Passengers protest new seat tax bills

Norwegian Air is facing another storm of complaints, not least on social media, over its decision to once again try billing for the costs of Norway's new airline seat tax. PHOTO:

Norwegian Air, barred from charging passengers’ credit cards to recoup the costs of Norway’s new airline seat tax, has launched another attempt that’s just as unpopular. Passengers are now protesting emails sent out by Norwegian Air this week with an extra tax bill for flights booked and paid for before the tax took effect June […]

Dual citizenship momentum grows

Myhre, Fox, dual citizenship

Momentum is building in Norway to finally end the country’s ban on dual citizenship, with two activists working hard to convince state politicians that it promotes democracy and integration. Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug is non-committal, saying only that her ministry is currently “evaluating” the issue. “It’s too early to say,” Listhaug said Thursday, what her ministry […]

Listhaug lists her triumphs and goals

PHOTO: Berglund

Smiling and ready to take off on another summer vacation in the United States, Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug spent part of her last day before the July recess on Thursday summing up her successes and her goals after six months on the job. She also made it clear that she’s “just getting started” with her […]

Foreigners’ work conditions probed

Norwegian labour authorities are promising full anonymity to anyone who can tell them about pay and working conditions for hundreds of foreign technical experts, mostly from India, who’ve been working on projects for both Norwegian bank DNB and grocery retailer and wholesaler NorgesGruppen. The workers have been hired in through Tata Consultancy Services of India, which […]

Norway still fails to cut its emissions

Oslo politicians are lobbying hard to get the state to help pay for a carbon capture and storage facility here at the Klemtsrud garbage processing and thermal power plant. The city won't need to spend money it planned to allocate for a Winter Olympics, but can't seem to spend it instead on a facility that could help halt climate change. PHOTO: Wikipedia

While several other countries in the European Union have cut their carbon emissions in half, they’ve increased in oil-producing Norway. One critic claims Norwegian politicians have been opposed in principle to making cuts for many years, and none will occur any time soon. A new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) confirms how poorly […]

Brexit fallout set to keep swirling

EU flag,   Brexit,

Markets were showing signs of recovery on Wednesday after the shock of Britian’s exit from the European Union began to ease, but Norwegian analysts think the turbulence is far from over. Prime Minister Erna Solberg returned from a quick trip to Brussels, meanwhile, with little faith in any near-term solutions to either the financial or political chaos and […]

Publishing firms face collusion charges

Norway’s biggest book publishing companies were warned by competition authorities on Tuesday that they face charges of illegal cooperation and millions of kroner in fines.  Cappelen Damm, Aschehoug, Gyldendal and Vigmostad & Bjørke (which took over Schibsted last year) were all named in the complaint issued by the state regulatory agency Konkurranstilsynet, which is in […]

High court sends ISIL men to jail

The Somalian-Norwegian defendant (left) grew up in Skien with Bastian Vasquez (far right), who has appeared in IS videos and boasted of the terror organization's actions. Prosecutors said this photo was taken in 2013 and also shows a Norwegian (second from right) who was killed in Syria. The faces are blurred because Norwegian press standards only identify defendants if they're convicted. Vasquez, meanwhile, has willingly gone public on earlier occasions. PHOTO: Politi

Norway’s Supreme Court (Høyesterett) has sentenced three men, all Norwegian citizens, to jail terms of up to four-and-a-half years, after finding them guilty of having ties to a terrorist organization and supporting the brutal extremist group ISIL in Syria. The defendants’ sentences were reported to be a bit milder than those determined earlier by a Norwegian appeals […]

More brides take on husbands’ names

Norwegian artists Adolph Tidemand and Hans Gude captured the nationally romantic image of a wedding with their classic painting "Brudeferden i Hardanger" (Bridal party in Hardanger) from 1848. The painting, showing the bride wearing a golden crown while being rowed from the church, hangs in the National Gallery in Oslo. PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons

Summer is high season for weddings in Norway, and a new trend is taking shape. For the first time in a long time, more Norwegian women are opting to take on their husband’s last name. New figures from state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) show that fully 46 percent of the brides are adding their husband’s last […]

Hackers sent out false Greens mail

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg and her colleagues in the Greens Party have decided to negotiate with the socialist parties on a new city government in Oslo PHOTO: MDG/Monica Løvland

Norway’s Greens Party won big in last year’s municipal elections but has since lost popularity after carrying out some of its tough environmental measures. Now the party reportedly has fallen victim to hackers, who sent out thousands of false emails from a Greens account during the night that claim the party actually “loves” fossil fuels […]