Appeals court backs Krekar’s extradition

Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, also known as Mullah Krekar. PHOTO: Berglund

A Norwegian appeals court has supported a ruling from an Oslo City Court that would allow state officials to extradite Islamic cleric Mullah Krekar to Italy. Officials in Italy want to prosecute Krekar on charges he led a terrorist network in Europe. Krekar’s long-time defense attorney Brynjar Meling has already vowed to appeal once again, to Norway’s Supreme Court. […]

Stoltenberg had some KGB contact

Jens Stoltenberg

Norway’s former prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, has still been making headlines in his homeland, and not just because of his job as top boss at NATO. It’s his new autobiography that’s raising eyebrows, both because of its content and the lucrative deal Stoltenberg cut to write it. First came Stoltenberg’s revelations and comments about fellow […]

Ailing Eurovision singer wins prize

Agnete Johnsen

Agnete Johnsen, Norway’s candidate in this spring’s Eurovision Song Contest, withdrew from all public appearances tied to the event after suffering an acute bout of mental health problems. Now she’s won a prize for being so open about them, but still wasn’t well enough to accept her prize in person. “I really wish I could be there […]

National coach’s job on the line

Per-Mathias Høgmo

Per-Mathias Høgmo is arguably the most talked-about man in Norway these days. Many were speculating that his days as head coach of the country’s national men’s football team are numbered, after another humiliating loss over the weekend. This time the Norwegians lost another important World Cup qualifier when they failed to beat Azerbaijan. The match […]

MP’s career traces great change

Marit Nybakk

No woman has been a Member of Parliament (MP) in Norway longer than Marit Nybakk, who just took part in her 30th and last ceremonial opening of the legislative body. Her tenure also offers a chance to look back on those 30 years, and see how much the country has changed. When Nybakk won her first […]

Norway loses another war hero


Tributes have been published in Norwegian media all week, since news broke that one of Norway’s last surviving war heroes had died at the age of 99. Wilhelm Mohr will be honoured with a state funeral on Friday. Prime Minister Erna Solberg called Mohr “one of Norway’s greatest war heroes,” and claimed that few did as […]

Brækhus hits height of her career


It only took Norway’s “First Lady of Boxing,” Cecilia Brækhus, three minutes to knock out her opponent when she could finally box in her homeland over the weekend. She called the quick victory “definitely the high point of my career, absolutely.” Brækhus also celebrated her 35th birthday while preparing last week for long-awaited fight on Saturday. […]

Former Oslo mayor fights off depression


Fabian Stang was one of Oslo’s most high-profile and popular mayors ever. When his Conservative Party lost city government power last fall, however, Stang sunk into a deep depression that he now openly admits was a big defeat as well. “I suffered a huge blow and have really been in bad shape,” Stang told newspaper […]

Norway ‘shamed’ in Snowden case

PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

UPDATED: Norway’s failure to provide exiled whistle-blower Edward Snowden with a guarantee against extradition to his US homeland, if he visits Oslo to accept another prize, is a “shame,” according to US filmmaker Oliver Stone. The Oscar-winning Stone was in Norway this week for the premiere of his new film about Snowden, and he claims Norwegian officials are even undermining the country’s sovereignty […]

Pregnancy won’t stop Listhaug

Sylvi Listhaug

One of the most high-profile ministers in Norway’s conservative coalition government, Sylvi Listhaug of the Progress Party, has announced she’s pregnant but says she won’t take more than three or four months off work in connection with it. The often controversial politician who was appointed as the country’s first immigration minister last December is expecting […]