Dramatic victory at Birkebeiner

The women’s cycling version of Norway’s Birkebeiner races resulted in a dramatic victory for Borghild Løvset over the weekend. She fell and lost the seat on her bicycle, but still managed to win the race by a margin of seven minutes. Løvset won the 54-kilometer race over the mountains from Rena to Lillehammer with a […]

Arctic cycling race gets underway

The cycling world’s Arctic Race of Norway began rolling from Norway’s northern town of Vadsø on Thursday, but without Norwegian star Edvald Boasson Hagen and his teammate Mark Cavendish. Their Team Dimension Data was fronting others, though, for the long-weekend race around Finnmark, and more big names like Christophe Laporte and Warren Barguil were in […]

Tour de France win ‘saved my season’

Norwegian cyclist Alexander Kristoff claims he could forget all the other disappointments of this year’s cycling season when he sailed over the finish line first in the final stage of the Tour de France in Paris on Sunday. “This is so cool, so great!” Kristoff exclaimed right after his triumph in the fabled city with […]

Three Norwegians in Tour de France

Cycling veteran Alexander Kristoff of Stavanger was once again rolling out from the starting line in the Tour de France on Saturday. Edvald Boasson Hagen of Lillehammer was too, along with 24-year-old Amund Grøndahl Jansen from Nes in Akersus, who’s making his debut in the world’s biggest bike race. “It will be exhausting, but hopefully […]

Cycling festival became a fiasco

It was fun while it lasted. Bergen’s much-hyped hosting of the cycling world championships last fall went from a dream to a nightmare, with its top officials blamed for “shocking incompetence” regarding its financing. Now the organizing firm Bergen 2017 AS has been declared bankrupt and Norway’s national cycling federation faces a budget deficit of NOK […]

‘Bergenese’ launch own cycling bailout

Thousands of the proud residents of Bergen, who often identify themselves as “Bergenese” instead of simply “Norwegians,” were clearly upset to hear that organizers of their city’s wildly popular cycling world championships last week are now facing major budget overruns. They’ve spontaneously started sending in donations themselves, to help fund a bailout. “Before 9am today […]

Hangover sets in after cycling party

The party is definitely over in Bergen, and the hangover looks likely to be especially painful. The national cycling federation (Norges Cycleforbund) that hosted the cycling world championships this past week was facing bankruptcy on Monday, literally run over by huge budget overruns. The president of the federation, Harald Tiedemann Hansen, confirmed to local newspaper Bergens Tidende […]

Kristoff irritated by silver in cycling

An estimated 100,000 fans on the streets of Bergen cheered loudly, but Norway’s Alexander Kristoff was irritated that he didn’t win the cycling world championship race on home pavement on Sunday. Kristoff placed second to Peter Sagan of Slovakia after what’s been called one of the closest races of all time. “I’m both glad and […]

Cycling fans ‘go wild’ in Bergen

Norwegian sports fans are known for being enthusiastic – waving flags, ringing cow bells, painting their faces and cheering loudly. Those turning out for the cycling world championships in Bergen this week have outdone themselves, creating such pandemonium that police felt compelled to step in. “I’ve never experienced anything wilder,” Norwegian cycling star Edvald Boasson Hagen […]

Birkebeiner bike race loses racers

Norway’s annual Birkebeiner race for cyclists will be rolling over the mountains east of Lillehammer once again this weekend, but with far fewer participants. Registrations for the race have fallen by almost half over the past two years. Even if another thousand cyclists were to sign up before Saturday, their numbers would be down around […]