Telenor admits to weak management

Telenor's new CEO seems eager to clean up the mess created by Telenor's investment in VimpelCom, and VimpelCom's expansion into Uzbekistan, which has prompted a major corruption investigation. PHOTO: Telenor

Large Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor was back in the media glare on Friday, after an internal investigation into its handling of possible corruption revealed some serious management “weaknesses.” Telenor has shared its findings with government officials and state economic crime unit Økokrim, and two top executives who were suspended last fall have been terminated. Telenor announced Friday morning […]

Tax crunch time as deadline looms

Finance Minister Siv Jensen (left) and state Tax Director Hans Christian Holte look over the new electronic Business Tax Return with Grethe Holterhuset, who helped launch the latest attempt at tax simplification in Norway. PHOTO: Thomas Brun/NTB

Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians are likely to be devoting at least part of this weekend to the annual ritual of filing their income tax forms by midnight April 30. It’s become so electronically easy, though, that tax officials worry too many taxpayers aren’t bothering to check their returns at all. Tax forms in Norway have become increasingly automated in […]

Hotel strike still upsetting visitors

PHOTO: Berglund

As a nationwide strike by hotel and restaurant workers headed into its fifth day on Thursday, visitors planning to travel to Norway for some major events this weekend were both uncertain and upset. In the historic mining town of Røros, which draws thousands of visitors every year, officials were opting for some creative solutions. They have perhaps […]

Football bosses to reveal travel bills

Kjetil Siem, one of Norway's top football bureaucrats, has defended the way NFF has handled its many problems of late, not least the replacement of head coach Egil "Drillo" Olsen. Siem, shown here being interviewed by state broadcaster NRK, has also made it clear that he dislikes the criticism NFF has been getting. PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

After months of defiance, top officials within Norway’s national football federation have given in to demands to make public what they spend on travel. Football boss Kjetil Siem claimed he wanted to stop feeling like he was under constant suspicion. “Now everyone can see where the trips have gone, who has been traveling, their receipts for […]

Ex-students ponder Westerdals offer

Clouds had been building up over the private Westerdals communications school for years, with the storm of complaints and charges breaking open last fall after a series of articles in newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN). PHOTO:

Students who paid excessive tuition fees while attending the private and now troubled Westerdals communications school are evaluating whether they’ll accept a compensation offer from new school officials. The officials claim the offer amounts to 60 percent of what the students are owed, while the students think it’s worth just 40 percent. The new leaders of Westerdals said this […]

DNB’s board still under scrutiny


The much-criticized board of Norway’s biggest bank, DNB, survived at least one shareholder’s attempt that it be all but overthrown this week. Both board leader Anne Carine Tanum and four other members were re-elected, but only pending the results of investigations into whether the board has shirked its responsibilities. At issue is DNB’s highly controversial operations […]

Tesla has trouble paying its bills

Tesla founder Elon Musk posed with Norwegian Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen at a transport industry conference in Oslo just last week. Musk is also the man behind the successful PayPal online bill-paying service, but now his electric car dealership in Norway is having trouble paying its bills. PHOTO: Samferdselsdepartementet

Last week, the founder of the highly successful electric car company Tesla Motors was posing with government officials in Norway. This week comes news that Tesla Motors’ unpaid bills in Norway have exceeded NOK 2 million (USD 249,000), and that it’s been saddled with a very poor credit rating. The Norwegian automobile news website reports that […]

Profits predictably plunged at Statoil

PHOTO: Statoil/Harald Pettersen

Norway’s largest company Statoil, battered by the fall in oil and gas prices, saw profits plummet once again during the first three months of this year. They were down by more than two-thirds, but not much worse than analysts had expected and the company is making more moves to diversify into renewable energy. Statoil reported […]

State appeals verdict on how Norway’s prison system treats a mass-murderer

UPDATED: Norway’s Justice Ministry has decided to appeal a judge’s verdict that mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik’s prison conditions violate his human rights. Breivik’s attorney said he wasn’t surprised, and that his client may now appeal the portion of his complaint that he lose as well. The prison where Breivik is being held, meanwhile, hasn’t made […]

Farmers gear up for a new fight

Norway's small farms and rural landscapes are attractive but expensive to maintain, with taxpayers and consumers paying high prices to support local agriculture. PHOTO: Views and News

Norwegian farmers were preparing for another fight with the government this spring over how much subsidy and protection they can continue to receive. The farmers are also angry over a government proposal to allow more small farms to be sold off as holiday properties, instead of restricting them to full-time residents who’ll work their land. The farmers’ two […]