Three cars caught under an avalanche

Emergency crews saved the lives Thursday morning of the occupants of three cars that were buried under snow and ice after an avalanche crashed down on the E8 highway at Lavangsdalen in Troms County, Northern … [READ MORE...]

‘Sensible’ Brende back in Russia

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende tried to dismiss his Russian counterpart's greeting on Wednesday as a joke, but the words from Sergey Lavrov lingered: Brende's first visit to Russia since Norway's … [READ MORE]

Oil Fund asked to dump pipeline, coal

The president of Norway's Sami Parliament (Sametinget) accompanied women from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to a meeting in Oslo this week, where they appealed to the Ethics Council that oversees … [READ MORE]

Islamic Council loses its largest member

Norway's largest Muslim organization has declared that it's withdrawing its membership in the country's Islamic council (Islamsk Råd Norge, IRN). The five largest members of IRN gathered for what newspaper … [READ MORE]

‘Not a good day for Muslims’ in Norway

UPDATED: A Muslim member of the Norwegian parliament, Abid Raja, was among public figures reacting negatively on Tuesday to news that Norway's Islamic Council (Islamsk Råd Norge, IRN) has hired a new … [READ MORE]

More drama at the Norwegian Opera

Norway's Opera House in Oslo has become a national landmark, but sour notes are sounding once again inside the state-funded building that houses both the Norwegian Opera & Ballet. Soloists have demanded an … [READ MORE]

Top sports official forced to resign

Years of conflicts in his job as secretary general of Norway's national athletics federation (Norges Idrettsforbund, NIF) finally caught up with Inge Andersen on Monday. The board of NIF asked him to resign … [READ MORE]


Case dropped against Johaug’s doctor

UPDATED: Norway's anti-doping agency has decided to drop its case against Dr … [READ MORE...]

Speeding politicians lose their licenses

Norwegian politicians are busy folks but that's no excuse when they get pulled … [READ MORE...]

Nightmare start for dream coach

The new Swedish coach of Norway's national men's football team was widely viewed … [READ MORE...]

Weng tops in skiers’ earnings

Heidi Weng topped this year's earnings list for Norwegian skiers, with total … [READ MORE...]


Minister clears the way for mass reindeer slaughter

After receiving what's been called "brutal and unambiguous" advice from veterinary … [READ MORE...]

Commission advises against re-arming police

A government-appointed commission advised Justice Minister Per-Willy Amundsen on Wednesday … [READ MORE...]

Police crack down on youth gangs

Police fanned out to schools and homes in Follo, south of Oslo, early this week and have … [READ MORE...]

Shell cuts another 231 jobs

The oil industry crisis isn't over for the Norwegian subsidiary of Dutch oil company … [READ MORE...]

Trial begins in prostitute’s murder

A 26-year-old Norwegian man from Hamar claimed he acted in self-defense when he stabbed … [READ MORE...]

Woman convicted for using trams as toilets

Norway's tram and metro system has been dealing with an unusually messy problem for … [READ MORE...]


Center partied all weekend long

NEWS ANALYSIS: Brimming with self-confidence as they head into the September parliamentary election, members of Norway's Center Party gathered for a party indeed at their recent annual national meeting in … [READ MORE]