Corruption case inspires books, film

As Norway's biggest narcotics and police corruption case ever entered its seventh week on Monday, not everyone in the courtroom is involved or mere spectators. The so-called "Jensen-Cappelen case" has inspired … [READ MORE...]

‘Pioneering’ Nobel leader dies at 65

UPDATED: Kaci Kullmann Five, the leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, has died after a long battle with cancer. The committee announced Monday morning that it had received the news of Five's death "with … [READ MORE]

Tributes roll in to a leading ‘role model’

Prime ministers, political rivals, colleagues and friends were hailing Kaci Kullmann Five on Monday as a woman who made great strides towards clearing the way for others like her. Even though her rival Labour … [READ MORE]

Police expand robbery probe

UPDATED: Police were calling for tips from the public over the weekend and released surveillance camera photos after an armed robbery of a jewelry store at Skøyen on Oslo's west side Friday evening. Three … [READ MORE]

Crime unit probes bribery at Tine

UPDATED: A senior manager in charge of purchasing at Norway's dominant dairy conglomerate Tine was treated to travel, spa visits, gifts, 145 dinners and 246 rounds of drinks over a four-year period by a seller … [READ MORE]

The Russian Embassy in Oslo calls its relations with Norway ‘unsatisfactory’

UPDATED: Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende claimed on Thursday that he'd had "a useful conversation" with his Russian counterpart, Sergej Lavrov, at the G20 summit in Bonn. On Friday, the Russian Embassy … [READ MORE]

Norway’s big week on the continent

NEWS ANALYSIS: Top Norwegian officials have been busy on the European continent this week, and happy to be able to take part in a flurry of meetings at NATO in Brussels, the G20 in Bonn and the Munich Security … [READ MORE]


Kristoffersen furious over 4th place

Norway's young slalom skiing star Henrik Kristoffersen was so angry over his … [READ MORE...]

Stoltenberg scolded over book royalties

While NATO Secretary General  Jens Stoltenberg was hosting and taking part in a … [READ MORE...]

Highs and lows for biathlon stars

UPDATED: It's been a dramatic World Championships for Norway's star biathlon … [READ MORE...]

Johaug verdict ‘likely to be appealed’

A 13-month ban from competition that was lodged against world champion Norwegian … [READ MORE...]


Tetra Pak’s rival reacts to tight Tine ties

The chief executive of Elopak said on Monday that he was "negatively surprised" by news … [READ MORE...]

Oslo scraps its bad garbage deal

After tens of thousands of complaints over a lack of garbage collection, the City of Oslo … [READ MORE...]

False alarm forced airport evacuation

A woman who feared she was about to miss her flight from Oslo's main airport at Gardermoen … [READ MORE...]

Finally a medal for slalom skier Haugen

Leif Kristian Haugen, age 29, has been skiing for Norway on the World Cup circuit for … [READ MORE...]

Skiing bosses ‘acquitted’ in big medication debate

Officials at Norway's national skiing federation (Norges Skiforbundet) have been cleared … [READ MORE...]

Telenor, Statkraft cut hundreds of jobs

Norwegian power company Statkraft and state-controlled telecoms firm Telenor announced … [READ MORE...]


Trump tactics take root in Norway

Norway's small Center Party, led by the often-grinning farmer Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, is soaring in public opinion polls on what many claim are new populist tactics likened to those of US President Donald … [READ MORE]