Molde wins its second cup in a row

Molde Football Club won Norway’s annual cup final for the second year in a row on Sunday, beating rival Odd Grenland by a score of 2-0 at the country’s national football stadium at Ullevaal in Oslo. Molde fans went wild as their team also scored their second major victory of the season. This year’s cup […]

Police can now be armed at all times

Justice Minister Anders Anundsen of the Progress Party, shown here checking out a new police motorcycle, has been keen to support the police. He was expected to approve a request by Police Director Odd Reidar Humlegård (left) to let police be armed at all times. PHOTO: Justis- og beredskapsdepartementet

UPDATED: Norway’s state director of police asked Justice Minister Anders Anundsen on Friday for the right to carry weapons at all times, not just in special situations. Norway’s police have historically remained unarmed, but that’s changing after an increased terror threat with police as designated targets. Police Director Odd Reidar Humlegård was expected to “be met with […]

Highlights of the budget compromise

Weary politicians stopped quarreling and formed a united front in presenting the state budget compromise on Friday. PHOTO: FRP/Bjørn Inge Bergestuen

The top politicians who emerged from a long night of budget talks wearily starting summing up key settlements at a press conference Friday morning. As expected, the government politicians claimed that the main thrust of the budget “stood firmly,” while the government’s two small support parties in parliament claimed they’d been able influence government spending […]

Voters desert coalition parties

Progress Party leader Siv Jensen, who also became Norway's finance minister after last year's election, suddenly faces voter desertion after a year with government power. PHOTO: screen grab

After finally winning government power for the first time in its 40-year history last year, Progress Party leader Siv Jensen has since seen voters desert the party after she and her colleagues took office.  She woke up Friday to public opinion poll results that were described as nothing less than “catastrophic” by political commentators. The poll, conducted by […]

Budget pact wards off coalition crisis

Trine Skei Grande, leader of the Liberals party, has called the reported surveillance "shocking," and is demanding an apology from the US. Other top Norwegian politicians are upset as well, with former government officials suggesting the assurances received from their US counterparts earlier weren't true. PHOTO: Venstre

UPDATED: Norway’s minority government coalition survived a battle over its first proposed state budget without, for example, having to go along with the Liberal Party leader Trine Skei Grande’s demand to raise fuel taxes. The two government parties and their two so-called support parties finally agreed during the night on a revised budget peppered with compromises. Norwegian […]

Wildlife suffers as Svalbard melts

As winter descends on Svalbard, researchers are sounding new alarms about rising temperatures and more rain that are threatening wildlife. PHOTO: NTNU/

Norway’s Arctic archipelago of Svalbard has experienced the sharpest rise in average temperatures in all of Europe, according to a new climate study set to be published on Thursday. Now Svalbard’s once-frozen and remote islands can expect more rain even during the middle of winter, and more troubling consequences for its wildlife. The darkest time of […]

Still no answers from Telenor

Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor is among the companies that's been hit by computer attacks tied to industrial espionage. PHOTO:

Telenor’s chief executive officer and chairman didn’t offer any new public response to corruption allegations after a meeting with Norway’s government minister in charge of business and trade issues. Telenor is part of an international investigation into alleged bribery payments made by mobile phone firm VimpelCom, in which Telenor owns a 43 percent, but its top officials continue to claim ignorance. […]

Police question Telenor’s boss

Telenor's chief executive, Jon Fredrik Baksaas, declined to comment directly on the corruption probe. Queries were referred to officials at VimpelCom. PHOTO: Telenor

Jon Fredrik Baksaas, chief executive of state-controlled telecoms giant Telenor, has undergone questioning by white-collar crime police investigators in both Norway and the Netherlands, in connection with the ongoing corruption probe into mobile phone firm VimpelCom. Telenor owns a major stake in VimpelCom and Baksaas sits on its board of directors. Baksaas and Telenor have […]

Bridges urged over the Oslo Fjord

A second bridge is also under consideration between Moss and Horten. ILLUSTRATION:  SWECO

Norway’s state highway department is recommending that politicians opt for a new bridge over the Oslo Fjord instead of building a new tunnel under it, to ease east-west traffic in southern Norway. Some plans call for two bridges, but face major budget challenges. Traffic planners have been trying to find new ways of speeding east-west […]

Uber arrives to take on taxi firms

Taxis are plentiful in Norway, but not always popular. PHOTO:

The controversial “personal transport” company Uber was accelerating its way into the Norwegian market this week, opening its first “private chauffeur” service in Oslo on Wednesday. Local taxi companies feel threatened and Uber can expect to run into many legal roadblocks. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that Uber, founded in San Francisco in 2009, was undaunted and […]