Man arrested for rapes of two children

Police in Asker confirmed to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) Thursday evening that they have arrested a man in his mid-40s and charged him with rapes of two five-year-old girls late last week. The arrest came … [READ MORE...]

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said that "my job is to maintain stability and predictability" in the Norwegian economy, which "blossomed" during his last eight years in office. PHOTO: TV2 screen grab/

Stoltenberg loses grip on voters

NEWS ANALYSIS: Jens Stoltenberg has been one of Norway's most popular and respected prime ministers ever, both at home and abroad. Now the voter fatigue that seems to be hitting his Labour Party appears to have … [READ MORE...]

PHOTO: Fremskrittspartiet

Non-socialists firm up majority

The latest round of public opinion polls indicates that Norway's non-socialist political parties, which have been sitting in opposition for the past eight years, are poised to win a solid majority in parliament … [READ MORE...]

There's growing acceptance for euros in Norway, even though Norway is not part of the EU. PHOTO: European Central Bank/Wikipedia

More merchants accept euros

Norway has turned down membership in the European Union (EU) twice and firmly sticks by its own strong currency, the krone. That hasn't stopped an increasing number of merchants in Norway, however, from … [READ MORE...]

Truck driver charged in tunnel fire

The Polish driver of a truck that set off a major fire inside a long tunnel in western Norway on Monday has been formally charged with negligence in the case. Police claim his truck was overheated and smoking … [READ MORE...]

Crews worked feverishly to finish rigging up the venue for this year's Øya Festival. On Wednesday, the sun came out and the party began. PHOTO: Øya Festivalen/Facebook

Festivals wind down on high note

Norway's dizzying summer season of music and cultural festivals was starting to wind down this week, but with one of the biggest and most successful of them all. After months of hype and preparations, the … [READ MORE...]

Norway's tourism industry has viewed visitors from China as a new growth market, with Chinese tourists often seen in Oslo's Frogner Park. PHOTO: Views and News

Chinese tourists help melt freeze

A feared tourism boycott of Norway by Chinese tourists seems to have faded away. Their overnight stays were up by 50 percent in June alone, while the foreign ministry also has noted "positive signals" in … [READ MORE...]


Ivar Aasen had a major impact on the Norwegian language, contended his supporters on the bicentennial Monday of his birth. PHOTO: Wikipedia

Language creator hailed and decried

Ivar Aasen would have been 200 years old on Monday, and his bicentennial was … [READ MORE...]


Petrenko takes on Philharmonic

The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra is finally about to officially take on the young … [READ MORE...]


Police charge Høyre politician

Tor Johannes Helleland, the Conservatives (Høyre) politician who hacked his way … [READ MORE...]

Thor Hushovd

Cyclist Hushovd vindicated again

Thor Hushovd, the veteran Norwegian cyclist, could once again savour a sweet … [READ MORE...]


Stabbing suspect ‘is sick’

A 26-year-old man who's charged with attempted murder after stabbing a welfare worker in … [READ MORE...]

Asker police hunt for sex offender

A serious and highly sensitive case involving aggravated sexual assault against two little … [READ MORE...]

Teenager arrested after fires in Tønsberg

Police in Vestfold County have arrested a young man described as being under the age of 20 … [READ MORE...]

Trains back on track

Signal trouble and power cuts, some caused by lightning and more torrential rain, have … [READ MORE...]

Police arrest pistol-wielding man

Police sent out a notice on the social media site Twitter Wednesday afternoon that they'd … [READ MORE...]

Tunnel fire injures 70

Hospitals all over western Norway were taking in persons caught in a dramatic fire in the … [READ MORE...]

Gustav Vigeland's iconic statue of an angry little boy has recently developed a shiny left hand, because so many tourists have been holding it. PHOTO:

Too many hands on ‘Sinnataggen’

The popular statue of an angry little boy in Oslo's Frogner Park, called "Sinnataggen," is suddenly showing signs of being a bit too popular this summer. Tourists keep holding its hand, and that's causing … [READ MORE]