Ticks have now been documented as far north as Lofoten, and at elevations of nearly 600 meters. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

Protests fly over ‘wild camping’

Norwegians are calling it "wild camping" this summer, to describe cases where tourists park their motor homes or set up tents in places where they can avoid fees and use facilities for free. Campers spotted … [READ MORE...]

Atlanterhavsveien, a road and bridges connecting islands along the coast of Nordmøre south of Kristiansund, has long been a tourist attraction. Tourists in camping vans, however, don't seem willing to pay for parking accommodation along the way. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

Tourists exploit campgrounds

Campground owners along the scenic highway Atlanterhavsveien on Norway's northwest coast are frustrated by the numbers of tourists driving expensive motor homes who pull in, use their facilities and then … [READ MORE]

PHOTO: Statsministerenskontor

Solberg to name new security chief

Prime Minister Erna Solberg aims to improve Norway's security and preparedness by setting up an entirely new national security entity within her office, staffed by experts from the military, the justice … [READ MORE]

PHOTO: Den Norske Kirken

New bishop won’t wed homosexuals

Per Arne Dahl, the newest of Oslo's 12 bishops, finally took a stand Monday on whether he'd perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. Dahl, long a celebrity clergyman through Norwegian media, chose to make his … [READ MORE]

The area east of Lake Femund, seen hear from its southernmost end, is known for its unspoiled wilderness, hills and many lakes that also are cold in the summertime. PHOTO: newsinenglish.no

Three found dead in border lake

Two Danish men and the six-year-old son of one of them have been found dead, floating in a remote lake just over the border of the Femund wilderness area that extends from central Norway into Sweden. Their … [READ MORE]

US actor and musician Steven Van Zandt will be back on the air in Norway this week, when the second season of the hit show "Lilyhammer" premieres Wednesday evening. PHOTO: NRK

‘Natural end’ for ‘Lilyhammer’

Streaming giant Netflix confirmed on Thursday that it won't be involved in any more episodes of the popular TV series 'Lilyhammer' starring Steven Van Zandt. The series was produced and launched in Norway but … [READ MORE]

A computerized citizenship blunder doesn't mean foreigners who left Norway between 1960 and 1975 can get passports, even though they were incorrectly classified as being Norwegian. PHOTO: Views and News

Liberals support dual citizenship

Norway's Liberal Party (Venstre), one of the government's two support parties in Parliament, wants to make it easier for foreigners who have settled in Norway to become Norwegian citizens while … [READ MORE]



US ambassador nominee testifies

Samuel Heins, the wealthy Minnesota attorney who's been nominated by US … [READ MORE...]

Queen Sonja

Queen helps teens after boat accident

Two teenagers out on a boat off the island of Tjøme this week came to the aid … [READ MORE...]

Therese Johaug

Top skier broke her left hand

Therese Johaug, one of Norway's top cross-country skiers, fell during a training … [READ MORE...]


Veteran Yara executive fired

Tor Holba, a longtime top executive at Oslo-based fertilizer firm … [READ MORE...]


Statoil hit again by lower oil prices

Norway's state oil company Statoil reported another decline in pre-tax profits on Tuesday, … [READ MORE...]

Long waits to see new July 22 center

Public interest is so high in the new July 22 information center at Norway's bombed-out … [READ MORE...]

Conflicts arise over lawn-mowing on Sundays

Many Norwegians think it's only illegal in Norway to mow their lawns during church hours … [READ MORE...]

Kristoff third in Tour de France’s final sprint

Norway's star cyclist Alexander Kristoff finished third in the sprint on the final day of … [READ MORE...]

Norway Cup gets off to a very wet start

Rain was pouring down and temperatures dipped into the low teens on Sunday as this year's … [READ MORE...]


Norway's krone has been riding the waves of the most volatile summer in years. PHOTO: newsinenglish.no

Norway’s ‘krone’ caught in a storm

UPDATED: Never before has Norway's currency, the krone, had a more unstable summer, according to analysts in Oslo. It's as unstable as the weather has been, rising and falling often in different directions … [READ MORE]