Academy mourns prizewinner’s death


It was just last week that the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters was celebrating famed mathematicians John Nash and Louis Nirenberg, and awarding them this year’s Abel Prize. This week the academy was “deeply mourning” the deaths of both Nash and his wife Alicia, after they were killed in a taxi crash on the New Jersey […]

Busy Brende won’t give up on peace

Børge Brende

Norway’s globe-trotting foreign minister, Børge Brende, was back in the Middle East this week for meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders after the recent elections in Israel. Brende reportedly was not optimistic after his meeting with the barely re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but as with all his other global goals amidst constant traveling, he […]

Knausgård goes on the warpath


Norway’s celebrity author Karl Ove Knausgård seemed to suddenly take on the role of Scandinavian grouch this week, blasting both his own native Norway and his country of residence, Sweden. Norwegian media didn’t pay much attention to his diatribe, while the Swedes reacted with offense. Knausgård is fresh from a wildly successful tour of the US, where he promoted […]

Author faces another court challenge

Author Åsne Seierstad continues to defend her work. PHOTO: Cappelen Damm/Cecilie Owren

Norwegian author Åsne Seierstad scored a legal victory this week over the Kabul bookseller who formed the basis for one of her first books to win international acclaim, but her court challenges still  aren’t over. Now the unhappy Afghan bookseller she portrayed in her bestseller from 2002 is taking his claim to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. […]

US may finally send an ambassador


After two years without an ambassador in Norway, US President Barack Obama has finally announced a new nominee to be his representative in Oslo. The nomination of Minnesota attorney Samuel D Heins, made official on Thursday, comes after Obama’s first choice botched his hearing before US senators and failed to win confirmation. The ambassador post in […]

‘Crown prince’ won Telenor’s top job

Sigve Brekke, Telenor

Sigve Brekke had long been considered the top candidate to take over as chief executive at Telenor when his appointment was announced on Tuesday. His base pay will be even higher than that of his predecessor, Jon Fredrik Baksaas, but most analysts and Telenor’s board members clearly think he’s worth it. Brekke, age 55, has worked for Telenor since […]

Confident Carlsen promotes chess


Fresh from another victorious tournament, and flush with success from his efforts to promote chess, Norwegian champion Magnus Carlsen was making headlines in Oslo before flying off to New York over the weekend. Carlsen was full of confidence, to the point that he admonished his adversaries. “Sometimes I think ‘now you guys need to sharpen up!”” Carlsen […]

Norway loses last Auschwitz survivor

Samuel Steinmann

Norwegian government officials were among those mourning the loss over the weekend of Samuel Steinmann, the last survivor of the 532 Norwegian Jews who were shipped to concentration camps aboard a German ship in 1942. A total of 772 were deported during the Nazi German occupation of Norway, and only a few came home again. “As […]

Finance Minister raised a fuss

PHOTO: Fremskrittspartiet

Norwegian Finance Minister Siv Jensen was heading into her Progress Party’s annual national meeting this weekend amidst a new swirl of controversy. She set off a fuss when she said during an interview that she’s still not convinced climate change is a result of human activity. Jensen has been what the Norwegians call a “climate […]

Putin least popular in Norway


A new Gallup poll indicates that Norwegians are not fond of the former KGB agent who’s now turned into an aggressive president of Russia. Of all the countries included in a poll measuring the popularity of various world leaders, Putin scored lowest in Norway. Gallup has long measured the popularity of leaders in the US, China, Russia, Germany […]