Government huddles for crisis meeting

Non-socialist parties celebrated winning a collective majority, but they ultimately couldn't agree on forming a government.

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s conservative minority government seems to be teetering on the brink of collapse, given the ongoing discontent among the four parties behind it. Now all four party leaders reportedly plan to huddle next week for a not-so-secret “crisis meeting” in an effort to smooth badly ruffled feathers. At issue, first and foremost, is the […]

EU opposition still runs strong

PHOTO: Statsministerens kontor/Juha Roininen/EUP Images

NEWS ANALYSIS: Twenty years after Norwegians voted against joining the European Union (EU) for the second time, opposition to membership in the EU is much stronger than it was then. New public opinion polls show a solid majority saying they’d vote “no” again. In a new poll conducted by research firm InFact for newspaper VG, […]

Statoil rolls out huge new oil field

Norway's new Johan Sverdrup oil and gas field, located around 140 kilometers off Stavanger in the North Sea, represents a huge new source of wealth. Its environmental impact seems to be of secondary consideration. ILLUSTRATION: Statoil

NEWS ANALYSIS: The timing was ironic at best: Just as a new wave of climate concerns was literally washing over Norway this week, state oil company Statoil proudly promoted its huge new oil field Johan Sverdrup as the giant project heads for public hearing. Many argue that Norway’s oil and gas industry is a major contributor to […]

Russians visit as tensions rise

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende (left) met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow last month. Bans on Norwegian salmon exports to Russia were on their agenda.  PHOTO: Utenriksdepartementet/Kristin Enstad

NEWS ANALYSIS: While Sweden’s military continued to hunt this week for what many fear could be a Russian submarine in Swedish territorial waters, concerns are rising in Norway over military preparedness in the Arctic. Tensions are high on the eve of a meeting between Norway’s and Russia’s foreign ministers in Norway’s most northern county of Finnmark this […]

Støre fuels new oil uncertainty

Jonas Gahr Støre is off to a flying start as Labour's new leader, with the party now scoring its highest level of voter support in nearly 30 years. PHOTO: Arbeiderpartiet Arbeiderpartiet

NEWS ANALYSIS: New Labour Party boss Jonas Gahr Støre has suddenly emerged as the new ray of hope for the environmental movement and a threat to Norway’s oil and gas industry. Remarks he’s made in the past few weeks suggest that he wants to slow the pace of oil exploration and extraction. The Labour Party […]

Coalition strides into second year


NEWS ANALYSIS: After a long, hot summer with interrupted holidays, Norway’s non-socialist government coalition ministers are striding into their second year in power and preparing their first state budget. A year after last fall’s election, leaders of all the country’s political parties were gathering in Arendal on Thursday to debate whether the government has delivered, while a new public opinion […]

Royal debate rages as teachers strike


NEWS ANALYSIS: As angry and demoralized Norwegian teachers voted to go on strike this week, debate continues to fly over the crown couple’s decision last week to pull their own two royal children out of their local public school. Some claim the royal family has contributed to a “devaluation” of Norwegian public schools, while teachers feel they’re being […]

Minister intent on deregulating food

New Agriculture Minister Sylvi Listhaug posed for photos recently on her parents' farm in western Norway, Lindseth Gard. She's faced a lot of criticism from farmers and food producers who fear her plans to reform agricultural policy and liberalize markets. PHOTO: Landbruks- og mat departementet/Olav Skjedstad/Romsdals Budstikke

NEWS ANALYSIS: New Agriculture Minister Sylvi Listhaug is a farmer’s daughter who has referred to the country’s highly regulated farming and food industries as a “Norwegian form of communism.” Now she’s in a position to tackle many of the aspects that make food in Norway the most expensive in the world, and the powerful farming […]

Norway urged to ‘let the oil lie’

The Oseberg Field Centre has already been hit by the strike, which now may result in a lock-out that would shut down all Norwegian oil installations in the North Sea. PHOTO: Statoil/Øyvind hagen

NEWS ANALYSIS: The strongest warnings ever about the hazards of climate change, issued over the weekend, have prompted Norway’s new environment minister to promise that emissions cuts will be made in all sectors, including the country’s important oil industry. Others are urging a halt to all oil and gas exploration on the Norwegian continental shelf, […]

Climate change ‘painful, costly’

Johan Sverdrup is among the largest oil fields on the Norwegian shelf, according to Statoil, and will at its peak contribute 25 percent of the production from the entire Norwegian Continental Shelf. IMAGE: Statoil

NEWS ANALYSIS: Environmental groups were pleasantly surprised when Norway’s new conservative government unveiled some new climate-friendly goals earlier this month, including full electrification of new offshore oil fields. The government is already facing strong objections from state-owned oil company Statoil, but this week’s release of the UN’s latest climate report shows that such measures are now urgently […]