Latest Corona-related news in brief:

THERE'S NO CORONA-RELATED BAN ON HYTTE VISITS when thousands of Norwegians take off on Friday for a traditional week of autumn holiday. State health officials have announced that everyone can head for their much-cherished holiday … [READ MORE...]

Interest rates tied to the infection rate

Norway's central bank (Norges Bank), worried about rising Corona infection rates, opted to keep its key policy rate at zero on Thursday. That prompted the country's currency to lose even more of its recent … [READ MORE]

More Corona aid for a ‘fragile’ economy

NEWS ANALYSIS: Government ministers handed out more packages of Corona crisis aid this week, in an effort to avoid bankruptcies and preserve jobs. The need for all the emergency funding and financial support … [READ MORE]

Corona cuts back Peace Prize party

Whoever wins this year's Nobel Peace Prize won't be hailed inside a packed Oslo City Hall, or at a traditional banquet afterwards with royalty present. The Corona pandemic has forced major changes in how the … [READ MORE]

Oslo on hold for carbon capture

They're billing it as "the biggest climate project in Norwegian industry ever," but the government's long-awaited carbon capture, transport and storage plan could have been even bigger. Carbon emissions may now … [READ MORE]

40 arrested after climate, oil protests

Climate activists were out early in Oslo on Monday morning, to demonstrate against Norway's pro-oil policies and the government's failure to declare a climate crisis. By midday, police had arrested around 40 … [READ MORE]

Bus strike sparks commuter chaos

UPDATED: Commuters, students and everyone else who regularly travel by bus in and around Oslo need to find other means of transport, or just stay home. A strike by nearly 4,000 frustrated bus drivers has set … [READ MORE]


Carlsen cashes in on Play Magnus

Norway's World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen hasn't only been winning at the … [READ MORE...]

Hurtigruten boss survives disgrace

Quarantine rules weren't followed, suspected cases of the Corona virus weren't … [READ MORE...]

Royals’ integration was difficult, too

A new biography of Norway's late King Olav V reflects how the country's own … [READ MORE...]

Norway ‘under (Tom) Cruise control’

American actor Tom Cruise and the film crew behind the next Mission: Impossible … [READ MORE...]


Grocers rank high among Norway’s richest

Shipowner and investor John Fredriksen tops an annual listing of Norway's wealthiest … [READ MORE...]

Publishing firms face huge fines

Norway's state competition authority warned several of Norway's leading book publishing … [READ MORE...]

Man shot and killed by police

A man in his 30s who reportedly created a public disturbance near an abandoned hotel in … [READ MORE...]

Storm cut Norway in half

The powerful remains of the tropical storm dubbed Sally slammed into Northern Norway on … [READ MORE...]

Hundreds of pilots lose their jobs

The Norwegian government has agreed to literally buy more routes from airlines serving … [READ MORE...]

Svalbard loses its only bank

News that Norway's SpareBank1 was closing half of its 31 branches in Northern Norway hit … [READ MORE...]


Women light a fire under men’s club

One of the last old-fashioned “gentlemen’s clubs” in Norway came under more pressure to join the 21st century on Monday. After years of debate around the all-male Norske Selskab’s refusal to admit women, nearly … [READ MORE]