IOC: ‘Naive, stupid’ and ‘cowardly’

Gerhard Heiberg

“We have been naive and stupid,” declared Gerhard Heiberg, Norway’s veteran member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), after last week’s revelations of systematic, state-run doping among Russian athletes. Critics added “cowardly” after the IOC later decided not to ban the entire Russian team from the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro after all. “It was […]

Supporters rally around stricken skier

PHOTO: Holmenkollen Ski Festival/Magnus Nylokken

Norwegian skiers, Norway’s national skiing federation and even commercial sponsors were supporting multiple-medal-winner Martin Johnsrud Sundby on Thursday, after he was ruled as having illegally using an asthma medicine and stripped of major victories in the 2014-2015 skiing season. Other skiers and sports officials outside Norway weren’t so supportive, even suggesting that Norwegian skiers have received […]

Rekdal makes way for Deila

Kjetil Rekdal

Kjetil Rekdal, one of Norway’s most high-profile and tough-talking football personalities, will step aside at the end of this season as head coach of troubled Oslo club Vålerenga. He’s making way for Ronny Deila, another top Norwegian coach who’s been pondering his future since returning to Norway after two seasons at Celtic in Glasgow. Now Delia will […]

Carew turns action hero


Former Norwegian football star John Carew is now concentrating his efforts on launching a new career as an action hero in the movies. Performing on screen may not be all that different from performing on the football field. Carew figures he can at least put his physical and often feared prowess on the field to […]

DeLillos star suffers heart attack

Lars Lillo-Stenberg

DeLillos, one of Norway’s most popular bands, has had to cancel all its summer concerts after lead vocalist Lars Lillo-Stenberg suffered a heart attack and remains in the hospital. Now he’ll need to follow the lyrics of one of the band’s iconic songs and be “tough in pajamas.” The concert cancellations are a huge disappointment to their organizers, […]

Norway mourns a legendary ambassador

Frode Nilsen

Norway’s foreign ministry, diplomatic colleagues and hundreds of Chilean refugees in Norway were mourning the death this week of Frode Nilsen, a career diplomat himself who’s credited with saving hundreds of lives during the regime of dictator Augusto Pinochet. “No other Norwegian diplomat has saved so many human lives as he did,” journalist and author Erling […]

Brækhus wins her fight to fight


Norwegian boxing champion Cecilia Brækhus, age 34, can finally carry out her sport on home turf in Norway, where professional boxing has been illegal since 1991. Her application to compete in Norway was approved, and she’ll enter the ring this autumn at the Oslo Spektrum arena. “This is just unreal,” Brækhus said while heading into a […]

Krekar appeals extradition order

Mullah Krekar

As expected, Norway’s most unwanted refugee immediately appealed an Oslo court’s decision on Wednesday that he be extradited to Italy to face terrorism charges. The court ruled that both Mullah Krekar and a 42-year-old Iraqi citizen can be sent to Italy to be put on trial. Krekar’s longtime defense attorney, Brynjar Meling, claimed his client had […]

Brende off to Argentina and Uruguay

Børge Brende

Norway’s constantly traveling foreign minister, Børge Brende, was taking off yet again this week on another long-distance trip, this time to visit both Argentina and Uruguay. Brende said Norway wants “to strengthen cooperation” with both South American countries. “The Argentinian government has put in motion ambitious economic reforms,” Brende stated in a press release this week. He […]

Royals cruise through jubilee journey


King Harald and Queen Sonja have been sailing on their royal yacht down the Norwegian coast this week, arriving in Trondheim on Thursday for a special ceremony to mark the 25th anniversary of their reign. The cruise itself will end in Kristiansand next Wednesday, where the royals can hope for better weather. The so-called jubileumsreise started last […]