‘Too many Bulgarians in Bulgaria’

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A Norwegian family who traveled on a package tour to Bulgaria filed a formal complaint and demanded a refund, because most of the other guests at the hotel where they were staying were Bulgarians.

The Hotel Sveti Toma in Bulgaria, shown here on one of many booking sites. The Norwegian family traveled to Bulgaria, but wanted to vacation with other Norwegians, not Bulgarians. PHOTO: directbooking.ro

The family conceded in its complaint that the Hotel Sveti Toma itself and its vacation facilities were fine, reported newspaper Aftenposten on Wednesday. They had wanted, however, to spend their holiday with other Scandinavians, and contended that tour operator Apollo should have informed them that most of the guests at the Bulgarian hotel were either Bulgarian or from other eastern European countries.

“We never would have chosen this hotel if we had known that beforehand,” the family wrote, arguing that their 12-year-old daughter had no one to play with.

Their unusual claim was rejected by the state commission handling complaints filed against package tour operators (Pakkereisenemnda), which ruled that Apollo can’t be criticized for not revealing how many rooms or apartments they have at their disposal.

Apollo’s information chief, Helen Begby, said their Norwegian customers must inform them if they only want to travel to places where there are a lot of other Norwegians or Scandinavians. She noted that it would border on racism if Apollo were to monitor the nationalities of all guests staying at hotels they use in their tour packages.

“We Norwegians must not forget that it’s not just us out traveling,” Begby told Aftenposten. “In countries like Thailand, we’re now seeing that most other guests are from India, China and Russia.” She thinks that’s a fine development.

Eastern Europe also now has a growing middle class that’s able to take holidays, noted Helge Baardseth, editor of Vagabond magazine. “We’ve been used to meeting other tourists from Scandinavia,” he told Aftenposten. “Charter holidays have long been a western phenomenon, but economic development leads to more similarities among folks, and I think we’ll see a lot of that reflected in the travel business in the years ahead.”

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  1. Ivailo Dragotinov says:

    Stay in Norway if you dont want any foreigners… It must’ve been strange to found Bulgarians in Bulgaria. Lol..

  2. Margarita Georgieva says:

    Well, if they wanted to be among other Scnadinavians, why didn’t they just stay home or go to another Scandinavian country? I suppose it is a money issue haha… well, anyway, as a Bulgarian, I’d love to go to Scandinavia and then coplain that I met a lot of Scandinavians I didn’t want to meet… so much for cultural exchange and such like…

  3. NikyZlatev says:

    Stay in Scandinavia, you do not want to Bulgaria ….

  4. This story reads like material from a “Monty Python” sketch.

  5. ProudBulgarian says:

    What do you expect to see in Bulgaria? Of course, it is full of Bulgarians. We Bulgarians also do not like Scandinavian drunkards visiting our country.

  6. Everybody knows that the problem with the world today is that it is full of foreigners. Norwegians getting drunk in another country? Come on, everybody knows that that never happens.
    The fact: There are all kinds of Norwegians and there are all kinds of foreigners. I’m Norwegian and I try to avoid Norwegians when I am in another country. Because a lot of them are ignorant, bigoted and worst of all boring.
    Apologies on behalf of all Noggies!

  7. Mr. Tsanev says:

    Damn Bulgarians, how dare they live in their own country? =)))

  8. Incredible, I thought such people don’t exist!

  9. You are missing the point. The problem was – their 12 years old daughter can`t play with other kids because she can`t speak Bulgarian and the other kids can`t speak Norwegian. You are blaming good parents for their care about their daughter? I am Bulgarian, and if i had a daughter and i was in Norwey – yes i would look for some place with a few Bulgarians so my daughter can have a good time too.

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