Slippery streets and sidewalks grip Oslo

Oslo city streets, like here in the Vika district, have been covered with ice and snow, made dangerously slippery when rain freezes on top of it all. PHOTO:

Pedestrians and motorists alike have had to deal with “extreme” conditions in and around Oslo this week, after alternating periods of snow and rain turned sidewalks and streets into slick ice rinks. Emergency rooms are busy tending to fractures caused by falls on the ice, while insurance companies are flooded with collision claims. “All our […]

Reindeer closed key mountain highway

Herds of wild reindeer have again forced the closure of a key highway over the mountains of Hardanger. PHOTO: Statens Vegvesen

Wild reindeer have once again forced the closure of one of the key transport arteries connecting eastern and western Norway. State Highway 7 (RV7) over the Hardanger plateau remained closed Friday morning, to allow the reindeer to graze in peace. The wild reindeer are protected in Norway and occasionally move in large herds close to roads in […]

Powerful storm knocked out the north

Another powerful storm packing strong winds swept over wide portions of Northern Norway Thursday afternoon and hit the city of Narvik especially hard. Police evacuated a shopping center and a school, where parents picking up their children were literally knocked off their feet. The winds tore the roof off of several buildings, threatened to topple […]

Shots fired, police cordoned off Ullevål

Norway's first case of ebola will be handled here, at Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo, which has special isolation units and equipment. PHOTO: Wikipedia

UPDATED: Police in Oslo launched a major manhunt Thursday afternoon, following reports that a man carrying a pistol fired shots in the vicinity of Ullevål University Hospital. The heavily trafficked boulevard running in front of the hospital was cordoned off and a man in his 30s was arrested around 3pm. Police helicopters whirred overhead and all […]

Debate rages over asylum children

The children of rejected asylum seekers in Norway continue to pose tough dilemmas for state officials and stir debate. At issue is whether the children, and thus their parents, should be allowed to stay in the country even though the parents didn’t qualify for asylum and, in many cases, violated immigration law and residence rules. The issue rose again this […]

NTNU to rank as largest university

PHOTO: Mentz Indergaard/NTNU Info

NTNU, the university in Trondheim that recently produced Nobel Prize-winning researchers, is set to become the largest in Norway after its board approved a merger with three university colleges in Gjøvik, Ålesund and Trondheim’s own home county of Sør-Trøndelag. The board was split over the merger, but the rectors of all four institutions of higher education favoured […]

The challenges of being Erna

PHOTO: Berglund

It was another challenging day of being prime minister for Erna Solberg on Wednesday: More than a million union members walked off their jobs nationwide in the afternoon to protest her minority government’s proposed work rule changes, her justice minister is under fire, her government can’t seem to deport an Islamic fundamentalist who has threatened both national security and her […]

Massive support for political strike

Members of unions in the YS federation were out in forced on Wednesday, braving cold wet weather to attend a large rally in front of the Parliament in Oslo. PHOTO: YS

Norway’s three major trade union federations were jubilant late Wednesday afternoon after their two-hour political strike drew thousands of supporters all over the country. Police estimated that 20,000 showed up in front of the Parliament in Oslo, while nearly 200 rallies took place from Vadsø in the far north to Kristiansand in the south. “It’s overwhelming to see […]

PST: ‘Krekar still poses a threat’

Mullah Krekar has been in trouble for years, but Norwegian authorities can't legally send him back to Iraq because they have no guarantee he won't be executed there. PHOTO: Views and News

A court in Oslo will decide on Friday whether Mullah Krekar can be banished to a small village in central Norway until he can be deported. Norway’s police intelligence agency PST still considers Krekar a threat to national security. The court heard arguments on both sides yesterday over whether Krekar, who just finished serving a […]

Ex-Yara executive ‘shocked’ by arrest

The former Yara executives, who all refuse to have their photos taken in court, worked here at Yara's former headquarters building in Oslo. The company has since moved to a new location at Skøyen, west of downtown. PHOTO: Yara

Former top executives of large Norwegian fertilizer firm Yara are undergoing more tough questioning as their bribery trial continues in an Oslo courtroom this week. Two of them have had to listen to themselves chatting in telephone conversations they didn’t know were being taped by corruption investigators, while one claimed he was “shocked” he’s been charged in […]