NRK upset by flap over anchor’s hijab

Norway’s state broadcasting company NRK has received more than 3,000 complaints over an upcoming new TV program, tied to the parliamentary election in September, that allows its Muslim anchor to wear her hijab on air. “I see that there are strong and dark forces that don’t want young Muslims to be visible,” claims NRK’s chief, Thor Gjermund Eriksen. The […]

High costs emerge in oil drilling debate

If Norway went along with calls from climate experts and its own Greens Party to halt all new oil exploration, the country would likely still be able to maintain its welfare state but at a “dramatically” higher cost to its citizens. That’s the conclusion of new research, presented just as protesters temporarily stopped some oil drilling in […]

Right-wing extremism rings new alarms

Recent displays of right-wing extremism in Norway are raising concerns within the government, the police and among ordinary citizens from Kristiansand to Mjøndalen. Prime Minister Erna Solberg, meanwhile, was accused on Thursday of using “Trump rhetoric” after she compared right-wing extremists to the far left of Norwegian politics. “Right-wing extremism and neo-nazis have a lot in common with […]

Immigrants battle under-employment

Highly skilled and highly educated immigrants in Norway have long faced huge challenges finding work in line with their qualifications. Their battles not only point up underlying prejudice on the part of employers: A new study shows that Norway’s failure to include them in the workforce is also costing society as much as NOK 6 […]

Rescue hopes rise for Norske Skog

As major Norwegian forest products firm Norske Skog faced a deadline Friday for its debt negotiations, optimism was rising at home in Norway. Investor Christen Sveaas’ takeover of the company’s largest bloc of shares, its price rise on the Oslo Stock Exchange and new support from forest owners raised hopes the company would avoid bankruptcy, while some […]

Greens leaders get a new green light

Norway’s Greens Party is suddenly riding a new wave of popularity and may even be able to influence whether Norway will wind up with a Labour- or Conservatives-led government. Rasmus Hansson, one of the leaders of Norway’s Greens, could have been grinning from ear to ear when he met foreign correspondents in Oslo on Wednesday, but he […]

Foreign minister criticizes Trump

In a highly unusual move, Norway’s foreign minister has publicly criticized the president of the United States, a country always referred to as Norway’s most important ally. Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende, however, seems as shocked as many others over how US President Donald Trump has defended white supremacists and won the gratitude of a former head […]

Norwegian prices still shock visitors

It’s official: Prices in Norway are 40 percent higher on average than in other EU countries, meaning they’re even higher compared to prices in the Americas and Asia, where they’re generally lower than in the EU. A new survey confirms why visitors can still be shocked after visiting a Norwegian restaurant, grocery store and especially […]

Norske Skog soars on Sveaas’ stake

Norwegian investor Christen Sveaas has emerged as a would-be saviour for long-ailing forestry firm Norske Skog. His purchase of a major block of stock in the firm that’s profitable but drowning in debt came as a surprise to the company’s new CEO, Lars Sperre, and sent the company’s share price soaring. “I think it’s nice […]

Labour dives as the non-socialists rise

UPDATED: New public opinion polls show that the Norwegian Labour Party has taken a dive in popularity, just a month before the country’s parliamentary election. It’s down to its lowest level since it lost the last election in 2013, while the non-socialist parties led by the Progress Party jumped in the polls and recaptured their majority. The […]