Government backs military aid to Iraq

Foreign Minister Børge Brende was briefing Members of Parliament Thursday on how Norway may contribute to the battle against Islamic extremists. PHOTO:

UPDATED: Norway’s conservative government coalition is positive towards sending military aid to Iraq, to help in the fight against the extremist Islamic group IS, reports newspaper VG. Foreign Minister Børge Brende has earlier stated, though, that any military contribution to the US’ requests for assistance would not include troops on the ground. Brende and Defense Minister Ine Eriksen […]

Terrorists targeted Norwegian families

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) was reporting on Thursday that the terror threat against Norway last summer involved scenarios in which extremists would break into random Norwegian homes and execute the families living in them. The executions would be filmed and then published on the Internet. NRK reported that the goal, according to its sources, was to spread as […]

Landmark hotel finishing facelift

Hotel Continental is one of the few Norwegian hotels to make it into some top international rankings. It's not included, however, in the new hotel booking system just launched by Innovation Norway. PHOTO: Views and News

Oslo’s venerable Hotel Continental is in the process of reopening luxurious accommodation in the heart of Norway’s capital, after a NOK 400 million renovation project. As its new rooms continue to open this month, hotel owner Elisabeth Brochmann shared some insight into unusual requests from high-profile guests over the years. Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, […]

Breivik’s father takes on blame

Jens Breivik, a career diplomat and father of the man who killed 77 persons in Norway last summer, appearing on NRK's Brennpunkt program Wednesday night. PHOTO: NRK

Jens Breivik, the former Norwegian diplomat and father of convicted mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, admits in his new book that he “could have done more” for his troubled son. The book offers the elder Breivik’s version of the family’s troubled past that climaxed with his son killing 77 people on July 22, 2011. “This is […]

King ‘should have stopped daughter’

King Harald reviewing his royal guards last month. He hasn't commented on the latest controversy swirling around his daughter. PHOTO: Forsvaret

Royal experts in Europe claim that Norway’s King Harald should have stopped his daughter, Princess Martha Louise, from promoting a British medium during a seminar her so-called “angel school” conducted over the weekend. They say the princess’ association with the medium, who claims she can communicate with the dead, can damage the stature of the […]

New Ullmann film flops at box office

Norwegian director Liv Ullman's new film "Miss Julie" has been generating lots of attention and was one of three films selected for showing at the Toronto International Film Festival. PHOTO: Norwegian Film Institute

A new film by Norwegian director and actress Liv Ullmann opened at Norwegian cinemas over the weekend but only 3,350 people bought tickets to go see it. The film flop came despite rave reviews for Ullmann’s Frøken Julie (Miss Julie). The film, based on a play by August Strindberg, had a budget of NOK 28 million […]

Lemmings distract, sicken bird dogs

PHOTO: Statskog

It’s high season for bird hunting in the mountains, but the high scenic plateaus favoured by hunters are also full of the small, sometimes fierce critters called lemen (lemmings). Hunters’ dogs love to chase them, but it carries a risk. “Dogs who get hold of a lemming risk getting worms and can be infected with harepest (a […]

Princess ‘can’t represent’ royals

Martha Louise

Norwegian bishops were critical and distressed on Sunday after Norway’s controversial princess, Martha Louise, went on stage in Oslo with a self-professed British medium who claims she can communicate with the dead. The bishops don’t think a member of the Norwegian royal family should have anything to do with someone who profits from such claims, which […]

‘No choice’ but to back Obama on IS

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende was in Iraq recently and met with the new Iraqi prime minister, Haidar al-Abadi. PHOTO: Utenriksdepartementet/Astrid Versto

Norway, which refused to back the US’ invasion of Iraq during the Bush Administration, will be supporting US President Barack Obama’s plan for fighting the Islamic extremist group IS in Iraq now. “We have no choice,” said Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende. “We have to contribute to the fight against IS,” Brende said on Norwegian […]

Norway won’t let China build radar

The EISCAT radar installation on Svalbard won't be getting a third antenna that China wanted to build. PHOTO: Wikipedia/Tom Grydeland

Norwegian politicians are keen to restore diplomatic relations with China, but won’t grant China’s request to build a large radar antenna on Norway’s Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. While Norwegian officials won’t specify why they turned down China’s bid, it’s been reported that such highly sophisticated equipment has been used for spying in the past. China has long been keen […]