Mayor furious over ‘Lilyhammer’ cheat

US actor and musician Steven Van Zandt is back in action on Norwegian TV, in the second season of NRK's hit show "Lilyhammer." PHOTO: NRK

Lilyhammer, the dramatic comedy starring Steven Van Zandt as a mafia boss transplanted to Norway, was back on TV this week — much to the delight of  fans and most critics. But one man was not laughing: The mayor of Vågan in Lofoten archipelago, who says he’s been cheated of publicity. The new season of Lilyhammer […]

Monitors ‘failed to issue top flood alert’

Violent flooding has caused chaos and destruction in west Norway. In the small town of Odda, the Opo river washed awaty homes and bridges. PHOTO: NTB Scanpix

The government agency charged with monitoring water levels in  Norway’s rivers and waterways was the target of fierce criticism on Wednesday, the day after rapidly swelling rivers caused severe flooding in large parts of west Norway.  The agency, Norges Vassdrags- og energidirektorat (NVE), reportedly failed to issue timely warnings to vulnerable communities that flooding was underway. […]

British investors board Hurtigruten

The Hurtigruten seems headed for Britsh ownership after more than a century as a crown jewel in Norway's infrastructure. Photo:

British investment firm TDR Capital has made a surprise offer to acquire Norway’s iconic coastal shipping line known as Hurtigruten, with Norwegian tycoons Trygve Hegnar and Petter Stordalen as hangers-on. Hegnar is currently Hurtigruten’s largest shareholder, controlling a third of its stock, and is also chairman of the board. If the proposed deal goes through, […]

200-year flood hits west Norway towns

Rescue crews and volunteers worked through the night to evacuate hundreds of people and limit damage as Voss, Odda and several other towns suffered the worst floods to hit western Norway in more than a century. In some places, rapidly rising masses of water washed away foundations and the ground under buildings, causing homes to […]

Norway ‘broke human rights’

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled against Norway's courts. Council of Europe Credits

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Norway violated the human rights of businessman Hroar Hansen when its courts threw out his appeals in a battle over real estate.  Newspaper VG reported that Hansen now expects Norway’s Supreme court to reconsider his long-standing disagreement with Terje Høili, the billionaire owner of a grocery […]

Trouble at NAV as tech boss resigns


The top IT executive of state welfare agency NAV resigned on Monday, alleging that she had been under “inhumane pressure” from her bosses to quit. Nina Aulie had been tasked with modernizing the welfare giant’s complex web of incompatible and sometimes antique computer systems. A key reason behind Aulie’s decision to resign appears to be […]

Doctor stands up for smoker rights

The outspoken Dr Per Fugelli thinks restrictions on smoking have gone too far in Norway.  PHOTO: WIkipedia Commons/Jarle Vines

Smokers in Norway, steadily losing ground as their habit is banned from more and more public areas, have received some much-needed support from Dr. Per Fugelli who says it’s time to stop harassing them.  Fugelli, a professor at the University of Oslo’s medical school who’s been an active voice in social issues for years, says government […]

Autumn storms hammer the west

The E16 at Vinje in Hordaland county late Sunday, near the flooded area. PHOTO: Statens Vegvesen webcam

Strong winds and heavy rain hammered the western parts of Norway through the weekend, paralyzing ferry services and shutting down bridges and highways in several areas. Meteorologists warned that the worst may be yet to come, with extreme rain and increasing danger of landslides in exposed areas. The key E16 highway between the eastern and western […]

Northerners cling to open border

PHOTO: Berglund

As Norwegian and Russian officials gather near their shared border in the northern Norwegian city of Kirkenes this weekend, local residents fervently hope they’ll “break the ice” and improve diplomatic relations. They don’t want anything to damage the good relations they’ve enjoyed for years themselves with their Russian neighbors. King Harald, Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Foreign Minister Børge […]

Northern Norway’s grief remembered

Kirkenes was only one of the cities in Northern Norway that was completely destroyed by retreating Nazi German forces. PHOTO: Wikipedia

Norway’s late King Olav V called it the greatest castastrophe in Norwegian history since the plague devastated the country in 1349. This week marks 70 years since the Norwegian liberation hopes raised by Soviet soldiers, who pushed occupying Nazi German forces out of Northern Norway in October 1944, turned to despair when the retreating Nazi troops responded by destroying […]