Spring skiing near Pellestova

Easter likely to become snow-free

A final spring skiing spree in the mountains remains the much-hyped and traditional way for Norwegians to spend their long Easter holidays. Climate researchers predict, however, that by 2030, there won't be any … [READ MORE...]

snowmobile crop

Last Easter free of snowmobiles

Anti-snowmobile activists warned this would be the last peaceful Easter in the mountains before more than 100 municipalities can introduce public snowmobile licenses next year. A state government pilot program … [READ MORE]

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Expat churches defy attendance decline

At a time when the Norwegian Church has been offending and losing members, and church attendance in Oslo continues to decline, churches that cater to expatriates are thriving. Among them is the small St … [READ MORE]

Trains halted just as holidays began

UPDATED: Norway's beleaguered railroad broke down again at a key station in Oslo on Thursday, just as the country's five-day annual Easter holidays officially began. The failure of a signal system disrupted … [READ MORE]

Lone Fønss Schrøder served as a Yara board member when the company was first listed. She wrote to Trade Minister Monica Mæland, warning of an unhealthy leadership culture and poor corporate governance within the company. PHOTO: Aker Solutions

‘Unhealthy culture’ said to taint Yara

A high-profile and highly respected Danish businesswoman who served on the board of Oslo-based international fertilizer producer Yara alleges she was asked not to stand for reelection, after she complained of … [READ MORE]

Tragic end for experienced skiers

Rescue crews found the bodies of four experienced ski tourers missing since Monday afternoon after a large avalanche in the Sunndalsfjella mountains in Møre og Romsdal. The crews found three of the men soon … [READ MORE]

Topptur at Tyin

One of the deadliest winters in years

The tragic discovery of four bodies on Wednesday morning took the avalanche death toll to nine this winter. The 2013/14 winter has been one of the deadliest in 30 years, and experts said the avalanche danger … [READ MORE]


Bernt Reitan

Reitan stands down as Yara chairman

One of Norway's largest companies, scandal-plagued fertilizer producer Yara … [READ MORE...]


Coach loses contract but wins apology

Jarle Pedersen, the outgoing coach of the Norwegian speed skating team, lashed … [READ MORE...]


Sp elects new parliamentary leader

Veteran politician Marit Arnstad was elected as the new parliamentary leader of … [READ MORE...]


Artist hasn’t mellowed with age

Norway’s most esteemed institutions collect his work. Important public spaces … [READ MORE...]


Three survive avalanche

Another avalanche thundered down the steep slopes of the Sunnmøre Alps around the town of … [READ MORE...]

Pastor charged with domestic violence

A pastor in the Norwegian Church has been arrested in the middle of the country's Easter … [READ MORE...]

Russ season off to a ‘disappointing’ start

A regional president of this year's "Russ," the graduating high school students who party … [READ MORE...]

Transport Minister steps on the gas again

Norway's new transport minister from the Progress Party, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, has managed … [READ MORE...]

Strike threat grows at Norwegian

Turbulence continued this week at Norwegian Air, as the threat of a major strike reported … [READ MORE...]

Singles mingle in the mountains

It started as an April Fools' joke - a decree by the Norwegian Trekking Association (Den … [READ MORE...]


No, it's not a large Kraftverk concert, rather all the leaders of Norway's seven largest political parties gathered for their first major debate of the election campaign on Monday night. Their constant maneuvering for government power has all but clouded the actual issues at hand, and voters can't be sure which parties will eventually form a government. PHOTO: newsinenglish.no/NRK screen grab

Norwegians speak faster, less clearly

Linguists investigating the development of the Norwegian language have found that more Norwegians are speaking faster and less clearly than ever. That's bad news for newcomers to Norway who already may be … [READ MORE]