Imminent terror attack on Norway

UPDATED: “We are now in a situation where there is a specific terror threat against Norway,” said Justice and Public Security Minister Anders Anundsen as he opened an emergency press conference with the Police Security Service (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste, PST) on Thursday morning. PST chief Benedicte Bjørnland said the service had received information from aboard, indicating […]

Eurocontrol could have saved MH17

Avinor, the state agency running Norway's airports, hopes for more harmony in the tower and an end to cancellations and delays caused by a shortage of air traffic controllers. PHOTO: Avinor/Gaute Bruvik

A Norwegian aviation expert argued aviation authority Eurocontrol, which approves airline routes over Europe, could have prevented the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Eastern Ukraine a week ago. Einar Sørensen said it was too risky to depend on countries’ own assessments of their airspace security, and Eurocontrol should take over the task. […]

Divorce rate drops in Norway

New figures showed the number of divorces in Norway dropped by 12 percent since 2005, and there’s less demand for separation and divorce mediation. Relationship experts said it was difficult to pin down the reasons for the drop, but said marrying older after long cohabitation, changing attitudes towards relationship counseling, a higher proportion of immigrants […]

Violence victims face budget cuts

Prime Minister Erna Solberg joins political leaders and July 22 support workers to lay wreathes on Utøya on Tuesday, commemorating the third anniversary of the massacre. The Office of Criminal Injuries Compensation said on Wednesday it was concerned by the government's plans to cut its budget by 69 percent in the next two years, arguing it still had many cases to handle in the aftermath of the attacks. PHOTO: Statsministerens kontor

The Office of Criminal Injuries Compensation (Kontoret for voldsoffererstatning, KFV) feared a proposed NOK 25 million (USD 4 million) cut to its budget would drastically reduce the support it could offer victims of violence. KFV’s funding was increased in response to its large workload following the July 22, 2011 attacks, and the office said the […]

Animal cruelty cases on the rise

Moss locals organised a memorial service for Lucas the dog, to be held on Wednesday evening. A man confessed to killing the dog after a social media witch hunt. Animal welfare group NOAH said there had been an alarming increase in the number of animal cruelty cases reported so far this year. PHOTO: for hunden Lucas

Norwegian animal welfare organization NOAH expressed concern on Tuesday over the record number of animal cruelty notifications it has received so far this year. Recent cases that have attracted media attention included seagull shootings and a cat drowned in its carrier, while on Tuesday a person confessed to killing a dog which had been found […]

‘Too many roses, not enough anger’

Erna Solberg, July 22 memorial

NEWS ANALYSIS: It’s taken three years, but Norwegians are finally beginning to publicly display pent-up anger over a home-grown right-wing extremist’s murderous attacks on July 22, 2011. As the grieving process reached its third anniversary on Tuesday, it became more clear that all the roses and early attempts at reconciliation weren’t enough to heal all the wounds. Norwegians gathered […]

Center Party: Let Israel into NATO?

Ola Borten Moe serves as Norway's Oil & Energy Minister, but took the liberty of commenting on the future of fur farming last week, and that's upset government colleagues. PHOTO: Senterpartiet

Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp) deputy Ola Borten Moe proposed a radical new suggestion to deal with the ongoing Middle East conflict on Tuesday – inviting Israel to join NATO. He said rather than boycott Israeli goods, Norway should build stronger relationships with Israel, and help integrate the country into safe and economically stable European communities. […]

‘Grief is as heavy for many today’

Clean-up efforts are well underway at the government complex hit by a right-wing extremist's bomb on Friday. Now a commission will examine the attacks and the emergency response to them, a project likely to take as long as a year. PHOTO: Views and News

Norwegians were gathering on Tuesday to mark the third anniversary of the July 22, 2011 terror attacks that killed 77 people in and around Oslo. Labour youth party (Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking, AUF) leader and Utøya survivor Eskil Pedersen said that while those left behind were returning to normal life, the pain was still raw. The day’s official memorial […]

Chess Olympiad yields to FIDE

Tromsø mayor Jens Johan Hjort (left) and FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Chess Olympiad. The Tromsø 2014 organizers bowed to pressure from FIDE on Monday and agreed to let teams who'd missed the June 1 registration deadline compete in next month's tournament. PHOTO: David Llada/

The organizers of the 41st World Chess Olympiad in Tromsø next month bowed to pressure from the World Chess Federation (FIDE) on Monday, and agreed to allow entry to teams that missed the sign-up deadline. Last week FIDE threatened to cancel the event or move it to Russia when the Tromsø 2014 organizers refused to budge […]

More foreigners in prostitution

The Norwegian government banned prostitution in 2009 in a bid to halt human trafficking, but charities said the number of foreign prostitutes in Norway has only risen in the years since. Aid groups blamed the financial crisis in other parts of Europe and Norway’s strict migrant worker regulations for pushing more foreigners onto the streets. […]