Solberg launches government talks

Prime Minister Erna Solberg invited the leaders of Norway’s three other non-socialist parties to her home Thursday evening, just hours after returning from the UN General Assembly in New York. Solberg brushed any jet lag aside to launch exploratory talks that she hopes will lead to the formation of a new four-party conservative government coalition. […]

Cycling fans ‘go wild’ in Bergen

Norwegian sports fans are known for being enthusiastic – waving flags, ringing cow bells, painting their faces and cheering loudly. Those turning out for the cycling world championships in Bergen this week have outdone themselves, creating such pandemonium that police felt compelled to step in. “I’ve never experienced anything wilder,” Norwegian cycling star Edvald Boasson Hagen […]

Power struggles grip the Labour Party

Norway’s defeated Labour Party has descended, just a week after losing the parliamentary election, into some bitter power struggles that also are pitting men against women. The party’s highly praised finance policy spokesperson now seems to have fallen victim to a party veteran who wanted her job. Marianne Marthinsen received high praise during Labour’s entire election campaign […]

Garbage collection troubles spread

More than 100 local governments nationwide were thrown into crisis mode this week after the garbage collection company they were all using filed for bankruptcy. The “stinky situation,” as one newspaper editorialized, renewed concerns over how garbage collection has increasingly been outsourced to private players over the years. The city of Oslo fell victim last year to the financial […]

‘Norway needs a defense Plan B’

US President Donald Trump’s fiery speech at the UN in New York this week was setting off some alarms back home in Norway on Thursday. A Norwegian expert on defense and US relations thinks the government and Parliament need to take Trump’s tough talk far more seriously than their initial reaction suggests. He urges a […]

Norway downplays Trump’s tough talk

Neither Prime Minister Erna Solberg nor Foreign Minister Børge Brende were impressed by US President Donald Trump’s debut at the United Nations this week. Both played down Trump’s harsh words and “America First” claims, and were more impressed and reassured by the cooperation promoted by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. Trump’s reference to North Korea’s provocative […]

Moods of Norway files for bankruptcy

They were once jumping for joy and declaring how they made “happy clothes for happy people.” Now the mood has changed dramatically among those working for Moods of Norway, the offbeat Norwegian clothing retailer, after its founders declared bankruptcy on Wednesday. “It’s incomprehensibly sad that the adventure is now over,” Moods of Norway founder Simen Staalnacke told Norwegian […]

NRK signs off the FM dial from Oslo

Static both literally and figuratively replaced Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)’s programs when they disappeared from more of the state’s FM network on Wednesday. At NRK’s chosen time of 11 seconds after 11:11am, its transmission equipment atop Oslo’s landmark Tryvann Tower was turned off, and all NRK stations are now only available via Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+) in […]

Liberals struggle with internal split

Liberal Party leader Trine Skei Grande is being pulled in different directions, by those who think her party should join a new conservative government that Prime Minister Erna Solberg wants to form, and by those who think the party should move into opposition. The mixed signals are coming not only from outside her party, but from […]

Christian Democrats ‘need a new name’

Rising skepticism in Norway towards religion has made the Christian Democrats’ very name a liability for the struggling political party, claims a former editor for the Christian-oriented newspaper Vårt Land. Helge Simonnes thinks the party should consider changing it. “An increasing fear and skepticism of religion has been developing in Norwegian society,” Simonnes told news […]