Royals cruise through jubilee journey


King Harald and Queen Sonja have been sailing on their royal yacht down the Norwegian coast this week, arriving in Trondheim on Thursday for a special ceremony to mark the 25th anniversary of their reign. The cruise itself will end in Kristiansand next Wednesday, where the royals can hope for better weather. The so-called jubileumsreise started last […]

Robbie Williams made surprise appearance

Christen Sveaas

Norwegian businessman Christen Sveaas celebrated his 60th birthday over the weekend and had a big surprise for his guests at Oslo’s historic Theatercafeen on Saturday. Singer Robbie Williams suddenly appeared to provide some musical entertainment. When he turned 50, Sveaas flew his guests to St Petersburg for a party and private performance by Elton John. This time, reported newspaper […]

Norwegians filled Royal Albert Hall

Åge Aleksandersen

Åge Aleksandersen, known as a pioneer of rock music from his home district of Trøndelag, is also big enough nationwide that he’s been portrayed on Norwegian stamps. Over the weekend he and more than 4,000 of his enthusiastic Norwegian fans took his music outside the nation, and clearly seemed to love every minute of a specially arranged […]

Listhaug taps Labour veteran to lead integration

Libe Rieber-Mohn

Norway’s tough-talking Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug of the conservative Progress Party has made an unusual choice in naming Labour Party veteran Libe Rieber-Mohn as new director of the state directorate for integration and diversity (IMDi). The two parties are usually at odds on most issues, but Rieber-Mohn was quick to point out that her new […]

Lund launches new ventures

0060379 - Helge Lund - Oseberg Field Center - Photo Harald Pettersen - Statoil

UPDATED: Statoil’s former chief executive, Helge Lund, has found something else to do after his new job at BG Group evaporated when the company was taken over by Shell. Lund emerged in early June as a new board member of Schlumberger, the huge supplier of various services to the oil and gas industry. He’s also starting […]

Riise placed among the greatest

John Arne Riise

Football commentators and sportswriters in Norway were suddenly hailing former Liverpool player John Arne Riise this week as among the country’s greatest ever, after he announced his equally sudden retirement as an active player on Monday, at an age of 35. May 25, 2005 was singled out as the high point of Riise’s career, when […]

Stordalen defied illness to open EAT

Gunhild Stordalen

Norwegian doctor and social activist Gunhild Stordalen defied her own doctors’ orders and suspended treatments for her life-threatening illness to open the latest EAT forum on sustainable food production on Monday. Her audience featured royalty, top politicians, business leaders and celebrities like chef Jamie Oliver, all intent on improving food production, quality and distribution. Norway’s Crown […]

Hydro boss is state’s best-paid

Svein Richard Brandtzæg, Norsk Hydro CEO

Svein Richard Brandtzæg, chief executive of Norsk Hydro, earned the most last year of all the bosses of large Norwegian companies in which the state has a major stake. His pension, bonus and other benefits catapulted him over the CEO of Norway’s biggest company, Statoil. Newspaper Aftenposten, citing a ministerial report about the state’s ownership interests […]

Jensen has reason to celebrate


With her revised national budget in the box, her Progress Party doing well in the polls, her minority government’s coalition remaining intact and her leadership of her party unchallenged, Finance Minister Siv Jensen had reason to celebrate on Wednesday, and not just because June 1st is her birthday. Jensen is turning 47 just as Norway’s Oil Fund is […]

Javelin star throws himself into new career

PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

Andreas Thorkildsen has let his hair and beard grow as he also opts for an abrupt change in his career after years of ranking as one of Norway’s top athletes. The winner of two Olympic gold medals and multiple others is throwing in his javelin and joining the ranks of TV commentators. Thorkildsen, now age […]