‘Norway needs own security minister’

Legal surveillance cameras, like this one mounted on a lighthouse at Aker Brygge, are a common sight in Oslo. Uproar continues, however, over the reported presence of false base stations that can illegally tap into mobile phones. PHOTO: newsinenglish.no staff

A string of surveillance scandals in Norway, especially the recent reports of suspected illegal monitoring of mobile telephones in the country’s power center in Oslo, have led to a call for a new government ministry that would be responsible for national security. Responsibility at present is far too diffuse, and inefficient, claims a former head of Norway’s […]

Government plans to build new jails

The Halden Prison, which just opened a few years ago, is set to be expanded by 100 cells. PHOTO: Justisdepartementet

After suffering a severe shortage of jail space for years, Norway’s conservative government has proposed building no less than four new prisons and expanding cell space at existing prisons. Justice Minister Anders Anundsen told newspaper VG that at least 2,000 more jail cells are needed by 2040. One of the new prisons is planned for Agder in southern […]

Hospital battle heads into court

Health Minister Bent Høie of the Conservatives could finally drop a proposed change to Norway's abortion law that was initiated by the Christian Democrats party but which neither of the two government parties really wanted. The proposal also set off massive public protests, with the Conservatives catching most of the blame. PHOTO: Heiko Junge / NTB Scanpix

After years of bitter controversy and rivalry between two central Norwegian cities, Health Minister Bent Høie named Molde on Friday as the site of a new hospital meant to serve both it and Kristiansund. Opponents immediately announced they’d sue, claiming state health officials have broken several laws during the hospital location process. “This will now go to trial and […]

Norway can win on its weaker krone

Officials at biochemical producer Borregaard have reason to smile, as the company profits on Norway's weaker krone. Here, they were celebrating the opening of a new addition to its biogas factory last week. PHOTO: Borregaard

Norway’s oil sector may be slumping along with oil prices, but lots of other Norwegian companies are benefiting from the recent plunge in the value of the country’s currency, the krone. All the talk of an economic slowdown after years of unprecedented prosperity may also renew the fortune of the country’s conservative minority government. The […]

Long delays for would-be immigrants

It’s taking immigration officials in Norway longer than ever to process applications for residence and work permits, also in cases involving the foreign spouses of Norwegian citizens. One case has taken 10 months already, reports newspaper Dagsavisen, and more than 13,000 others are currently stuck in the same situation. Trond Botnen, an adviser to the Norwegian foreign aid […]

Sealed treason archives to open

Thousands of alleged traitors were put n trial in Norway after World War II. Among the most notorious was Henry Rinnan, who was  a Norwegian agent for Nazi German occupiers and known for torturing fellow Norwegians. He was executed in 1947. PHOTO: Kildenett/Trondelag fylke

National archives containing court files from Norway’s postwar trials into Nazi compliance are about to be opened, after having been sealed for 70 years. Information on why thousands of Norwegians were convicted and punished for cooperating with Nazi German occupiers during World War II will be publicly available from January 1. The archives comprise 1,200 meters of shelf […]

Future unclear for new ‘Lilyhammer’

PHOTO: Statsministerens kontor

As the last episode in the third season of the Norwegian TV series Lilyhammer was set to air on state broadcaster NRK1 Wednesday night, uncertainty flew over whether there will be a fourth season. NRK, which launched the hit series, landed in a conflict with both the show’s producers and Netflix, the international streaming service that paid for a large chunk […]

Pilots warn skies becoming unsafe

PHOTO: Samferdselsdepartementet/Olav Heggø

A group of pilots protested in front of Norway’s Parliament this week, demanding a return to more airline regulation. They fear that a trend allowing airlines to avoid national labour laws and employer taxes can ultimately result in serious airline accidents. “Developments in the airline industry have now reached a point where it’s necessary to sound the […]

Norway lifts its ban on boxing

Bokser Cecilia Brækhus jubler etter seieren over Myriam Lamare fra Frankrike i tittelkampen i weltervekt-klassen under Nordic Fight Night i Frederikshavn lørdag kveld. Foto: Vegard Grøtt / NTB scanpix

After hours of debate, an albeit slim majority of Members of Parliament voted to end Norway’s ban on boxing Tuesday evening. Now world champion Cecelia Brækhus of Norway will legally be able to defend her titles on home turf instead of, for example, in Denmark. “This is unreal, it’s difficult to describe all the feelings I […]

‘Still no crisis’ as krone falls again

200 krone bill

Norway’s krone plunged on Tuesday, a day that currency brokers were referring to as “historic” for Norwegian exchange rates. The dive was blamed on another fall in oil prices, but economists at Norway’s biggest bank claimed the country’s economy remains far from any crisis. The day was nonetheless dramatic for currency traders. “We are seeing a massive weakening of […]