Northug can train during ‘jail time’

Petter Northug

Disgraced Norwegian skier Petter Northug has been allowed to serve his prison sentence for drunk driving by wearing an electronic ankle cuff that will restrict his movements but allow him to keep training. He’ll need to wear the ankle cuff for the full 50 days of his sentence next autumn, but apparently won’t have to spend any time in […]

Justice minister settles asylum conflict


Justice Minister Anders Anundsen of the conservative Progress Party has been under pressure for weeks, with opposition parties and media accusing him of failing to follow through on an agreement to “be more humane” in deportations of refugee children. Now he and the government’s two support parties, with whom the agreement was struck last year, have […]

Telenor boss quits VimpelCom board

Baksaas, Telenor

Jon Fredrik Baksaas, chief executive officer of Norwegian telecoms giant Telenor, has resigned his seat on the board of mobile phone operator VimpelCom, which is under investigation for alleged corruption. Telenor officials said Baksaas simply wanted to resolve any conflicts of interest. Telenor owns a large stake in VimpelCom, which otherwise is majority owned by Russian interests […]

Boxer Brækhus broke her foot


The injury sustained by Norwegian boxer Cecilia Brækhus in last weekend’s latest championship match turned out to be much more serious than she or anyone else thought. After thinking she simply had sprained something, she finally found out Wednesday that she sustained three fractures in her right foot. “As soon as it (the injury) happened, I […]

‘Carl’s comeback’ stirs up Labour

Carl I Hagen

Carl I Hagen, the 70-year-old former leader of the Progress Party, was relishing his victory this week as his party’s top candidate in the race to head the Oslo city government. He immediately singled out Labour’s top candidate, Raymond Johansen, as his arch rival, and Johansen had a quick response of his own. “First I would like […]

New anti-EU queen takes over


Kathrine Kleveland, a farmer and graphic designer from Holmestrand and member of the small farmer-friendly Center Party’s board, was elected over the weekend to be the new leader of the lobby group Nei til EU (“No” to the EU). Since there’s no real effort to get EU membership back on the political agenda, Kleveland claimed she’ll take up […]

Syse tapped for Nobel committee

Henrik Syse, new Nobel member

Henrik Syse, a high-profile philosopher, peace researcher and public speaker in Norway, has emerged as the Conservative Party’s choice to fill its newly won extra spot on the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Syse is also the son of the late Jan P Syse, a former prime minister and veteran politician for the Conservatives. Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported […]

Northug wins and irritates again


Skier Petter Northug was soundly beaten in a long-distance race on Saturday but prevailed in a sprint on Sunday. He thus showed that he deserves a spot on the national team again, to qualify for world championship competition in February, but he also caused some irritation in the ski season kick-off at Beitostølen over the weekend. […]

Celebrity activist seriously ill

Environmental activist, doctor and celebrity philanthropist Gunhild Stordalen is trying to battle a rare and life-threatening disease. PHOTO: GreeNudge/EAT Forum

Gunhild Stordalen has long been known in Norway for her environmental activism and jet-set lifestyle. As a doctor and the wife of wealthy hotel investor Petter Stordalen, she’s had the expertise and resources to try “to change the world,” as she’s put it, but now she’s fighting for her life in a hospital in the Netherlands. […]

Protests rise over French’s plight

PHOTO: NTB Scanpix

Joshua French, the young Norwegian man convicted of murder in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was back in the news this week. Around 300 demonstrators marched on his behalf in Oslo over the weekend, demanding he be brought back to Norway, while his lawyer is now objecting to how the foreign ministry has handled the […]