Norway finally ready for more refugees

Indoor tents like these at UDI's asylum reception center in Råde, south of Oslo, will be the first stop for refugees arriving in Norway later this week who have been living in camps in Italy. PHOTO: UDI/Hero

Just a day after a refugee aid group blasted Norwegian officials for being slow at taking in more refugees, state immigration agency UDI announced that around 20 will be flown to Norway this week from Italy, where they’ve been languishing in refugee camps. At least another 1,480 are due by the end of next year. Ann-Magrit Austenå, head […]

Leaks raise alarm in Halden, Mongstad

PHOTO: Wikipedia

Norway has been hit by some scary leaks in the past few days, also because one of them failed to be reported for around 20 hours. It involved “accidental release of radioactive iodine” from a reactor that’s soon to be shut down, and authorities were not pleased. “This was not not good enough,” admitted research director Atle […]

Another strike can cut out electricity

Electricity customers better hope there will be no major storms that will damage power lines around Norway, because an expanded strike by electrical workers means any damage may not be corrected. PHOTO:

Just as signs emerged that Norway’s train strike may be rolling towards a settlement, another strike threatened to result in power failures around the country. Hundreds of thousands of electricity customers may be affected after a strike by electrical workers spread again this week. The strike has been underway since talks broke down more than a month […]

Telenor’s job cuts ‘shocked’ workers

Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor is among the companies that's been hit by computer attacks tied to industrial espionage. PHOTO:

After years of major expansion abroad, Norway’s state-controlled telecoms firm Telenor is consolidating and cutting back at home. Nearly 200 employees at Telenor offices around the country face transfers or losing their jobs. A total of 188 Telenor workers in Norway were told on Monday that their services were no longer needed where they’re currently […]

Motorists warned as the first snow falls

The snow wasn't threatening Oslo's main airport at Gardermoen yet, but when it falls in large quantities, teams of snowplows will be ready to clear it. PHOTO: Oslo Lufthavn AS/Espen Solli

The first significant snow of the season fell around southern- and southeastern Norway over the weekend and on Monday, leading to some slippery roads from Telemark in the west to Hedmark in the east. Highway officials were quick to warn that motorists need to be wary, and get snow tires on their cars. The first […]

‘Siem Pilot’ caught in rescue ‘chaos’

The offshore vessel Siem Pilot continues to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean, rescuing aound 2,400 over the weekend. PHOTO: Kripos

The Norwegian vessel that’s been deployed for rescue operations in the Mediterranean, the Siem Pilot, saved around 2,400 migrants over the weekend in an emergency situation that reportedly led to “complete chaos” on board. The vessel was on its way to Palermo Sunday, still carrying 1,093 migrants. Most are believed to have embarked from Libya on […]

Train strike due to roll into Sørlandet

Commuters and other train passenger have faced hundreds of cancellations since a strike by locomotive engineers began September 28. PHOTO:

Nearly half of all the trains running along Norway’s southern coast will grind to a halt from Wednesday, after striking locomotive engineers decided to pull more of their colleagues off the job. The strike remains deadlocked, with no relief in sight for Oslo area commuters. The labour federation representing the engineers decided on Friday to expand their strike […]

Trade ministers gathered in Oslo

From its perch on a hilltop above Oslo, the Voksenåsen Hotel and Conference Center can offer some inspirational views for trade ministers from around the world. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

It was being called an “informal” meeting on trade, but with foreign and trade ministers from 24 countries traveling to Oslo and taking part, also from China and Russia, the high-level gathering reflected a major effort to rally forces to “save” international trade and ward off protectionism. Norway’s Foreign Minister Børge Brende invited them all to the […]

Embracing an uncertain future

Lots of oil industry workers are currently having to look for new work, and those who come from outside Europe often don't qualify for unemployment benefits in the meantime. Some are forced to leave the country, and the engineers' union NITO calls that a "lose-lose situation." PHOTO: Statoil

The dive in oil prices has pushed thousands of people in Norway out of once-secure jobs in the oil and offshore industry. As job losses have mounted, so have feelings of uncertainty and anxiety among those out of work, even as the market has shown signs of improvement. Clinical psychologist Nicola McCaffrey, based in the “oil […]

Oslo won’t ban cars downtown after all


A cease-fire has been reached in Oslo’s version of “car wars.” Street parking continues to be replaced by bicyle lanes, but the Norwegian capital’s new Labour- and Greens-led government has parked its plans to ban cars in the downtown area, much to the relief of retailers, businesses, residents and opposition politicians. “My first reaction is that this is […]