Women behind racist attacks in Bergen

Police in Bergen received reports during the weekend that two young Norwegian women were verbally and physically attacking people with non-Nordic features. “She said she was a racist and didn’t like foreigners,” one young Palestinian victim told state broadcaster NRK on Sunday. “I’ve never experienced anything like it before,” Sharif Nidal, who has lived in Norway for seven […]

Norway tones down July 22 memorials

Quieter, less elaborate memorials were held over the weekend for victims and survivors of attacks by an ultra right-wing nationalist who killed 77 people in Norway on July 22, 2011. Prime Minister Erna Solberg stresssed, however, that it was important to show that neither the victims, the survivors nor their families are forgotten. “For us, the 22nd of […]

Emergency landing for Norwegian flight

UPDATED: Norwegian Air’s non-stop overnight flight from Oakland, California to Oslo made an emergency landing back in Oakland late Saturday, after its cockpit crew were warned of an oil leak. “We don’t dare fly over the Atlantic,” the captain of Nowegian’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner told passengers, according to a reporter for Norway’s national television channel […]

Power failure strands 400 passengers

Nearly 400 passengers on board the afternoon train from Oslo to Bergen had to be evacuated in a forest area between Hønefoss and Vikersund on Friday, after the train itself tore down its connection to overhead power lines. The situation was described as chaotic. “I heard something like an explosion before the train came to a […]

Ferry revolution now well underway

More than 50 electric ferries will be in service on the fjords around Norway by the end of 2020, reported the state highway department this week. Environmental organization Bellona called it a “fantastic revolution” in a country that relies on ferries as a critical mode of transport. The world’s first battery-driven ferry started sailing in Norway, on the Lavik-Oppedal […]

Embattled politician drops her holiday

While most top Norwegian politicians are taking a least a week or two off this summer, Liberal Party leader Trine Skei Grande is already on the campaign trail in an effort to win back voters instead. Grande’s small party that once held government power now finds itself battling to simply retain representation in Parliament. Grande thus figures […]

Norway shifts to automatic gear

There’s a quiet automobile revolution going on in Norway that will likely make life a lot easier for visitors renting cars who never learned how to drive with a clutch and manually shift gears. More and more new cars are now being sold with automatic, prompting industry experts to predict that manual transmissions will disappear over the […]

Old US Embassy waits for a buyer

The “Stars ‘n’ Stripes” no longer fly over the old US Embassy building in Oslo, and its police guard house across the street seems as abandoned as the darkened structure itself. Sale of the now-strangely quiet property has been delayed, but its real estate agent still expects a buyer to emerge by the end of the year. […]

Tourists greeted by building projects

Thousands of tourists arriving in Oslo this summer have been greeted by major construction projects, not least around the busiest and most popular spots in town. Neither City Hall Plaza (Rådhusplassen) nor the area around Oslo’s central train station have been particularly welcoming. The biggest eyesores are found near City Hall, where city officials themselves have landed in trouble […]

Norway shuttering the summer ‘seter’

PHOTO FEATURE: The long tradition of moving sheep, cattle and goats up to grazing land at higher elevations lives on in Norway. A new study shows, however, that fully 99 percent of the traditional mountain dairy farms known as a seter or støl, where women looked after the animals and made butter and cheese, have been shut down. […]