel safety threat

A recent rash of job cuts in Norway's once-booming oil sector is now leading to concerns that offshore installations won't get the monitoring and maintenance they need to stay safe and prevent accidents. "I'm … [READ MORE]

Workers go on board one of Statoil's drilling rigs in the North Sea. One recruiter said only the big companies like Statoil are able to help workers get through immigration processes and settle in Norway. PHOTO: Statoil/Øyvind Hagen

Cuts hit economy, boost environment

The major cost- and job-cutting now going on within Norway's oil and offshore industry "will be felt throughout the entire national economy," claims one top local economist. While the west coast county of … [READ MORE]

More than 50 locally hired employees at the US Embassy in Oslo are under investigation for gross tax evasion, after failing to declare their embassy incomes or pay tax. The alleged evasion was aided by the fact that the embassy itself refuses to report what it pays its employees to Norwegian tax authorities, and thereby also avoids paying Norway's employer taxes because of its diplomatic immunity. PHOTO:

Ex-embassy guard jailed in tax case

The first of 18 tax evasion cases filed against local Norwegian employees of the US Embassy in Oslo has resulted in a 36-day jail term. A former security guard at the embassy was sentenced for failing to … [READ MORE]

Life on the slave ships, many of them owned and crewed by Danes and Norwegians, was brutal, as was life in the slave ports. PHOTO: Wikipedia

Slave trading past still haunts Norway

Norway’s participation in the trans-Atlantic slave trade is back to haunt the country, as an alliance of Caribbean nations seeks slavery reparations. Norway was a territory state under the Danish crown at … [READ MORE]



Petter Solberg back on top

More than a decade after winning the rally world championship in 2003, Norwegian … [READ MORE...]

Odd Nerdrum PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

Nerdrum finally wins in court

Odd Nerdrum, the Norwegian artist who's been caught in a string of legal battles … [READ MORE...]

PHOTO: Norges Bank

Oil fund boss reveals own holdings

Yngve Slyngstad, the head of Norway's huge sovereign wealth fund that's fueled … [READ MORE...]

Petter Northug

Northug’s legal problems worsen

Norwegian skier Petter Northug, still facing prosecution for his drunk-driving … [READ MORE...]


Fire destroys parked bus fleet

Thirteen buses parked at a bus yard at Borgeskogen in Stokke, Vestfold County, were … [READ MORE...]

Baltic gas deals pressed down Russian prices

Norwegian gas deals with Lithuania have led to some lower prices from Russia's Gazprom, in … [READ MORE...]

Prosecutor wants extremist jailed

A state prosecutor asked an Oslo court to sentence Islamic extremist Ubaydullah Hussain … [READ MORE...]

Ex-cop appeals jail term in woman’s death

A court in Telemark County sentenced a former police officer to three years in prison on … [READ MORE...]

Thousands lose phone service

Nearly 800,000 customers of several mobile telephone firms in Norway were without service … [READ MORE...]

Cycling president blasts safety along championship route

The president of Norway's cycling federation, Harald Tidemann Hansen, was upset with the … [READ MORE...]


PHOTO: Marie Peyre

Autumn arrives in all its colorful glory

PHOTO FEATURE: After one of the warmest summers on record, autumn is arriving around the country in spectacular fashion. Fall colors are breaking out all over, just in time for thousands of school children and … [READ MORE]