NRK and TV2 lose Olympic coverage

Marit Bjørgen did well at last year's Olympics in Vancouver and seems to be Norway's greatest hope for more gold at the World Championships. PHOTO: NRK/Views and News

Television coverage of the next two Winter- and Summer Olympics has become too expensive even for Norway’s two nationally licensed broadcasters NRK and TV2. After losing out in the bidding for Olympic broadcasting rights from 2018 to 2024, both commentators and the broadcasters themselves wondered whether they’ll ever be able to air Olympic events again. NRK is Norway’s state public […]

Bound for Greece with cash in hand

Norwegian travel by the thousands every year to spend holidays on beaches like this on Crete. The current economic crisis isn't prompting them to cancel this summer's plans. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

Norwegians heading off on Greek holidays are stocking up on euros before departure, but otherwise not letting the country’s economic crisis stop them. Some automated teller machines (ATMs) in Norway ran empty of euros during the weekend, but Norwegian banks assured travelers that they had enough of the currency to meet demand. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported […]

Traffic decline may halt airport plans

Oslo's main airport at Gardermoen has been under construction in connection with a major expansion project. It will continue, but other airport expansion plans may be grounded because of lower passenger numbers. PHOTO: Nordic Office of Architecture

For the first time in years, airline passenger traffic through Norwegian airports has logged a decline. The unexpected descent from sky-high levels is linked to the dive in oil prices and the subsequent slowdown in the Norwegian economy, and it may affect expansion plans at several Norwegian aiports. The major expansion currently underway at Norway’s […]

Teenage killer to be held indefinitely

A local court has ruled that the public must be protected from a violent 15-year-old girl who murdered the woman who was taking care of her at a juvenile care facility at Vollen in Asker, west of Oslo. The girl has appealed her sentence of nine years in the special type of custody that can be […]

Tunisia travel cancelled after attack

The Norwegian division of travel company Detur has cancelled all of its package tours to Tunisia following Friday’s deadly attack on tourists at a Tunisian beach resort. Dozens were killed in the attack against several hotels in the city of Sousse. Around 159 Norwegians were among the tourists on holiday in Tunisia, which was forced to […]

Norwegian Air heads for the Caribbean

Norwegian Air chief executive Bjørn Kjos says the airline will register its new aircraft in Ireland, in order to be able to hire Asian crews at Asian pay levels that will allow Norwegian to compete with Asian carriers. PHOTO: Norwegian Air

It may seem odd to fly on a Norwegian Air jet between Boston and Martinique, but that’s one of the new routes that Norway’s tireless airline entrepreneur Bjørn Kjos aims to start offering North American passengers. Undaunted by a recent pilots’ strike, a new rash of trouble on its long-haul service and regulatory uncertainty, Kjos is […]

Frustrated Carlsen logged shocking loss

Norwegian chess champion Magnus Carlsen was clearly feeling like anything but a champion on Thursday, after losing yet another, and final, match at the Norway Chess tournament in Stavanger. He was so frustrated that he pushed away a reporter’s microphone from Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). The incident occurred after he lost a match to fellow Norwegian […]

State commission blasts Bergen police

Norwegian police complain that they're still poorly prepared to respond to emergencies, a year after incurring criticism over their poor response to the terrorist attacks of July 22, 2011. PHOTO: Justisdepartementet

A government commission investigating how the Hordaland Police District in Bergen reacted to the death of an eight-year-old girl has strongly criticized both the police and their local chief. “They haven’t understood their own rules,” commission leader Jan Fougner claimed on Thursday, and the police chief in Bergen lost his position a few hours later. The death […]

Erna takes Norway firmly to the right

Prime Minister Erna Solberg is attempting, and steadily succeeding, at moving Norway farther to the right. In doing so, her reform program may make as lasting an effect as those ushered in during the 1980s by an earlier prime minister from the Conservative Party, Kåre Willoch (right). PHOTO: Statsministerens kontor

Prime Minister Erna Solberg summed up the past year of her Conservatives-led government before heading into summer modus this week, and predictably emphasized progress over conflict. Even her arch rivals in the Parliament conceded afterwards that Solberg’s long list of reforms are well underway, and have launched a swing to the right that may be […]

Terror trials test Norwegian values

NEWS ANALYSIS: There’s been a rash of trials in Norway lately involving alleged terrorist activity, support for terrorists or threats from Islamic extremists. Running through most of them is the conflict between provocative rhetoric and Norwegians’ much-cherished right to freedom of expression. Some now think the courts’ interpretation of the latter has gone too far. One […]