Arctic birds star in slow-TV ‘cliffhanger’

Hornøya, Vardø, birds

A remarkable Norwegian island where tens of thousands of sea birds nest every year will be the location of the latest “slow TV” project from Norway’s state broadcaster, NRK. It will be a real “cliffhanger” of sorts, from an area that birdwatchers visit from all over the world. The island is called Hornøya, and it’s located just a […]

Higher oil prices fuel Barents plans

Around 2,500 people live on Svalbard and 1,003 of its eligible voters in Longyearbyen have now elected a new Conservative-led government on the Arctic archipelago. It's bound to meet "active opposition," however, from the Greens Party. PHOTO: Utenriksdepartementet

Oil prices have now nearly doubled since the beginning of the year, and that’s refueling huge and risky interest in Norway’s offshore portions of the Arctic. While seafood producers voluntarily struck a deal this week to protect Arctic waters, oil companies are pumping up their plans for oil drilling and extraction, even as yet another expert claims they’ll be drilling much too […]

Barents port keen on the oil business

PHOTO: The Independent Barents Observer/Thomas Nilsen

KIRKENES: When the Norwegian government’s new surveillance vessel Marjata berthed at its home port here this month, many locals hoped it signalled the arrival of the first of many new and different kinds of vessels in the future. Officials in this far northern city in Norway’s Arctic are arguably the most hopeful about prospects for new offshore oil and […]

Confusion flies over Ryanair’s strategy

Ryanair continues to generate turbulence in the Norwegian market where it's been trying to expand. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

Political battles tied to Ryanair’s objections to an airline seat tax in Norway, and whether they will lead to closure of the Rygge airport where Ryanair has its base, may have strayed off course. One union official claims Ryanair is only trying to avoid compliance with Norwegian labour laws at Rygge, and may keep flying from Norway even if the tax is […]

Mediator averts major state strike

State mediator Nils Dalseide has been a busy man during Norway's annual spring season for labour negotiations. He was getting much of the credit for warding off a major strike by state workers.  PHOTO: Arbeidsdepartementet

State mediator Nils Dalseide helped head off a major strike on Thursday that would have pulled more than 5,000 state employees off the job within the police, government ministries, state welfare agency NAV and many other state services. It was thus business as usual after weeks of tough negotiations. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that workers […]

State visit linked Norway and Poland

Poland's president, Andrzej Duda, arrived in pouring rain on Monday, making his welcome ceremony on the grounds of the royal palace a very wet affair. PHOTO: Scanpix/Lise Åserud

Poland’s new president, Andrzej Duda, arrived in pouring rain on Monday and left in sunshine on Wednesday after his first three-day state visit to Norway. He’s the second top official from Poland to visit Norway just this year, pointing up Poland’s interest in Norwegian energy and financial resources at a time when relations with the EU have […]

Shell to cut 140 jobs in Norway

PHOTO: A/S Norske Shell/Heine Schjølberg

Major Dutch oil company Shell has become the latest to cut more jobs in Norway. Around 140 positions will disappear and all employees are being given an opportunity to resign voluntarily in return for severance pay. State broadcaster NRK reported that employees at all of Shell’s divisions in Norway were informed of the looming job […]

Rapist gets Norway’s toughest jail term

A former dancer who’s been convicted of raping 18 women and abusing his former live-in partner was sentenced on Wednesday to Norway’s toughest possible punishment: 21 years of special custody that can keep him confined for life. Any appeal will now have to be sought from the country’s Supreme Court. The 21-year sentence handed to convicted […]

Paradox pervades Ryanair drama

Ryanair may start flying in and out of Oslo's main airport at Gardermoen, despite earlier complaints that the landing fees at Norway's airports are "absurdly" high. PHOTO: Ryanair

NEWS ANALYSIS: The paradox could hardly be more pronounced: Norwegian politicians, bureaucrats, business and labour officials who earlier have bashed low-fare airline Ryanair now seem to be rushing to its defense. Ryanair has succeeded in hurling state budget negotiations this week into severe turbulence, all because of its arguably hollow objections to an airline seat tax of around EUR 10 that’s also […]

Ryanair’s airport ‘will shut down’

The Rygge airport at Moss is served almost entirely by Ryanair, which has come under severe criticism by labour organizations and politicians this week. Now state authorities are vowing a full review of Ryanair's operations in Norway. PHOTO: Moss Lufthavn Rygge

The board of directors in charge of the Rygge airport in Moss, south of Oslo, announced Tuesday it had decided to shut down the airport to commercial civilian traffic from November 1. That’s when the only major airline serving it, Ryanair, has said it will severely cut or halt flights entirely, to avoid paying a new […]