Norway's currency, the "krone" (crown), remains strong against other currencies. To avoid confusion: The plural from of the krone is "kroner" in Norwegian, or "crowns," but many foreigners also use the Norwegian term.  PHOTO: Views and News

Krone falls along with oil prices

It was costing more than eight Norwegian kroner to buy one US dollar on Monday morning, the weakest level for Norway's currency in several years. The krone-dollar exchange rate first crossed over the NOK 8 mark … [READ MORE...]


Telemark thrilled by UNESCO recognition

Officials of Norway's mountainous county of Telemark were cheering over the weekend when their Vemork power station and industrial history centered in Rjukan finally won official recognition as a UNESCO … [READ MORE]

Flood threat rises as rain pours down

Southern Norway's flirt with sunny summer weather during the past week came to an abrupt, if forecast, halt on Monday. Heavy rainfall didn't only dampen summer holiday spirits but also raised the threat of … [READ MORE]

This residential complex on Oslo's waterfront at Sørenga is among the new developments in Oslo, but there's huge, unfilled demand for more affordable housing. PHOTO: Views and News

High-priced home sales doubled

The oil industry downturn still doesn't seem to be having much effect on Norwegian housing prices in the most expensive categories. Brokerage firms report that sales of homes priced at more than NOK 10 million … [READ MORE]

The oil field's partners still presented their development plans, and Oil Minister Tord Lien (left) remained triumphant over Johan Sverdrup's prospects. PHOTO: Ole Jørgen Bratland/Statoil

‘Vendetta’ implied in oil field conflict

Norway's huge new Johan Sverdrup oil field has been Oil Minister Tord Lien's pride and joy in the midst of the country's oil industry slowdown, but a quarrel among its partners over ownership stakes in the … [READ MORE]

Employers prefer Norwegian speakers

Foreigners applying for jobs in Norway are often overlooked, no matter how qualified or highly educated they may be, if they can't communicate in Norwegian. Recruiters report that many employers simply think … [READ MORE]

Bård Vegar Solhjell, Norway's minister of the environment, has a tough time getting other politicians at home to go along with major climate cuts. Now he has to get politicians from all over the world to do the same. PHOTO: Miljøverndepartement/Erik Aasheim

Government urged to forgive Greece

The head of Norway's Socialist Left party (SV) is usually keen on imposing taxes to raise money for social welfare programs, but now its leader is urging the Norwegian government to forgive Greece for not … [READ MORE]



Kristoff saddles up for ‘Le Tour’

Alexander Kristoff is one of only two Norwegians cycling in this year's Tour de … [READ MORE...]

Ole Gunnar Solskjær

Solskjær eyed as new Molde coach

Norwegian football legend Ole Gunnar Solskjær has emerged as a top candidate to … [READ MORE...]

PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

Northug quietly served his time

Top Norwegian skier Petter Northug, disgraced in a drunk-driving accident last … [READ MORE...]


New Statoil chairman takes over

Øystein Løseth took over as the new leader of Statoil's board of directors on … [READ MORE...]


Three killed in collision with a moose

The eastern city of Elverum in Hedmark County was in sorrow this week after three … [READ MORE...]

Poor start for Norwegians in ‘Le Tour’

Neither of the two Norwegians competing in this year's Tour de France got off to a good … [READ MORE...]

Norwegians worst at following a household budget

Only 26 percent of Norwegians regularly set up a household budget and follow it, according … [READ MORE...]

More politicians question Norway’s Libya involvement

Leaders of the small parties represented in Parliament are increasingly questioning … [READ MORE...]

Clinton revved up ministry troops

Former US President Bill Clinton was in Oslo this week and delivered a pep talk of sorts … [READ MORE...]


Oil Minister Lien is said to be among the few in government showing much support or sympathy for the oil business right now - here at a conference earlier this year. PHOTO: Olje- og energidepartementet

Quarrel arises over extent of oil ‘crisis’

NEWS ANALYSIS: As the consequences of lower oil prices seep into Norway's economy, industry leaders and the government are quarreling over whether the country now faces any real crisis. Government ministers … [READ MORE]