Norway loses last Auschwitz survivor

Samuel "Sammy" Steinmann, second from left, took part in the annual memorials on Holocaust Day in January. At far left, government minister Jan Tore Sanner, and on Steinmann's left, Crown Princess Mette-Marit. At far right sat Annelise Høegh, a longtime policitian for the Conservative party who also was the widow of Norway's former president of the Parliament, Jo Benkow, who was Jewish himself. Høegh died of cancer earlier this spring. PHOTO: Kommunal- og Moderniseringsdepartmentet/Agnar Kaarbo

Norwegian government officials were among those mourning the loss over the weekend of Samuel Steinmann, the last survivor of the 532 Norwegian Jews who were shipped to concentration camps aboard a German ship in 1942. A total of 772 were deported during the Nazi German occupation of Norway, and only a few came home again. “As […]

Huge increase in youth on disability

While workers all over the country were out celebrating Labour Day on Friday, alarming numbers of young Norwegians don’t work at all. New statistics show that in the last five years, there’s been a 50 percent increase in the numbers of Norwegians on disability who are under the age of 35. Newspaper Aftenposten reported this […]

Labour’s day on the First of May

Raymond Johansen of the Labour Party was set to be a busy man on Friday, speaking at Labour Day events all day long. PHOTO: Arbeiderpartiet/Johannes Dalen Giske

Politicians from the Norwegian Labour Party planned to be out in force on Friday, the 1st of May, working hard on the national Labour Day holiday to try to win back power at both the local and national levels. Marches and rallies were being held all over the country, led by labour unions and Labour officials alike. The […]

Admiral regrets sales to Nigeria

This Norwegian frigate, now phased out of active service, was sold to a company that intends to fight piracy off the coast of Somalia. PHOTO: Forsvarets mediesenter/Tomas Moss

Norwegian Defense Chief Haakon Bruun-Hansen admitted on Thursday that military officials had done a poor job of selling several surplus vessels in 2012 and 2013, and he apologized for that at a parliamentary inquiry. The vessels wound up under the control of paramilitary forces in Nigeria, and a former military employee has been charged with corruption. “The […]

Unemployment jumps on oil job losses

Norway’s unemployment rate has been low for years, but it’s now rising and not least because of the jobs that are disappearing in the oil and gas sector. A study of the labour market released this week indicates that 4.1 percent of the labour force is now without work, much higher than the levels reported […]

Statoil sees its fortunes slide

Statoil's headquarters in Stavanger got an unexpected visit from teams of inspectors from both the EFTA and Norwegian competition authorities this week. It launched the start of what's likely to be along legal process between Statoil and the EU Commission. PHOTO: Statoil/Øyvind Hagen

Norway’s state-controlled oil company Statoil is suffering an abrupt reversal of fortunes, as last year’s dive in oil and gas prices cuts into its bottom line. The major decline in profits reported by the country’s biggest firm on Thursday came as no surprise, as its new boss tries to cut losses as well as costs. Eldar Sætre […]

DNB, Hydro profit amidst concerns


Not all of Norway’s companies are reporting dismal profits this week, as a flood of first-quarter results were being announced. Norway’s biggest bank, DNB, logged billions and exceeded all expectations, even as its own analysts predicted that housing prices are about to fall. Industrial firm Norsk Hydro, meanwhile, logged huge profit gains. “There’s clearly still good growth in […]

Former players jailed for match-fixing

Three of five former Norwegian football players charged with match-fixing were convicted and sentenced to jail on Wednesday, while two others were acquitted. Two gamblers also charged in the case have been convicted as well. “Norwegian football can never put this match-fixing behind it,” Yngve Hallén, president of the national football federation NFF, told news bureau NTB. […]

See the West Coast from a new angle


PHOTO FEATURE: Norway’s West Coast has been under pressure lately because of the slowdown in its offshore industry, but its seascapes, dramatic weather and everyday life remain as pulsating as ever. Now that’s all been captured by civil engineer and hobby filmmaker Thomas Tepstad Berge, through timelapse images taken over a period of three years. West Coast from […]

Norwegian flying high after strike

Shares in Norwegian Air  took off like a rocket on Wednesday, after the airline reported first-quarter results that were better than expected. PHOTO: Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air was flying high on the Oslo Stock Exchange Wednesday morning, and in general, despite reporting a heavy first-quarter loss. Investors and the traveling public clearly haven’t lost faith in the ever-expanding airline, which is recovering from a lengthy pilots’ strike and, ultimately, loosening its ties to Norway’s strict labour market. The strike was earlier […]