Norway’s economy pumping up again

Norway was wallowing in good energy-related news on Tuesday that's expected to further fuel its economic recovery. The country stands to gain from a recent rise in oil prices, more gas exports to Germany and … [READ MORE...]

Hurtigruten bails out its shipyard

Norway's coastal voyage company Hurtigruten AS and the investors behind it have helped recapitalize the Kleven Verft shipyard in Ulsteinvik, collectively providing NOK 300 million in fresh capital. The company … [READ MORE]

‘Bergenese’ launch own cycling bailout

Thousands of the proud residents of Bergen, who often identify themselves as "Bergenese" instead of simply "Norwegians," were clearly upset to hear that organizers of their city's wildly popular cycling world … [READ MORE]

Hangover sets in after cycling party

The party is definitely over in Bergen, and the hangover looks likely to be especially painful. The national cycling federation (Norges Cycleforbund) that hosted the cycling world championships this past week … [READ MORE]

Hurtigruten fights for its name, routes

UPDATED: Billed as the world's most beautiful voyage, ships in the line known as Hurtigruten have plied Norway's scenic coastline since 1893. Now the state, under pressure from EU competition authorities, … [READ MORE]

Labour’s love lost after the election

NEWS ANALYSIS: The fellowship and common purpose claimed by members of Norway's Labour Party now seem to have been lost along with the parliamentary election. Just two weeks after suffering what some call … [READ MORE]

Norwegian Air wins US flight rights

UPDATED: After years of delays and opposition, US authorities finally granted permanent and full permission during the weekend for Oslo-based Norwegian Air to operate as a foreign flag carrier in the US. The US … [READ MORE]


Parliament’s president seeks re-election

Olemic Thommessen, the veteran politician for the Conservatives Party, isn't … [READ MORE...]

IOC member passes the torch

Gerhard Heiberg has been a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) … [READ MORE...]

Jagland blames media for Labour’s loss

As Norway's Labour Party examines reasons for its terrible election results last … [READ MORE...]

Fugelli dies after sharing the process

Norway lost another symbol of its national conscience on Wednesday, when doctor … [READ MORE...]


Reports of king’s death greatly exaggerated

Norwegian news bureau NTB suffered a major embarrassment on Tuesday when it erroneously … [READ MORE...]

‘Hash baron’ appeals his prison term

Gjermund Cappelen, Norway's so-called former "hash baron" who was sentenced to prison last … [READ MORE...]

Norwegians earning less and spending more

Norwegians haven't saved so little of their household income since 2010, according to new … [READ MORE...]

Norwegian glaciers keep shrinking

A total of 326 square kilometers of Norwegian glaciers have disappeared during the past 30 … [READ MORE...]

Interests rates to remain low

Norway's central bank board agreed once again on Thursday to leave its key policy rate at … [READ MORE...]

Oil Fund passes ‘new milestone’

Norway's huge sovereign wealth fund known as the Oil Fund surpassed a market value of a … [READ MORE...]


Winners that lost, and losers that won

NEWS ANALYSIS: Amidst all the analyzing and agonizing that's gone on since Norway's parliamentary election results emerged, one thing is clear: Winners lost and losers won. As they gamely consoled themselves, … [READ MORE]