Lithuanian convicted of killing Monika

A court in Western Norway has convicted the main suspect in the death of an eight-year-old girl in her home near Bergen five years ago. The case has sparked widespread media coverage in Norway because the local … [READ MORE...]

Growing numbers of cruiseships in the fjords, like her in Aurland, can mean growing carbon emissions. Now the state intends to monitor cruise activity in three fjords. PHOTO:

State to monitor cruise emissions

Norway has become a popular cruise destination in recent years, but the vessels themselves can belch out high levels of emissions in the country's fjords. Now the state is keen to measure those emissions, and … [READ MORE]

Record numbers of tourists are visiting Oslo and the rest of Norway this summer, like these vistors from China. PHOTO:

Tourists pour in like never before

More foreign tourists than ever before are visiting Norway this year, and with many Norwegians staying in the country as well this summer, the tourism industry is booming. Norway's mountains and fjords are … [READ MORE]

Norway's current prime minister, Erna Solberg of the Conservative Party, doesn't think Norwegian have been good enough at taking up the fight against extremism. PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

Extremism still poses major threat

Norway has preserved and nurtured its democratic values after the terrorist attacks of July 22, 2011, but hasn't been good enough at warding off extremism, says Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Others claim there's … [READ MORE]

Jens Stoltenberg

‘Our values are our best defense’

Jens Stoltenberg, Norway's former prime minister who's now the secretary general of NATO, was back in Oslo on Friday to take part in a series of memorials marking the terrorist attacks against his Labour Party … [READ MORE]

At the Oslo Cathedral, exactly 77 candles, intersersed with roses, were laid down and lit to honour each of the victims of the attacks on July 22, 2011. PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

Norway remembers the 22nd of July

UPDATED: Determined efforts were once again being made on Friday to be sure that Norwegians never forget the 22nd of July in 2011, when 77 people were killed and hundreds scarred for life in a right-wing … [READ MORE]

The statues in Oslo's Frogner Park may not be getting as much attention as Pokémon figures summer. PHOTO:

Frogner Park draws Pokémon crowds

Oslo's Frogner Park, with its vast collection of sculptures by Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland, has emerged as a magnet for players of the new mobile phone game Pokémon Go. The park has been full of people … [READ MORE]


PHOTO: Holmenkollen Ski Festival/Magnus Nylokken

Supporters rally around stricken skier

Norwegian skiers, Norway's national skiing federation and even commercial … [READ MORE...]

Kjetil Rekdal

Rekdal makes way for Deila

Kjetil Rekdal, one of Norway's most high-profile and tough-talking football … [READ MORE...]


Carew turns action hero

Former Norwegian football star John Carew is now concentrating his efforts on … [READ MORE...]

Lars Lillo-Stenberg

DeLillos star suffers heart attack

DeLillos, one of Norway's most popular bands, has had to cancel all its summer … [READ MORE...]


Cake-thrower released from prison

A British woman who was convicted of throwing a cake at a Norwegian government minister … [READ MORE...]

No Tour de France victories this year

None of the four Norwegian cyclists competing in this year's Tour de France won any laps … [READ MORE...]

NATO chief guarded on Trump and Turkey

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was back in his native Norway this week in … [READ MORE...]

Oil production higher than expected

Norway's state oil directorate reported that 1.4 million barrels of oil were produced on … [READ MORE...]

Sunken boat’s captain suspected of negligence

The captain of the historic vessel Johanna, which grounded and sank last weekend before … [READ MORE...]

Opera Software sale failed on high note

After days and nights of intense negotiations that reached a crescendo late last week, the … [READ MORE...]


The "inside story" of what happened on the island of Utøya five years ago this week is now being told through a unique exhibit of the text messages exchanged between terrified youngsters on the island and their parents. PHOTO:

Messages recall the terror on Utøya

-I'm so scared, there are many dead people lying around me. At least 10. -Help is on the way. Hold out! You're the toughest person I know! -Mamma, I'm so afraid to die. -Astrid - you are not going to … [READ MORE]