NAV stands for "Ny Arbeids- og Velferdsforvaltning" (New Labour and Welfare Management) but the management aspect has been under constant criticism. NAV has hundreds of offices all over Norway, where around 20,000 employees handle claims for everything from pension to welfare, sick leave, disability and unemployment benefits, to name a few. PHOTO: Wikipedia

Expats hit again as jobless rate rises

The numbers of people without jobs in Norway continue to rise, with state welfare agency NAV reporting another increase in those registering themselves as out of work and applying for unemployment benefits. As … [READ MORE...]

Storm damage mounts along the coast

At least one car was swept away by a wave, children's trampolines flew through the air and all forms of transportation were thrown into chaos. Residents along the coast, especially in Nordland County, had lots … [READ MORE]

Fjord1 ferries play a vital role in transport along Norway's long coastline. Now another major conflict has erupted over the company's ownership and management. PHOTO: Fjord1

Ferry sale fires up feud over Fjord1

Norway's largest ferry company, Fjord1, faces a new wave of conflict after a divided county board in Sogn og Fjordane voted to sell its stake in Fjord1 to Torghatten, a rival transport firm that also owns the … [READ MORE]

All passengers on ferries like Color Line's, arriving from Germany, started being subjected to identity and entry controls on Thursday morning. Border stations in Østfold and Hedmark counties were also stepping up control of all vehicles entering Norway. PHOTO:

Norway tries to scare off Afghans

In addition to the new controls of ferries and border crossings that took effect Thursday morning, Norwegian Justice Minister Anders Anundsen has resorted to another tactic to discourage asylum seekers from … [READ MORE]

Prime Minister Erna Solberg posed with asylum seekers in Northern Norway last week. On Wednesday she met with mayors from all over Norway, in another attempt to find places to house all the asylum seekers arriving in Norway. PHOTO: Statsministerens kontor

Solberg declares asylum ‘crisis’

It took a crisis for Norway's town and cities to more actively offer housing for asylum seekers at a faster rate this autumn. The offers of accommodation have been far from enough to meet demand, however, and … [READ MORE]

Prime Minister Erna Solberg, shown here (far right) at a new asylum center set up near the Norwegian border to Russia, has now issued new orders for stricter border control all over the country. PHOTO: Statsministerens kontor

Confusion rises at border crossings

As Norway's government issued new orders to further tighten border control, those working at the border stations were uncertain on Wednesday over how inspections are supposed to carried out. "We haven't … [READ MORE]

Six Mali victims on a job for Norway

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on Wednesday that six Russian citizens killed in the terrorist attacks in Mali last Friday were in the country on assignment for the Norwegian military. They had … [READ MORE]



Norwegian wins an Emmy Award

Actress Anneke von der Lippe has become the first Norwegian to win an Emmy … [READ MORE...]

Crown Prince Haakon

Crown prince back in Brazil

Crown Prince Haakon was wrapping up another trip to Brazil this week, helping … [READ MORE...]

Sigve Brekke, Telenor

Telenor’s CEO now has CV trouble

As if Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor didn't have enough trouble right … [READ MORE...]


Jensen’s party gains on crisis

Finance Minister and Progress Party boss Siv Jensen has reason to smile in the … [READ MORE...]


Border control led to protest

The Norwegian government's decision to impose stricter border controls this week got off … [READ MORE...]

Eager shoppers latched onto ‘Black Friday’

Like Halloween and Valentine's Day, another North American tradition called "Black Friday" … [READ MORE...]

‘Slow TV’ train ride a hit in the air

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK's) groundbreaking "slow TV" program six years ago, which … [READ MORE...]

TV2: ‘Krekar wanted to burn Parliament’

Norwegian television channel TV2 has reported that Mullah Krekar, the Muslim cleric now … [READ MORE...]

More slippery roads hit Hordaland this time

A combination of rapidly changing temperatures and rain set off another wave of traffic … [READ MORE...]


Winter is coming, "blå time" in Nordmarka

Winter is coming… just not sure when

PHOTO FEATURE: After the warmest October on record, November has offered more seasonably appropriate temperatures, at least until now. Ice was forming on lakes in the hills around Oslo over the weekend, but … [READ MORE]