Police question ‘Troll Cock’ suspect

Police in the Norwegian coastal town of Egersund have a suspect in the vandalism of a local rock formation that resembled an erect penis. The rock known as Trollpikken (The Troll Cock) is likely to be re-erected after a spurt of international publicity that climaxed with a surge of donations to finance repairs. Three days after Trollpikken […]

State settles with defiant farmers

The Norwegian government finally came to terms with the country’s two powerful farm lobbying organizations Monday night, over how much state subsidy and other forms of financial support they’ll receive over the next year. Taxpayers will be forking over another NOK 625 million (USD 74 million). An additional NOK 130 million will be released for the […]

Doomed scheduling behind cancellations

Norwegian Air has been the target of more outrage among its passengers this week, especially after the reason for its wave of flight cancellations emerged: Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that the airline went ahead and scheduled far more flights for the busy summer travel season than they had pilots to fly, expecting that their pilots would agree […]

Norway objects to floating nuke plant

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende, backed by other Nordic leaders, is demanding answers from Russian authorities over its plans to tow a floating nuclear power station by barge from St Petersburg through the Baltic and Kattegat and all along Norway’s coast to Murmansk in the far north. Protests over the shipment mark another rise in tensions between […]

Norwegian strands passengers again

Flight cancellations by Oslo-based Norwegian Air left hundreds of passengers stranded both in Norway and abroad over the weekend, and disruptions may continue. The airline blamed the cancellations on a lack of pilots and some technical difficulties, and then seemed to go silent. “We haven’t even been offered so much as a cup of coffee,” fumed […]

Group to re-erect ‘Trollpikken’

An appalled but enthusiastic group of activists is determined that their local landmark, a stone formation called “Trollpikken” that resembled an erect penis, will rise again. Police are searching, meanwhile, for whoever literally cut it off over the weekend, with the culprits facing six years in prison for environmental vandalism if caught. Reaction has been swift after a […]

State fails to halt abuse of children

A devastating report by a state commission has angered but not surprised Norway’s government minister in charge of equality and family issues. The report found that the state has repeatedly failed to help children who are suffering from abusive parents and guardians. “When I think about these children who have been subjected to violence and assaults, […]

‘Skam’ fans set to go on withdrawal

Fans of Norway’s international hit series Skam (Shame) were facing withdrawal this weekend, when the last show of its last season was due to be released. The series has been a monster success, generating massive interest both in Norway and abroad, and setting off a wave of copy-cat versions around the world. The series has sent the popularity of the names of […]

Brazilian leaders met by protests

Rainforest destruction in Brazil led to its environment minister and president being met by tough questions and protests after they arrived in Oslo for what was called “a working visit” on Friday. Prime Minister Erna Solberg was among those letting Brazilian President Michel Temer know that the Norwegians were not pleased. “I’m worried that deforestation in […]

Prosecutor drops UD probe, for now

UPDATED: Norway’s state prosecutor (Statsadvokaten) was raising questions Friday about how the country’s foreign ministry (Utenriksdepartementet, UD) has handled a case involving the former Norwegian ambassador to Indonesia. The ambassador had secret romantic relationships with three Indonesian women during the course of his four years in the mostly Muslim nation, one of whom received NOK 1.4 million in […]