Norwegian wins an Emmy Award


Actress Anneke von der Lippe has become the first Norwegian to win an Emmy Award from the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Von der Lippe won the prize for Best Performance by an Actress for her role as a police investigator in the NRK series Øyevitne (Eyewitness). “I can’t manage to think much right now, […]

Crown prince back in Brazil

Crown Prince Haakon

Crown Prince Haakon was wrapping up another trip to Brazil this week, helping Norwegian business boost ties despite local corruption scandals and promoting Norway’s funding for rain forest preservation. It’s the business interests, though, that often seem most important and where it’s an advantage to use the royals to gain attention. The trip didn’t get […]

Telenor’s CEO now has CV trouble

Sigve Brekke, Telenor

As if Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor didn’t have enough trouble right now, its new chief executive officer Sivge Brekke has also had to apologize for claiming on his CV (resumé) that he had a bachelor’s degree from a Norwegian college. He doesn’t. Business magazine Kapital revealed the CV bluff on Thursday and Norwegian media outlets were quick to pick […]

Jensen’s party gains on crisis


Finance Minister and Progress Party boss Siv Jensen has reason to smile in the midst of Norway’s refugee crisis. Her party has rebounded in public opinion polls, apparently because of its traditionally tough positions on immigration and asylum. Support for Jensen’s party was booming even before the Parliament voted on Monday to tighten Norway’s immigration […]

‘Zucca’ amazes hockey fans

Mats Zuccarello Aasen

Norwegian hockey star Mats Zuccarello Aasen continued to amaze hockey fans, fellow players and rivals this week with more outstanding play and scoring for the New York Rangers. Considering that he could neither speak nor walk just seven months ago, much less skate, his performance is impressive indeed. “He’s been one of the leaders in the […]

Norwegians mourn Brockstedt’s death

Nora Brockstedt, 1923-2015

She was part of the national heritage in Norway. When Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) announced on national radio Wednesday night that singer Nora Brockstedt had died, at the age of 92, you could almost hear listeners’ collective “Oh,” and a sorrowful sigh. Given her advanced age, Brockstedt’s death was no surprise, but she was the kind of […]

Winds blew right for Statoil boss

Irene Rummelhoff

Irene Rummelhoff, Statoil’s new top boss in charge of renewable energy, was grinning from ear to ear this week after the company could announce some good news for a change. After months of cutbacks in other areas, Statoil made “the final investment decision” to build the world’s first floating wind farm, and Rummelhoff will be in […]

Fosse finally wins Nordic Council nod

Jon Fosse

Renowned Norwegian playwright and author Jon Fosse said he was “very glad and grateful” that he won the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize for 2015. Many others were wondering why he hadn’t won earlier. Fosse, age 56, is widely considered to be Norway’s most successful playwright and literary figure since Henrik Ibsen. Since his debut with the […]

‘Highs and lows’ for Norwegian Air boss

Bjørn Kjos

Bjørn Kjos, chief executive of Norwegian Air, finally finished the book he’d been writing about himself and the airline he founded. Entitled Høyt og lavt (High and low), the book’s release on Tuesday immediately set off turbulence. Kjos clearly has been deeply disturbed by last spring’s lengthy pilots’ strike and organized opposition to his use of lower-cost non-Norwegian crews on […]

Northug wasn’t dumped after all

Petter Northug

Conflicts were far from over after Norway’s national skiing federation announced it finally had come to terms with skier Petter Northug during the weekend. State broadcaster NRK’s expert commentator claimed Northug pretty much got his way in the end, giving him arguably preferential treatment so he’ll ski for Norway, while a few nagging issues still […]