North Sea ferry plans scuppered

Efforts to revive a ferry service between Bergen and Stavanger on Norway's west coast and Newcastle in the UK have run out of steam. The 130-year-old service ended in 2008, but despite working since 2012 to … [READ MORE...]

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Norway needs more soldiers

Norway's Chief of Defense, Admiral Haakon Bruun-Hanssen, used release this week of the country's annual defense report (Forsvarets årsrapport) to warn of several holes in the Norwegian military. He said … [READ MORE]

Several arrested over violent robbery

Police arrested several people in Sweden on Wednesday in connection with the violent robbery of Sheikh Enterprises, a jewellery and clothing store in Oslo's Grønland district last month. Swedish and Norwegian … [READ MORE]

The 25 girls behind the Russ bus 'Senses' spent more than NOK 1 million customizing their ride, including white leather seats, a graffiti-style facade and a huge sound system. But they said their biggest expense was original theme music, spending about NOK 150,000 on three songs. Original songs are a growing trend among Russ students, but some in the music industry said they're paying an "absurd" amount. PHOTO:

Russ spending on music is ‘absurd’

The annual "Russ" season kicked off over the Easter break, the start of weeks of raucous celebrations for graduating Norwegian high school students. Students spend a small fortune each year kitting out … [READ MORE]

The Dalai Lama was received by the US President Barack Obama in the White House in February. Last year British Prime Minister David Cameron met with the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader. Norway's most senior politician, Parliamentary President Olemic Thommessen said he is not being cowardly by putting PHOTO: Pete Souza/White House/facebook

‘Coward’ politicians avoid Dalai Lama

Half of all Norwegians think it's cowardly for Parliamentary President Olemic Thommessen to refuse a meeting with the Dalai Lama when he arrives in Oslo next month. While the public wants Norway's top … [READ MORE]

Ransacked store owes millions in tax

Sheikh Enterprises, the jewellery and clothing store hit by a brazen daylight robbery in Oslo last month, was one of several local gold merchants suspected of tax evasion after a joint operation by Norwegian … [READ MORE]

New Agriculture Minister Sylvi Listhaug posed for photos recently on her parents' farm in western Norway, Lindseth Gard. She's faced a lot of criticism from farmers and food producers who fear her plans to reform agricultural policy and liberalize markets. PHOTO: Landbruks- og mat departementet/Olav Skjedstad/Romsdals Budstikke

Minister intent on deregulating food

NEWS ANALYSIS: New Agriculture Minister Sylvi Listhaug is a farmer's daughter who has referred to the country's highly regulated farming and food industries as a "Norwegian form of communism." Now she's in a … [READ MORE]

A looming shortage of prime cuts of meat from Norwegian cattle, shown here grazing in Nordmarka last summer, has led to temporary allowance for imports, but consumers can't expect any price relief. PHOTO:

Beef tariffs cut, but not prices

Norwegians' growing hunger for prime cuts of meat has led, after much hesitation, to a cut in the tariffs slapped on imported meat to protect Norwegian farmers. The hesitation arose because local commercial … [READ MORE]


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Former politician jailed for hacking

Former Conservative (Høyre) politician Tor Johannes Helleland was sentenced to … [READ MORE...]

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Telenor CEO pockets big bonus

The President and Chief Executive of Telenor Group, Jon Fredrik Baksaas earned … [READ MORE...]

Erna Solberg

Solberg’s PM popularity grows

The latest polls showed Prime Minister Erna Solberg's popularity is the highest … [READ MORE...]

Jens Stoltenberg

Putin glad ‘Jens’ will lead NATO

The recent selection of former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens  Stoltenberg as … [READ MORE...]


Oslo school absentee rules softened

The Oslo school commissioner has eased the city's stringent rules around student … [READ MORE...]

Romanian Embassy plans ‘open house’

The Romanian Embassy in Oslo has announced plans to open its doors for a few hours next … [READ MORE...]

Charged cop gets confidentiality release

A veteran Oslo policeman facing corruption charges hopes an exemption from his … [READ MORE...]

Pension costs hit Oslo orchestra

Pension costs for Norwegian theatres and orchestras have increased by NOK 70 million (USD … [READ MORE...]

Avinor chided for paying ‘bonus’ to airlines

The Norwegian state agency that runs the country's airports, Avinor, has been making … [READ MORE...]

Foreign labour threatens apprentices

Unions are concerned about the number of public contracts going to cheaper foreign … [READ MORE...]


No, it's not a large Kraftverk concert, rather all the leaders of Norway's seven largest political parties gathered for their first major debate of the election campaign on Monday night. Their constant maneuvering for government power has all but clouded the actual issues at hand, and voters can't be sure which parties will eventually form a government. PHOTO: screen grab

Norwegians speak faster, less clearly

Linguists investigating the development of the Norwegian language have found that more Norwegians are speaking faster and less clearly than ever. That's bad news for newcomers to Norway who already may be … [READ MORE]